Guest Blog: Dr. Andrew Wakefield, You Owe Zeddy an Apology

[Today I have a guest post from David Anderson.  I first learned about Glutamate from David. Really, he saved what little was left of my brain by warning me off the stuff. I since learned that both my autistic son and I have several GAD gene mutations and that helps to explain my reactions to foods high in glutamate –such reactions include seizures and feeling like I’ve been hit by a truck. I ate some TJ’s seaweed snacks a few weeks ago and couldn’t get out of bed the next day.  If you have an autistic child, especially one with seizures you need to learn all you can about glutamate, start here. This book is a must read as well. –and no matter who you are, You NEED to read this post by David. –Jenny]

Just your name in this title will cause even some of my closest friends to not read beyond it.  Which is the entire point of this open letter to you which could end in one sentence:  you have marred the revelations of the last two weeks with regard to CDC data manipulation that erased a correlation between Autism and vaccines with the stain of your perceived charlatanism and made this fight harder to fight for all of us.  And I’m not happy with you.

I did not arrive in the vaccine-safety camp through your research.  I, like the rest of the world, thought you a discredited hack.  In a world where perception is reality, that is what you are whether that label be fair or not.  And I actually do believe it’s unfair.  But your research did not influence my decision not to vaccinate my youngest, my son Caspar, born after Autism had already claimed his older brother Zeddy.  Jenny McCarthy had nothing to do whatsoever with that decision.  Natural News, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Oz had NOTHING to do with that decision.  Nor did I assume any confidence to be had in studies saying that they were safe.  My wife and I, two whip-smart Middlebury graduates with a combined IQ of somewhere just south of 300 with 3 graduate degrees between us looked strictly at the numbers when deciding what to do to protect our youngest from the same fate as his brother.  The rate of Autism at the time was still reportedly 1 in 150, though you and I both know that when the CDC catches up to his birth year of 2008 it’s going to be revised closer to 1 in 30.  Yet the rate of a repeat of Autism in a family with children on the spectrum was somewhere between 1 in 8 and 1 in 12.  We were quite certain that some environmental trigger played a role in Zeddy’s disappearance from the socio-emotional, conversational world of which he was a part until 1 year of age, while still willing to accept that a genetic component may be making our children susceptible to whatever the environmental insult was.  We decided to raise Caspar in as close to an 1850 universe as we could.  Something out there that wasn’t out there 150 years ago was doing this to the world’s children, and until anyone could say exactly what it was, everything was a potential candidate.  We bought organic everything.  Organic clothes. No meds.  No creams.  No fluoride.  And we had to make a decision about no vaccines.  Again, we looked at the numbers.  Of everything we vaccinate against, the most likely of the contractible diseases for Caspar to come across was Whooping Cough.  His odds of catching it looked to be about 1 in 330 and that number was taken from the peak of WC infection at the beginning of the 20th century I believe.  Even then, his odds of actually dying from it were a single digit percent of that after-the-decimal digit percent.  His odds of Autism were at best 1 in 12.  If you handed me a 330-sided die and 12-sided die and told me not to roll a 1, which would you choose if you were me?  Because, had I the choice of a paralyzed-from-polio Zeddy over the child he is now or the adult he will be, one who will never have a friend, a romantic partner, a conversation about the weather, who will never live an unsupervised moment of his life and who may indeed one day find a way over our 420 feet of six foot fence, find a body of water and drown and die as so many of his kind do, I’d take Polio.  He’d at least be able to tell me about his day, read, wipe his ass properly. I’d take death from Whooping Cough over a life sentence where he stands to live his last decades after we die alone, unkissed, unloved, ignored, visited periodically to wipe the shit from his ass, and even possibly abused.  A predator has no better victim than one unable to identify his assailant, report what happened to him, even say his name.  I didn’t vaccinate because statistically in a world where no one can definitively tell me what happened to Zeddy, I chose a path for Caspar that gave him his best odds of coming out the other side and I did this based on my experience, and raw epidemiological data.  And even still, my wife got her flu shot when she was pregnant with Caspar.  We kept a healthy dose of skepticism in our choices on both sides of the vaccine debate.  We believed that vaccinating her was safe*.

