*BREAKING NEWS* Doctor’s are STILL Getting smarter!!!

Every fucking day, more moron physicians learn to identify their ass from a hole in the ground!! WOOT!

Better Diagnosing Starts Here!

Autism NOW 1 in 88 –1 in 54 boys!!

–Well, not really now… first they said 2000, then they said 2008… But they also said 8 year olds, which would be 2004.  So… Um.. Whatevs!

[EDIT TO ADD: Here was the source of my confusion… These number are from the birth year 2000 cohort.  They looked at the data from when these kids were 8…. FOUR years ago.  How slow is that calculator of theirs, right? There is NO reason that we can’t have the number from the 2004 cohort… and those number WILL BE 1 in 25 if they are honest.  You know it.  I know it! How will they hide those numbers? With the proposed changes to the DSM, which removes PDD-NOS and Asperger’s  from the manual.]

“Mark Roithmayr, president of the advocacy group Autism Speaks, says more children are being diagnosed with autism because of “better diagnosis, broader diagnosis, better awareness, and roughly 50% of ‘We don’t know.'”


Are we REALLY, I mean… FUCKING really going to keep up the “better diagnosing and broadening definition” BULL SHIT!
The DSM 4 DX criteria HAS NOT CHANGED since my son was DX’d in 1998.

And better diagnosing??? They have been jerking off to that offensive porn for over a decade… where were all these stupid fucking doctors who just learned what autism was these past two years?

THERE IS NO SUCH THING as a GENETIC EPIDEMIC. Say it over and over again until you understand what that means!
Autism is environmental.
EVERYTHING is different.
We inject neurotoxins in INFANTS and can’t make the fucking connection!!!
YES, they took SOME of the mercury out… but not all, and it’s so much more than mercury!
And our food is genetically altered and FULL of PESTICIDES… our food, air, water…
ALL THESE THINGS that were “tested” is small amounts IN ISOLATION, are now FORCED in MASS QUANTITIES INTO SMALL BODIES with developing immune systems and BRAINS….
And then there are the chemicals in plastics and everything we come into contact with on a daily basis.

It is the SUM of all the parts. And the biggest offender is the vaccines.

JESUS MOTHER FUCKING CHRIST this isn’t rocket science!

The vaccine program in this country is a large scale, scientific study that hasn’t ended yet, you have unwillingly signed up your kids as test subjects –oh and… no one is actually looking at the results. They don’t care. Because the vaccine manufactures WHO DO THEIR OWN EFFICACY/SAFETY STUDIES, are not legally liable for the damage to your child.

FUCK! Get a clue.

Why “Autism Speaks” speaks for no one but Themselves!

FUCK Autism Speaks.

The organization known as Autism Speaks was started by Bob and Suzanne Wright –apparently out of LOVE for their Grandson. It was soon made clear however, that their love only went as far as their financial interests when they released a press statement disowning his mother (their daughter).  See, she went public about how vaccines injured her child and how biomedical treatments, including diet, were HELPING HIM TO HEAL.  They were quick to inform the public that their daughter had no involvement with the organization that they founded to HELP HER CHILD –and that her views were not their views… persnickety little fuckers!

If those were my parents they would never get to see their grandchild again.

Autism Speaks quickly phagocytized many other leading autism organizations and declared themselves King of the forest! They took over the “Walk far for NAAR” walks among many other donation streams for the cause. They hold walks all over the country where well meaning, but ignorant, fools collect money from your home town and use it to fund their “research” organization.
–Sounds good right??? Not really.  Trust me, your home town needs that money more. And once you take a look at their financials you will surely agree.

This came to light a couple years ago when some geek who loves to look at tax forms AND knows how to make flashy videos exposed the insanely high salaries of their staff, their extravagant offices, fundraisers that lost money and just how much of that money actually went to research and families. (AND SHITTY, USELESS RESEARCH AT THAT!)

