The Future’s So Bright… I need a flashlight.

And a map… and a compass…

I’ve been staring at this empty screen since last night. Having a million things to say and nothing to say, all at once.  It started with this article, “Coping with adult children’s autism, parents may face ‘least bad’ decisions.”

I have preached for years that you are a fool if you think autism has always been here and this is better diagnosing.  If that is true why is there no where for our newly minted “Adults with Autism” to go?  Why don’t they go where all the kids before them have gone when they aged out, hmmmm?

As I read this I am reminded too, how the media doesn’t usually portray what autism is really like for so many. The low functioning. The severe cases. Those who may act out violently when they meltdown –putting holes in walls and their teeth into their own flesh.  The world thinks that this wave of oncoming adults with autism is full of Cambridge students and future Silicon Valley geniuses… It’s not. It’s full of kids like my son –who I refuse to put in a sheltered workshop where he can work for slaves wages.

Most will depend on society instead of contributing to it. Not only that, but most have moms like me who left the working world because we had too.  The mom in this story left her job as a physician.  I have walked away from over 100K in student loan debt that will never be paid back, for an education that I never use.

And most of us moms are stressed out and looking at early graves.  Where do our kids go then?

I’m not saying anything new, I know this.  I tried. But I got nothing.
Enjoy your morning steaming cup of irony:



5 thoughts on “The Future’s So Bright… I need a flashlight.”

  1. Last night I was reminded by my 15 year-old son who has “high functioning” autism (who doesn’t cope or function at all like his “typical” peers), that I am going to be his “slave” until I die of old age.
    This was at the very end of an attempt from me to help him understand that he can’t just say and do whatever he wants to whoever he wants and not have consequences (he called his teacher a bitch when she had asked 3 times, then demanded that he and some other students stop talking about a controversial subject at school which was causing an escalating situation).
    He is what has been described as a “fatalist” and very quickly escalates situations to an extreme. It was at this time he informed (warned) me that he is going to develop weapons of mass destruction and get rid of everyone who tries to stop him from doing what he wants to do. Because it was doing no good to reason or argue with him, I said “alright, bring it on and get it over with, then.” THAT is when he “reassured me,” not to worry, that he had no intention of killing me, but that he will be keeping me alive and forcing me to be his slave until I “die of old age.”
    I feel so special. I wonder if Hallmark already has a Mother’s Day card which expresses those sentiments, or if I should design one and submit it to them for marketing. I’m sure there are at least a few dozen other “high functioning,” narcissistic, sociopaths that would be pleased to share that message with their “loved ones.”


      1. Thanks! It felt good to write it out. It also helps to read your blog and remember that other people (unfortunately) have similar fears and frustrations.


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