Make no mistake –Autism is deadly.

[UPDATE 21 July 2014: This is a post from a couple years ago, and since then..
Well, tons more kids have wandered to their deaths.
Chili’s backed out of a fundraiser to raise money for NAA’s wandering program. #FuckChilis Never ate their shit before, certainly never will now.
Also, this is the ONE post that I would get the most comments on. Always from people who have declared themselves autistic, and tell me how wrong I am.  I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that people not only IGNORE this problem, but actually deny that it exists.  Your self-declared ‘aspergers’ is not the same thing as AUTISM. Get a clue.
No, I don’t approve your stupid fucking comments, so don’t waste your breath if you are just here to tell me that autism isn’t deadly. Go fuck your mother, instead.]

Today there was a reply to a comment I made that went a little something like this…

“Jenny at Autismwars- Don’t give me that! Vaccines -do not- cause Autism. Autism usually isn’t life-threatening anyway, if I have Asperger’s and can learn to cope, so can your kids. Plus, you’re doing yer kids a disservice by not vaccinating them.”

First, before I go any further, I need to share a comment from my friend Jody –who hits the nail on the head, “that’s like comparing apples to assholes. They both start with “a” so they should both taste good and keep the doctor away!”. Indeed my friend, indeed.

So I suppose we should address that first.  If this person, who claims to have Asperger’s can cope, those children with autism should be able to cope.  Yes… because Asperger’s and Autism are the exact FUCKING SAME THING! –that is sarcasm for all you “Neuro Diverse” Aspie’s out there… WAIT… you know what…. FUCK THIS.  I am not even going to address this because the comment is so fucking stupid that it doesn’t deserve one more bloody fucking second of my time.  –Don’t misunderstand me.  There are times when kids with Asperger’s have it worse than kids with autism.  I have seen it with my own eyes.  Teachers tormenting these kids because “they don’t look like they have anything wrong with them.” But folks… this really is apples and assholes.

Autism usually isn’t life-threatening anyway.

Our kids have no sense of danger –not in a helpful way. (I have mentioned before that my son’s fear of bees and other flying insects is more likely to kill him as he tries to get away from them).  They are wanderers –for whatever reason, they love to go off on adventures…. the problem with these adventures is that they get lost, or they take them when it’s freezing outside and they are under dressed, they find water –they always find water –I’m convinced that the leading cause of death for autistic kids is drowning.

Then comes murder. Besides the accidents that take our children away, some lose their lives because their caregivers just can’t handle the strain and they snap. They kill their kids, or they perform a murder-suicide. SOME lose their lives because the employee at the care home whose ONLY DUTY it is to care for that person, fucks up and leaves them in a hot van to die.

SOME die from improper restraint at school or by uneducated police.

For others, it is the co-morbid medical conditions that are killing them. Epilepsy being the clear winner in this category. Ask the Travolta’s about that –and many other families who have lost their autistic kids to their seizure disorder.


A quick google search brought me this gem:
Causes of Death in Autism, where they found, “Elevated death rates were observed for several causes, including seizures and accidents such as suffocation and drowning; elevated mortality due to respiratory disease was observed among persons with severe mental retardation. Overall, excess mortality was especially marked for persons with severe mental retardation, but life expectancy is reduced even for persons who are fully ambulatory and who have only mild mental retardation.”

And an updated study found, “In all, 26 persons with ASD had died, whereas the expected number of deaths was 13.5. Thus the mortality risk among those with ASD was nearly twice that of the general population. The SMR was particularly high in females. The excess mortality risk has remained unchanged since our first study in 1993. Eight of the 26 deaths were associated with epilepsy and four died from epilepsy. Future staff education should focus on better managing of the complex relationships between ASD and physical illness to prevent avoidable deaths.”

A future with autism?

I have to think that with all the info we have on autism and chronic inflammation –along with the huge increases in cases (so that it will be obvious now), that our children will end up dying many years earlier than expected from heart disease. It’s just an educated guess.

Our children are likely to end up in nursing homes and institutions when we die –neglect surely awaits them.

AND I am not even going to touch the vaccine issue today.  That is for another day.

But for now, here is a website that is keeping track of kids who are dying due to their autism. I hope reading it ruins your day.
Lives Lost to Autism

Look, just last night… Another one.


10 thoughts on “Make no mistake –Autism is deadly.”

    1. Yes. Yes they are.
      There is no such one thing as “Autism” –it is a label thrown on a collection of symptoms, symptoms that if you have enough of them, get you the label.
      Symptoms caused by “co-morbid” medical conditions… autism is the sum total of the effects of co-morbid medical conditions.


      1. According to the DSM 5, autism (Autism Spectrum Disorder) is characterized by:

        “Persistent deficits in social communication and social interaction across multiple contexts…” and
        “Restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities, currently or by history…”

        That is IT. Period.

        It’s not epilepsy. It’s not gastro-intestinal distress. It’s not allergies, or anything else. Though it can exist alongside those things.

        And it can (but does not necessarily have to) exist along with intellectual disability.


      2. And what causes those symptoms? Did it ever occur to you that the comorbid medical conditions could be causing those symptoms?
        And do you really want to fight over semantics? While kids drown?


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