Ramen. That Shit Ain’t Food

Ah, Facebook, you never fail to entertain.

I saw this in my feed today:

First, I have to say, WTF is this doing on a “Health” themed page?


WHO would recommend moderation when it comes to ramen? That SHIT AIN’T FOOD! Not even CLOSE.

But then…. I do that think that I swear and pledge to try to never do… and that thing is… reading the comments.


Yeah… that is me chiming in at the end. Get a fucking clue, people.
It is LITERALLY toxin soup.

There is REAL shit out there in the world that you should pick up arms for. Ramen? SMH


2 thoughts on “Ramen. That Shit Ain’t Food”

  1. Oh. Em. Frickin. Gee. You slay my ass! Truth and hilarity all in one. I think I just found my new favorite blog!!! P.S. Your tags are a goshdamn riot =))


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