Watch the video here, and then come back to see how what happened in the following year.
( I am also a fan of this one –it’s got a nice beat, I can dance to it. I give it a 10!)

Ah! But poor, poor Autism Speaks… even the King of the Forest was hit hard by the recession (though I have HOPE that their decrease in donations was from people like me telling people like you to not give them any more money). So they released a statement saying that since they were on such hard times they would not be able to award any grants the upcoming year… *soft weeping* Feel bad for them??? Want to pass the hat for them??? Hmmmmm Let’s take a look at their 2009 taxes form, shall we?

There are a few things here that catch my eye –While “revenue” dropped by over 20 million dollars, salaries only dropped by 1 million. How did they make up for the loss? By cutting research funding by 17 million dollars! WOW!! They really care don’t they?  Let’s see what they have to say about all this:

“Autism Speaks was forced to make some very difficult cuts which reduced expenses across every department including reducing staff by over 40 positions and withholding salary increases for all employees. Every expense category in 2009 either approximated 2008 spending or showed a decline … [snip]… [In years when] revenues were increasing substantially, a higher share of our revenue growth went to fund additional grants”

I also found it interesting that it was their President, a man who pulls in damn near a cool half-million every year, did their own 990 form.  Just seems fishy to me, maybe a conflict of interest –I don’t know.. I don’t know “money” I don’t know “taxes” –just seems to me that doing it yourself allows for some serious fuckwittery and no checks and balances. I don’t know –maybe he felt that he OUGHT to do SOMETHING to earn that paycheck –other than to send me emails begging for money.

Bottom line… this Organization is ONLY out to keep themselves in salaries.  You pay for their first class, royal fucking treatments, and their Park Avenue office, and their Hollywood elbow rubbing mixers that lose money, and research into the eye gaze of fruit flies (not shitting you) every time you put on your walking shoes, play a round of golf or straight up toss out cash for Autism Speaks.

Look, the hatred over the uselessness of Autism Speaks –hell… uselessness is too nice… this is robbery … this is the rape of your community –this hatred IS THE ONLY THING that my autism-recovery community has in common with the “Neuro Diverse” crowd (who point out that a vast majority of AS’s research is going into pre-natal screening which will likely lead to increased abortions of “autistic” fetuses).  Nobody likes Autism Speaks except those who are ignorant to the facts.

If you want to help the cause… I will gladly accept cash.  So will every other family out there with an autistic child.  We never have enough of it. Such families can make $10,000 a year or $50,000 a year or $1,000,000 a year – every last penny goes to the child and it is never enough. If you rather make a donation to an Organization give to the National Autism Association they have a grant program that directly helps families in need, or The Autism Research Institute a group that gets REAL, USEFUL information out to parents and supports research that helps our children –not fruit flies, or Generation Rescue which offers grants for families who want to try to ACTUALLY ADDRESS THE MEDICAL ILLNESS that their child has! Fancy that!
*EDIT TO ADD* Taca!! Talk About Curing Autism!! They help families too! When I was a broke law student a friend of mine sent them my name at Christmas time and I got clothes for the kids, and awesome goodies for me, and so much love I can’t even remember it all.  Very sweet people.  They have other programs for families as well!

Please stop pissing on my child by giving money to Autism Speaks. If you didn’t know before, now you do and now you no longer have an excuse.

P.S. even the Better Business Bureau lists them as not meeting their standards for Charity Accountability. Take the hint.

UPDATE FOR 2012: Since last year AS now DOES meet the BBB standards, but I find that hard to figure out considering they have to give over a certain percentage to the cause, and looking at the tax returns tells you that they don’t. Also, there has been more than one article surface recently that YOU CAN BUY your way to a better BBB rating. Lovely.

–If you know of other groups deserving of donations please add them to the comments! And tell me… what has Autism Speaks done for you lately?

24/7 Stress.

The Human Body can only take so much abuse.

You know, I try so hard to be organized.  Some days it seems like I am really on top of it. It feels good to be ahead, to be getting shit done. Oh, but then… something will happen to throw me off course. It can big, it can be little, it can go unnoticed… but suddenly I find myself struggling to get control of it all again.