It was at five months of age that we saw the first trouble with Caspar.  Upon the introduction of solid foods, he conspicuously lost the rudimentary oral-motor and joint-attention skills he was only just beginning to develop.  My wife and I both noticed it.  He went from a baby who would raspberry for your attention and “talk” to you that way for 10 minutes to one whose mouth hung open and whose only sounds were closed, velar drones.  Now there is no clinical data on these events because there really are no hard and fast benchmarks for babies that age.  You can’t get them evaluated by Early Intervention agencies because there’s not enough of anything to go on at 5 months to say that this is a significant delay or significant at all or a regression.  All Ariane and I could do was apply a scientific process of “what changed,” eliminate that change and see what happened.  Taking him back to just breast feeding, his oral-motor and joint attention skills returned after 4 days.  And he kept them, all the way to the next attempt at solid food a month later.  For the next three months, on the advice of medical professionals at Columbia Presbyterian, Roosevelt, in private practice — all of whom would call our observations “compelling” — we tried different solids to see if there was a course of feeding that didn’t result in our infant’s mind and mouth being anesthetized.  With every effort he regressed again.  With every elimination and a return to breast milk the skills came back.  He had to relearn them.  They were weak, but they would get strong again until the next solid food.  When after a meal of blended pork tenderloin (on the advice of the gastroenterologist we saw at CP) my son looked at me with lit up eyes, put his tongue between his lips, tried to spit, failed, crossed his eyes, looked to his mouth with AWARENESS of what he could not do, that’s when I was done with doctors and decided to get answers for myself.

I went to numbers.  The University of Denmark had available a database with the total nutritional content of 1000’s of foods.  These are not your typical FDA labels.  They list not just raw protein content but break down WHICH proteins, which amino acids, are present in different foods in different concentrations.  Over the course of three sleepless nights, I found that Caspar’s food options to that point had as a common denominator what seemed to be high levels of glutamate.  For my uninitiated friends who are still with me to this point, glutamate is a non-essential amino acid, meaning you can live without it because you can synthesize from some of the other 8 essential amino acids that you must consume to stay alive.  Glutamate functions as your primary neurotransmitter meaning that every breath you take, every memory you record, every blink, every impulse, every messengered thing that passes through the brain travels on the back of a glutamate molecule.  It’s how neurons fire.  It’s also been known since the 50’s to be an excitotoxin and that too much of it, a build-up of it if you will, causes dendritic contraction and neuronal death.  So when I saw glutamate, learned what it was and how too much of it can be a bad thing for some, I decided to compare the glutamate content of rice, oats, pork, etc. to the glutamate content of the food Caspar seemed to be fine on: breastmilk.  Matching the labels on the numbers (and we’ll go with ‘n’ for the purposes of demonstration) the glutamate content of breast milk came in at 22n.  The glutamate content of rice came in around 1500n.  And that was the lowest value of the foods I’d researched after having fed them to Caspar.  Then I thought of my at-the-time screaming-and-in-crisis-24/7 son Zeddy with a long evaluative paper trail of no gains in 3 years and wondered just how much glutamate he might be eating.  Wheat: 9000n.  Cheese: 10000n.  MSG(lutamate) laden chinese take-out dumplings: do I need to?  Gelatin: 11000.  Peanut butter: 7000.  Soy: 5000. His only low glutamate foods were bananas and blueberries.  Everything else was a paper weight’s worth of the neurological equivalent of jet fuel. Holy shit, I thought. These fad diet approaches cut a lot of that out.  Is that what’s up?  This seems like something I’ve both heard of before and yet not seen anyone try on this level of awareness.  How do I cut out glutamate?  Well, I did.  And the clinical, third-party, blindly collected data of his own ABA-SEIT shows exactly what we saw: a transformed Zeddy who was emotionally regulated and making rapid cognitive gains, though rapid in the context of effectively 0 since 12 months of age.  Caspar started crawling, calling me dada, playing patty-cake in that same 4 day window after taking glutamate away from his mother.  There was a renaissance in my home that was the first hope we’d felt in 5 years.

