The Time is NOW.

Last night, well past midnight, a friend alerted me to the new version of the CDC Whistler Blower videos that now clearly stated the name of the whistle blower as William Thompson Ph.D. YouTube version here.

And by this morning the Autism Media Channel website was down and there were rumblings of Wakefield releasing the videos/name early without permission.

My thoughts? Who cares. We needed his name. Everyone from media to my own friends were hesitant to believe this until the name was out there and the whistle blower came forward himself. We needed his name. Too, the CDC already knew who it was. It wasn’t hard to figure out –there were only 4-5 people on that paper and we know it sure as hell wasn’t Coleen. He also came out to say that he got in trouble for emailing Julie Gerberding, encouraging her to come clean.  The CDC WOULD KNOW WHO IT WAS. And sure enough, they did. He was escorted from the building yesterday before his name came out.

Can we for once, as an autism community, FOCUS. This is about the kids. Leave the petty shit behind today and in the upcoming days. Let’s follow this story. Keep posting it all over social media. Use the tag #CDCWhistleBlower I am also loving #CDCPantsOnFire Use both –get this trending. Facebook, Twitter Instagram… whatever the kids are into these days! 😉 Start posting it to your local media. Let’s remind Anderson Cooper to “Keep ’em Honest” GO GO GO!

Here is an iReport on CNN. 1. GO…. sign up for an account. Click the button that reads “This belongs on CNN.”  WE. CAN. DO. THIS. [UPDATE: enough trolls reported this as inappropriate and it was taken down. It had over 35K views and 13K shares when I checked it before bed. Stay tuned for our next plan of action… for now I guess keep calling the CDC]
Second Update: NEW iReport... go click “This belongs on CNN” Share it. Tweet it. Until they take it down…
2. Here is another great idea stolen off Kim Spencer’s page 🙂 “Call Rep. Posey’s office! Ask what he is going to do about this admission of CDC fraud!!! 321-632-1776” NOW NOW NOW. [UPDATE: Sen Posey is drafting a Press Release at this very moment!!!]
3. From Jill Rubolino:
“Call the CDC….press the option for immunizations, ask them about the new info.
800-CDC-INFO (800-232-4636)”
–The CDC is giving out their canned “MMR doesn’t cause Autism” bullshit. PRESS THEM. Ask them specifically about the Fraud allegations.

‘Rise up and take the power back
It’s time the fat cats had a heart attack
You know that their time’s coming to an end
We have to unify and watch our flag ascend’


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