Tonight a burst of inspiration hit me and I was getting more writing done than I have in months… it’s actually for a non autism project, but important.  And shit was gettin’ done! THEN A SCREAM.

My autistic son has learned that screaming gets results.  Of course it does. He can be loud. Some of it makes me laugh, like the middle of the day request for a Kleenex.   You Normals out there have children who may, perhaps, walk out into the living room and say, “Mummy dearest, I request a Kleenex for my runny nose” –I get “KLEENEX” screamed louder than you can imagine.  During the day it doesn’t bother me.

But see, day or night my child has needs. And the human body is equipped with the fight or flight response for good reason.  Trust me, screams in the middle of the night, while your mind is sleeping, body relaxed, defenses down… activates the fight or flight response. His middle of the night screams?? “FIX THE COVERS!!” The first scream wakes you –you know someone screamed but you don’t know why… this is followed by a second or third before the fog wears off and you realized that NO, you aren’t going to die (not from the imminent danger anyway –the heart attack, maybe), but that your 15 year old is not capable of fixing his own god-damned mother-fucking covers.

Well, I just got a “FIX THE COVERS” in the middle of my roll and it stops me dead in my tracks.  I was mid-loud-yawn and didn’t hear the details –just the scream, much like if I had been sleeping, it startled me.  I go in there, agitated… no longer sympathetic that he isn’t feeling well, or that his vaccine injuries have left him unable to know any better.  But I am not agitated with HIM, I am really angry at the fucking bed.  The sheets don’t fit the mattress well, I find myself making that bed fucking constantly.  I want to smash it to pieces, throw them all out the window and set it on fire.  I want to sit and watch the fire burn with a bottle of rum in one hand and a stick roasting marshmallows in the other. FUCK THAT BED!

I used to think I would die tripping up the stairs, falling over and impaling myself on a pencil –for example, as I am very klutzy. Now I am just sure that one day –soon, my heart is going to say, “Fuck it, I quit!” How long can we survive when we are shoved into fight or flight multiple times a day? Some of you who are on my facebook page might remember what happened last fall when something that shouldn’t have upset me, caused a fight or flight reaction and I couldn’t shut it off… adrenalin kept surging, for hours.  Finally a friend came by and we drank rum and laughed and several hours later I was finally calm. It took alcohol and hours of laughter to come back down. I thought my heart would explode, my skin stayed bright red for hours.

Cortisol. My real enemy.  I know in a past post I talked about the study that showed the mother caregivers of special needs kids have telomeres that age 6 times faster than those of the Normals. Thank Cortisol.  I hate it the most for the belly fat.  When I lived a stress free life my ass would get fatter, sure. But never before this mess did I have belly fat.  Even now as I have been losing weight, I look at it –it taunts me, and I swear it has decided that it will be the last to go… Fuck Cortisol.  I get derailed so easily… my concentration is blown. It gets harder and harder to get back on track.  Oh, thank cortisol again.

I don’t know… you think you’d be able to rationalize it all with your inner primal self, “Ok, look body… I KNOW you THINK that the shit be goin’ down, and we’re all going to die… But it’s 2012 and we don’t sleep in caves anymore and wild animals aren’t going to come and eat us in the middle of the night.  If you hear a scream… it’s just the fucking sheets on that fucking bed.  DON’T PANIC”

Yes, I am going to try that tonight –a little mind over matter. I am going to try to sleep now, even though my body is still telling my brain to arm myself and get ready for battle.  And tomorrow I will try to get caught back up when all I really want to do is sleep for a couple days straight. –Well, that and lie in bed watching Jeff Goldblum in The Big Chill. That clip is really my favorite line from my favorite movie from my favorite tall, lanky, geeky guy crush. I *HEART* Jeff Goldblum. I can admit it.
P.S. Is it time for Chicago yet?????? I need a drink!