At this point, everyone who knew Zeddy from his family to the professionals that worked with him could see a shift.  You can’t tell us at this point that glutamate bombs are good for him.  Our observations were compelling enough to get New York’s arguably most respected physician in the field of Autism research, Dr. Isabel Rapin, to order 48 hour EEGs on both our boys to try and document brain signaling changes caused by concentrated glutamate ingestion — she ultimately said of the EEG results that it may have been too blunt an instrument to pick up what we were looking for and urged me to bring our kids to another researcher for the sole reason that she was approaching 90 and too old to see this line of inquiry through.  While Caspar’s EEG was within normal limits, he projectile vomited the jello we tried to feed him (but kept soy milk down shortly after) and spent the next 48 hours unable to stand stably. She believed us.

So maintaing the glutamate-is-bad line, I looked for other sources.  I found Aspartame as the body converts less useful aspartate to glutamate.  I found cigarette smoke that contains ammonia, also converted to glutamate by the body.  And then I landed in a place I never went looking for.  Every vaccine, every dose, every booster, all of them are made of hydrolyzed gelatin.  Gelatin is made of glutamate and glycine.  And my Zeddy had gelatin shot into his body every 2 months, every 4 months, every 6 months, every year of his life in decreasing frequency, yes, but if the principle of immune boosting to the point of permanent immunity is true for MMR, did my Zeddy also learn to attack the components of gelatin? My boy with his swollen head who can’t speak, or couldn’t until I cut his raw glutamate intake down to effectively nothing.  To this point I was ready to accept that my boys might have some as yet undiscovered genetic disease like PKU.  Phenylalanine is an essential amino acid.  All babies are tested for PKU because some of them are making whacked-out enzymes that metabolize phenylalanine improperly and turn it into a brain toxin.  That exists.  That’s on every can of Diet Coke.  Zeddy might have GKU, if you will.  But when I realized he had gelatin shot into him with militarized regularity, I wondered if his genetically-predisposed aggressive, effective, efficient, 1-billion-years-of-evolution-surviving immune system didn’t learn exactly what it was taught. To my great disappointment, I learned that no one is really looking at this common-sense, layman’s line of reasoning.   But one way or another, you can not tell me that my sons’ glutamate problem isn’t real, isn’t treatable, and you certainly can’t tell me it’s a good idea to shoot it into their bodies.

When Caspar became more developed, making more of his own glutamate in more sophisticated responses to his world, he regressed again as we expected.  While he had never himself had an immunization, we had to wonder if that flu shot his mother had was enough to set off a sensitivity in him.  When he finally became old enough to be far enough behind to ring that Early Intervention bell, he failed with flying colors upon evaluation — both a neurodevelopmental medical one and a behavioral one conducted by the city.  He lost words, had more and more trouble saying a word he was trying to repeat, he stopped responding to his name all at 15 months.  The living ghost of his older brother. While working with his appointed therapist, daily logs were kept of his progress.  Without her knowledge and in the interest of sound if crude scientific method, we manipulated his glutamate levels.  She documented a month long decline in his skills as we turned up the glutamate and an instantaneous resurgence of skills and further development shortly after we yanked it away.  Doing what we do for them is bankrupting financially.  We had to be sure what we were doing was worth it.  And I have paper, right now, downstairs, in my smelly basement, on BOTH boys that shows that it works. I am happy to report that today, Caspar is a bright, creative, socially fluent though conspicuously lispy 6-year-old, neurotypical child without Autism.  And we do it by avoiding glutamate.  And as a side note, we find it fascinating that our 6-year-old has never, not for one day of his life, had a fever.  Colds, sure.  Sick? Never.  He’s the only kid I know with perfect attendance through two years of unvaccinated pre-K and one unvaccinated year of Kindergarten.

