Meet Gavin, Vaccine injured.

Born Healthy and Happy.
Day 1 Hep B.
Immediate reaction. He started vomiting up all his food, screaming and crying for days (encephalitis symptom), and was soon covered in full body eczema (sign of a newly developed food allergy –just add aluminum to create an allergy response in anyone. Ask any ‘scientist’ –that is how they induce allergies in lab mice. Inject the desired allergen with aluminum. And it’s in your vaccines.)

Look at his skin in this pic. Yes he's flipping you off.
Look at his skin in this pic. Yes he’s flipping you off.

Oh, he fought like hell after each round of vaccines –which in 96-98 consisted of OPV, not IPV and DTP not the ‘safer’ (safer, not safe) DTaP.

He was with my parents when he got his 4 month shots and my mom says she’s never heard a baby moan like that in her life.
At 6 months he got his shots and spiked a 106 fever –which I didn’t know at the time was indicative of poisoning.

He didn’t have another shot until 15 months.  He got his MMR and first DTaP –the DTaP was still laden with mercury.
Here is a before and after.  The first pic is his 15 mo portrait.  Done before the shots. Three months later, the next pic, his 18 month photo.  We played hell just getting him to look near the camera. He cried the whole time. “He’s not usually like this” I said.


He was so obviously autistic right after that 15 month round of vaccines.
His last words were spoken in the doctors office that day before he went for his shots. “Ishies” for ‘fishies’ as he tapped on the aquarium glass. Funny coincidence… I am not the ONLY autism mom with that story. I know of one other mom who remembers her son’s last word as ‘fish’ –right before he was marched to his doom via vaccination.

Coincidence? Vaccines seem to be the leading cause of coincidence in this country.

So here you go CDC. Here is one of the lives you have ruined with your criminal activity. Your LIES. He has many of the MTHFR gene mutations suspected in association with autism. You could have been studying that for the past 15-20 years. Preventing this epidemic.


Friends of Jane and Autism Wars, I want your photos and stories to share here on the blog and in an album I am starting on the FaceBook pages. Contact me: or thru FB. I would just need a couple paragraphs on the vaccine injury timeline and a couple photos. Before and After would be great.



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