Good GOD! Et tu?

Sing me in, Bret.

There was only one God I still believed in. Facebook God. God usually posts hilarious shit like:

“Sorry, Joseph!
“NEW COMMANDMENT: Thou shalt use thy fucking blinker.” and
“If you think fertilized eggs are people but refugee kids aren’t, you’re going to have to stop pretending your concerns are religious.”

I don’t believe in God. Not in a ‘man in the sky, master creator’ kinda way.  But sometimes I would read Facebook God’s posts and laugh at the idea that maybe God does have FB and Twitter and wouldn’t it be hilarious if Heaven was real and you only get in if you like God on FB or follow him on twitter? Yeah… this is the shit I think about when I finally lay down my head at 3 a.m. and drift off to sleep. My humor is a bit twisted.

The only “god’ I had left in my life was @TheGoodGodAbove
Then this happened:


Shit. God too, now?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. God is God and can post whatever God wants. Yay, ‘murrica!
But that doesn’t mean I am going to skip this opportunity to tell you how God is wrong on this one.

Let me keep it simple.  Autism is not one thing.  There are plenty of autistic kids and adults who are higher functioning. Who are happy the way they are. Who can argue with me about why God is RIGHT in his tweet. If you have autism and are happy with who you are, you are not “autistic” like my son is autistic. You don’t have the same thing as him.

I’ve been saying this FOREVER. Take your word a-word back, go ahead.  Don’t call my son autistic. Call him what he really is. A medical cluster fuck. He has brain damage from vaccines.  Systemic damage from vaccines and other toxins from the air, food, water, etc. I can hate his “autism” and love and accept him.  This is a concept the ND crowd has a hard fucking time with.

Consider this, will you: “Cancer doesn’t need to be cured. It just needs to be accepted.” Is that offensive? Of course it is.  I have had friends and family die from cancer. Would anyone say that?
Would anyone who really understands what autism is for so many say that? Of course not.  My child is medically ill, he needs a cure. If he had the language ability, he’d ask for a cure.

I am not even going to debate this today. I’m too fucking tired. I am just going to post some links below for you to skim over to get a clue about what autism REALLY is.

Tell me this boy doesn’t need a cure? He was later beaten by a caregiver.  The parents caught the evidence on their nanny cam.

This boy doesn’t need a cure? He is probably drugged up in an institution somewhere.

In 10 years this little boy will be a grown man having a tantrum

I guess Avonte didn’t need a cure, either.

Make no mistake, Autism is Deadly.

The future’s so bright, I need a flashlight.

Another Suspicious Autism Death.

I could keep going all day.
Please understand that autism is not the same thing for all people. That those tantrums and meltdowns you see are a symptoms of physical pain.  These kids NEED A CURE.


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