As I said above, my line of reasoning in terms of causation (and, potentially, legitimized medical exemption from vaccination) has never been carried out by the CDC or a reputable institution of higher learning.  And it will never be so long as society, and my friends being my exponentializing conduit to that society, continue to hold the line of there being “no correlation” between vaccination and Autism.  We’ve been told it’s a dead end and therefore any inquiry into Autism causation that intersects with vaccines is a non-starter.  Where there is no correlation, investigations of causation are pointless. Yet now, a party to the line that “autism and vaccines aren’t correlated” has said that there EXISTS evidence that they are.  And no one is hearing that.  It’s enough to have to overcome groupthink.  But you have very unwisely chosen to appoint yourself the banner-carrier in these revelations.  We’ve been told that you’re the monster who started a debate that threatens to kill the whole world.  No one should listen to you.  That’s the spirit of today’s discourse.  I have met you.  I have shaken your hand, Dr. Wakefield.  I have listened to you speak on this subject and there is no doubt in my mind, whatsoever, that a man can not fake the kind of real commitment to a real cause that you really do have.  I believe that as a gastroenterologist and not a neurologist that you stumbled onto something huge.  I believe that you were also very naive to think that you could simply publish something with the implications it had and not suffer a backlash.  I think you also made a rush to publish motivated by the appetite for notoriety, credit, Nobels? The current problem is the same problem you had in the past.  You are sloppy, Dr. Wakefield.  And your fatal flaw is hubris.

Your name is poison, however unfair that may be.  Most people do not know that it was not the data in your study that was disproven.  Most people do not know that you have real biopsies of real tissue with real active measles from real stomachs taken from real children.  Most people do not know that it was a conflict of interest that you failed to disclose that impugned your results.  They don’t know that this study (which wasn’t a “study” and not held to the same rigors but is a split-hair that no non-scientist has the capacity to care about) was paid for by lawyers looking to sue vaccine companies.  They don’t know anything about you other than that you’re the devil.  No, it’s not fair.  But you were sloppy.  You gave them the ammunition with which they assassinated your character.  Given the stakes of what you had to report, you had a duty to do it right, free of blemish and you failed.  And fair or not, it’s the fact of your public perception.  To have headlined this latest news, and moreover to have participated in the deceit of a man, Dr. Thompson at the CDC, who by all appearances is a sincere, genuine, scientifically-responsible man… to record him without his knowledge and then to editorialize and tell us what, how to think of all this in a high-production value, restore-my-name, teen-aged-bully-youtube/facebook OUT-ing while being who know yourself to be in the public eye.. you have made this fight harder to win for all of us.  This is not about restoring your name.  This is about millions, MILLIONS of children living and yet-to-be born who will live institutionalized, financially and emotionally eviscerating lives.  This is about Zeddy.  And you standing at the front of this simply ensures that there is more that the world at large will all never know.  You took the low road to bring these truths to light and have tainted it for all of us.  You are only slightly better than the infamous Poul Thorsen; you will not derive the millions he did after authoring “safe” vaccine studies, selling those same vaccines to the US government, embezzling millions from the funds designated to research those vaccines, and disappearing to some volcanic atoll somewhere as an international fugitive – those are facts, even if no one knows them.  You’ve done this to restore your good name.  Your good name is a lesser, and by your own choices maybe lost, cause.  I will carry your banner no longer.  And you will not carry mine.

Because you headlined this release of secret audio tape, most people will never listen to what Dr. Thompson said to Brian Hooker — the grandest of ironies, you had nothing directly to do with his admissions; you inserted yourself in post-production. Thompson knew BETTER than to talk to you but rather to another Autism researcher still clinging to a thread of credibility, clearly forfeited, when he got into bed with you for what plays like a salacious exposé. They will not hear the urgency, the scientific passion, the unambiguity with which Thompson lists the reasons thimerosol in flu vaccines is a bad idea.  They will never hear his incredulity at the fact that we put these shots in pregnant women.  They will never understand that while you might be able to edit words to say what you want them to say, you can not edit together the emotions with which things are said. They will not even hear his admission that the voice is his, that the conversations took place, that the CDC omitted “significant” data.  They won’t hear his commitment to vaccines, to their safety, their study, their transparency.  They won’t hear his intellectual curiosity.  They won’t hear that the author of a study that people cite as case-closed evidence is actually saying to the world that the case isn’t closed.  Hubris, Dr. Wakefield.  Your personal interests that hung up the study that began all this in 1998 have laid another impediment at the most crucial time in our kind’s history.  You fucked up.  It’s a pattern. You attached your black name to a clandestine effort to get someone in-the-know on the illegally-recorded record and stand to get it all thrown out after injunction.  You are setting us back.  If you want your medical license back within your own lifetime, I quite earnestly urge you as an until-now sympathizer to STFU.  And let us do the fighting for our kids and play this out in your lifetime.

