AAP says, “Read to your kids, dumbasses!”

I don’t know what I find more disturbing about this… that parents need to be reminded to interact with their children, or that the order needs to come from “doctors”… or a million other little things –like, this is what the AAP sees as a priority right now, not the fact that every other kid born today has a serious chronic illness or developmental disorder… but Hey! Read a fucking book and it will all be better!!

In the spirit of letting other people tell you what to do, all the time… let me make some reading suggestions for you and baby!

1. Vaccine Package Inserts. Please start there.

2. The Constitution of the USA. Toss in the Bill of Rights! Knock yourself out. You might be surprised what is ACTUALLY in there! Free for Kindle!


3. The Declaration of Independence. Please. Try to remember why we are all here, OK? Whip up the feeling of freedom from oppressive federal governments. Give it a go!

Are the photos helping, kids?
Are the photos helping, kids?

4.  Official Stories by Liam Scheff.  This really needs to be baby’s first text book. Get those critical thinking genes properly stretched and ready to work out without threat of strain. Also, it helps to sharpen baby’s bull shit radar. Very reasonably priced on Amazon.


5. Evidence of Harm by David Kirby. Mercury. Neurotoxin. For real! Don’t read it before bed, though. Baby will have nightmares.

harm6. This one kind of goes hand in hand with #5. Mercury. It IS a neurotoxin. We inject it into babies! Age of Autism. By Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill


7. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. It’s just a great fucking book. I’ve bought many copies and given them away as gifts. I read it a couple times a year. Find your own meaning in it, but I will tell you, the meaning of life IS in this book. Teach baby this lesson early on!


8. How to Raise a Healthy Child In Spite of Your Doctor. by Dr. Mendelsohn. Seriously. REQUIRED READING. This book convinced me to STOP going to “well baby” check ups at the Vaccine Salesman’s office.

how too

9. & 10. Books by the Thinking Moms. Autism Beyond the Spectrum and From Hope to Healing. I say again and again and again… Are you going to listen to the doctors who say it can’t be done, or start listening to the parents who are already doing it? Baby needs to learn that doctors are full of shit.

tm1tm2 And how about a bonus? A nice bedtime tale Go The Fuck to Sleep!

sleepBetter yet… you’ve read enough tonight! Let Samuel L. Jackson take this one!

Don’t think it’s a war?

I just want to remind you that autism is not a gift.

That we are fighting a war, and no one gives a shit about you or yours.
April is over. Everyone is done pretending to care.

Cop Fatally shoots 18 year old special needs girl when family calls for help.

Teen Fatally struck by car. (Autism)

Avonte’s mom sues the city.

John Stewart think vaccine injured kids are funny.

I’ve lost count of the wandering deaths from these past couple weeks too… 4 or 5? Just in my facebook news feed.
Seizure deaths too.


Tupac knew.

The public isn’t made aware of the realities of autism.  You see stories of kids making baskets or doing complicated math problems, or communicating with word processors… You don’t see kids like my son in the news –not unless they get killed.
The media sure does care then. Ratings! Dead kids get ratings!! Aw, poor dead kid… “tease it and lead with it!”
How about we all start caring enough to stop that from happening?