Dr. Thompson, You are NOT YET absolved of your sins.

Dearest William W. Thompson, Ph.D.,

Um… No.

You don’t get to release some audio through Brian Hooker, and a shit ton of documents and call it a day. Do you really think that the media will look at that –and this story will continue without you? We already have Thomas Verstraeten saying that results were watered down to hide a link before, and no ONE covered that. Hell, we even have RFK Jr. on our side on that issue and no one is listening. We already have one CDC researcher, Poul Thorsen, on a most wanted list, and no one is covering that. You KNOW better. You know we need a press conference with you to give this media traction.

No. You don’t get to sleep at night now because you THINK you did the right thing. NOW. After 13 years. Cut a deal with the feds. Rat out your former coworkers. Make this right.

You haven’t done a THING, yet. You haven’t helped these kids, yet. You think you did the right thing? You haven’t. Not yet. You owe these kids, our entire families. COME OUT COME OUT, where ever you are. Cut yourself an immunity deal. Go ahead. We’ll forgive you if you do the right thing. Clam up and drop off the planet? It’s going to get ugly. We moms really don’t have anything to lose. You’ve already taken away so much from us.

Just another mom with a vaccine injured, brain damaged child, still waiting for justice after 16 years.


3 thoughts on “Dr. Thompson, You are NOT YET absolved of your sins.”

  1. Yes! It must be scary for him but it has been scary for all of the families out there who lost their child’s spirit. Thank you for writing this article.



  2. Scary for him??? Fuck him! When his first born, is 2 and sitting in a psych office and to be told those horrible words he has autism, then he can be scared!!

    My son is awesome and smart but it cost us a lot to get here which the government didn’t hand out a cent for. But this is his fault! If I were him I would hide too! Blabbing your mouth won’t fix the damage that has been done to our children! Prick!


  3. I agree, and I hope Dr. Thompson does the right thing, but the information has been out there for a long time. I told the pedi in 2001 I didn’t want my daughter to have the MMR because it often caused autism, and that I had had measles at six and it wasn’t bad enough to risk autism for. I wish I had refused all of them, and rather than just told the pedi I didn’t want her to get the hep-B vaccine because it often caused autism, that I had drawn up a formal contract saying I’d sue their asses off if they gave it to her anyway (which they did, and she reacted with encephalitis). It was a terrible crime what Thompson and his colleagues did, but as Jenny noted, it was one of many, and it’s hard to understand why more people haven’t woken up. They have no one to blame but themselves when their children fall into the abyss as so many thousands of others have, including me and my daughter (and my parents).


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