Which brings me to my conclusion.  I have tagged everyone I know on this update.  I earnestly want real answers to real questions.  I want you to believe the author of your studies that once said there was no connection when he says, no, there very well MIGHT be a connection.  I want to distance myself from so-called charlatans and demonstrate to you my reasoning, my self-arrived-at, unbiased research and experience.  I want the credibility any one of you afforded me in the 30 years you’ve known me back.  And I want you to get mad about what’s happening now.  I want you to care that boys like my Zeddy didn’t have to be the boys they are.  I want you to demand truth. I want you to see your stake in validating, questioning, refining the data that tells you you are safe from autoimmune disease when you are vaccinated.  I want you to use your own brains and read, listen, arrive at your own conclusions the way I have with an open mind. One of your government scientists is telling you, has admitted, does not deny that the questions are still unanswered where vaccines and ASD are concerned.  I am beating a drum.  Please, beat it with me.

*[Added by Jenny: This video has since been released where William W. Thompson, CDC ‘whistle blower’, discusses giving mercury to pregnant women. It’s a must see, 1 minute long video:


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  1. Wow. Andrew Wakefield 1) has every right to trumpet this from the rooftops and no he does NOT have to take a backseat in order to make it more comfortable or palatable to anyone. Telling him to STFU is an incredible request given his commitment and what he has endured. His name may “taint” this to some but to anyone who knows how the wheels of viral news works….it adds to it far more than it detracts. 2) Your post creates a divisive atmosphere that is counterproductive to our collective truth seeking mission. To me it’s far worse for us to attack our own when we should be supporting him more than ever. He has earned this moment. So I disagree. He should NOT STFU.


    1. Jenny here, not the author of this blog, but I wanted to comment.
      1. This would get more traction if ALL the documents and info were dumped instead of a slow trickle of documents like we have now.
      2. Many people are turned off at the mention of Wakefield. I am personally torn on this. I agree he has every right to be doing a touchdown dance while singing “I told you so” as loud as he wants. BUT…. a lot of people are ignoring this because his mark is on it.
      Many in and out of the autism community have pointed this out to me.
      3. Everyone is allowed an opinion. I don’t find this divisive. It’s one mans opinion –which, like I have said, behind the scenes I am hearing a lot of agreement. Public perception is huge. Might it have worked out better for all involved if someone else ran point? Who knows… maybe it would be ignored just the same.
      4. Those same voices in my ear are all saying the same thing. DUMP all these secret FOIA and whistle blower obtained documents into the public’s lap and let them start combing over it without Andy’s narration.


  2. Jenny, you and I have had a major parting of the ways and I think it’s an understatement to say we do not see eye to eye on…well, a lot of things. That being said, I am still not too proud to say that this is an issue of which I wholeheartedly agree. I was only one of a rare few who was livid that the CDC-scientist-revealing-fraudulent-studies issue has been taken over by Wakefield. This is no longer about the proof that we have been looking for, but instead he has put himself in the spotlight, and with an already tarnished reputation, is not helping this matter get put on the forefront of every media channel there is. These papers should ALL be out, not one here, one there. . . This game of dangling the carrot in front of the horse is child’s play.
    Thank you for letting David speak out.

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  3. Disclosure: My sister in law is high up at the Associated Press, so high that if one of their reporters is beheaded somewhere in the world–she gets one-of-the-if-not-the-first-call/s. AP are the authors of well-more than half of the stories anyone anywhere reads as shrunken if existent local reporting staffs only have the resources to copy/paste whatever AP writes. When enough of what was being released was passing my bullshit meter to the point where I felt comfortable approaching her about getting it fact checked, I contacted her. I communicated to her then my misgivings about Andy branding it (and his “we were right, at least partly” is exactly the kind of branding I’m talking about). I said to her, I thought it was highly unfortunate that Dr. Wakefield chose to be the face of this story. I feared the AP nor their peer organizations would even bother to watch his video because of his association with it. She replied, “Absolutely. He’s poison. The medical people won’t touch anything with his name on it.”

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    1. and oh yeah, this. I did this. If this letter gets the facts of what Andrew Wakefield is trying to tell the world past the eyes of non-believers who would not have heard them in any other way, then throwing him under the bus is the right thing to do.


