Don’t think it’s a war?

I just want to remind you that autism is not a gift.

That we are fighting a war, and no one gives a shit about you or yours.
April is over. Everyone is done pretending to care.

Cop Fatally shoots 18 year old special needs girl when family calls for help.

Teen Fatally struck by car. (Autism)

Avonte’s mom sues the city.

John Stewart think vaccine injured kids are funny.

I’ve lost count of the wandering deaths from these past couple weeks too… 4 or 5? Just in my facebook news feed.
Seizure deaths too.


Tupac knew.

The public isn’t made aware of the realities of autism.  You see stories of kids making baskets or doing complicated math problems, or communicating with word processors… You don’t see kids like my son in the news –not unless they get killed.
The media sure does care then. Ratings! Dead kids get ratings!! Aw, poor dead kid… “tease it and lead with it!”
How about we all start caring enough to stop that from happening?


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