CDC Whistle Blower. MMR/Autism Link Covered UP

[This is not a thoughtful Jane blog. This is classic Autism Wars Jenny style blog.  Maybe when I cool off I will clean it up so those of you unwilling to share my f-bomb rants can share it. But I think you might agree this is called for and a long time coming.]

Vindication doesn’t feel as sweet as I thought it would. It kinda feels like shit. My son is still paying the price.  He will for the rest of his life –and we both, left with no recourse. We don’t get our day in court. There is no liability for the vaccine manufactures. But I am telling you right now, those of you with autistic children born AFTER this cover up –SUE THE FUCK out of the CDC. PLEASE. For my son. Do it for Gavin. Do it for justice for all the vaccine injured kids.

My son’s road down vaccine injury lane began with the “Birth Day Dose” of Hep B vaccines, there is no doubt. But the day he got the MMR and DTP was the nail in the coffin of his neurologically typical life. That is the day his language left. That is the day he slipped away right before my eyes… a body, empty –unable to connect to the outside world. Damaged.My son, before his MMR and right after.

My son, before his MMR and after the MMR.

CDC Whistle Blower. MMR-Autism Link Cover Up.

There are a lot of people out there today who are lucky I can’t afford to do the time.

To all the people who ever thought I was crazy for saying it… that vaccines cause autism… People who pretended to be my friends but talked shit behind my back. Blocked me from their news feeds, “unfriended” me… To the researchers who KNEW this was happening.  To the people who WRONGLY went after Dr. Wakefield… from the bottom of my heart… FUCK YOU. JUST SOOOOOO FUCK YOU. And your mother. And the horse you rode in on. And your SMALL SMALL BRAINS.

Now, for clarification… this is not saying that MMR only causes autism in African American kids… it’s behind the increase in ALL with the diagnosis, just at a much higher rate in African Americans. I am sure the media will grab and spin like this, “SEE! It is genetics” *MIDDLE FINGERS UP*

Decades have gone by…that we’ve been asking you to look at this link.  TELLING YOU that our kids vanished with the MMR shot.
DECADES that they could have been studying WHICH kids are genetically susceptible. BUT NO. It’s more profitable to ‘thin the herd’ by mass vaccination than to take the time to look. FUCK YOU.

Did they want it that way? A purposeful thinning of the herd? Is this flat out murder? Eugenics? Or were the lives lost and ruined just a “side effect” of the MULTI-BILLION dollar industry that is pharma? You greedy FUCKS.

Fuck you, you evil FUCKS.
Fuck you, you ignorant morons who chose to believe the LAMESTREAM media and not read the fucking studies for yourself. You ignorant ‘murricans are just part of the problem. Useful Idiots.

By the way, Leo’s body was positively identified today. Add that to the list of children you’ve MURDERED, CDC.

Pull up a chair, my dear fucking haters. I’m just getting started.
I’m never giving in, on with the mother fucking show.


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