      1. Fucking Glutamate. I was an asshole and ate REGULAR pizza last night. I can’t think today. I can’t. I need to make a simple trip to the ATM, go pay my rent and hit the grocery store. The thought of it all is overwhelming.


  4. This article was very unfair to Dr. Wakefield. It has been the pharma companies which have tarred and feathered him, and used their control of mainstream media to ensure that all the reports on his small case study were false calumny, to try to keep people in the vaccine lines. Dr. Wakefield has fought hard to bring the truth to light.

    If your child was born in 2008, the only reason not to have realized the truth would be your desire to be considered a congregant in the religion of mainstream science. I also let my baby get the DTaP, fearing pertussis. She got it at 2, 4, 6, and 18 months. She had reacted to the hep-B vaccine at birth, given without permission, and even though I had said I didn’t want her to get it, as I had read even back then in 2000 that it often caused autism, with four days and nights of constant, inconsolable screaming, vaccine encephalitis. She had started to say two words by 18 months, uh for up at the playground, and uff for dog. Both were erased as soon as she got the DTaP booster at that time, and she was diagnosed with autism two months later. I refused the MMR and the varicella vaccine when they were offered at 18 months, and was happy when she caught chickenpox several months later. I bought a Mothering book Vaccines: the Issue of our Time, in 2000, and Randall Neustaester’s revised Vaccine Guide in 2002. Aviva Jll Romm’s Vaccinations: a Thoughtful Parent’s Guide in 2001, Dr. Sear’s The Vaccine Book in 2007. The information was there about the dangers of the vaccines, and Neustaedter said the pertussis vaccine even in its acellular version was the most dangerous vaccine of all time.

    It was not that everyone believed Dr. Wakefield was a fraud. I gave my neighbor several articles defending his work in December 2010, a month before the big smear campaign began, the month of the interviews with Anderson Cooper, George Stephanapoulos, and Matt Lauer. I started posting at Age of Autism that month, furious that so many people were being told lies about Dr. Wakefield and the case series he had been involved. with. He was not seeking fame for himself, as the article states. He and his colleagues had been sought out by the parents of children with severe GI disease which had begun, like their autism, within days or weeks of their getting the MMR. They thought it might not be a coincidence, and correctly thought that it should be mentioned in order to bring it to public attention. They said in the article that would be published in The Lancet that they were not saying the MMR caused autism, but it was something that should be investigated with further research. The article was peer-reviewed, accepted by the editorial staff of The Lancet, and no one had any problem with it for years, until Big Pharma realized they’d better discredit it before the realization of the truth went any further.

    David Anderson’s article seems to be motivated by rage that he and his partner, so smart, with such high IQs, should have missed all the well-documented information which showed very clearly even in 2008 that the vaccines were very dangerous and did indeed cause autism. This rage should be directed at the pharma companies and the government agencies and legislators, at the media controlled by them, and not at those fighting to make everyone aware of the terrible truth. Dr. Wakefield and Dr. Brian Hooker are heroes, and only time will tell whether Dr. Thompson may redeem himself.


    1. I think you’re missing his point that mainstream media see his name as poison.
      His name on this is making it harder to gain traction.
      None of us are disagreeing that Wakefield was unrightfully attacked, etc.


      1. Dr. Wakefield has stayed in the background on this one, letting Brian Hooker handle it, until the release of Thompson’stext messages to him yesterday. But it’s just playing into the hands of the transgressors to pretend to agree that Dr. Wakefield must be cast out and ignored. It’s crazy to say to pretend to revile Andy Wakefield so as not to lose credibility with the uninformed. Better to tell the uninformed to read about the issue and become informed. Why should we play their games? The story has gotten hundreds of thousands of people reading it. Do you think the mainstream newspapers would be reporting on the Thompson whistleblower story if only Wakefield’s name were never mentioned in conjunction with it? Or is that just an excuse to try to justify the media silence? Don’t you think they’d find another excuse, when the bottom line is that they only report what their pharma masters permit them to report? No, we shouldn’t play their games.


      2. Cynthia I’m not pretending anything. And I’m certainly not playing games. Playing games is secretly recording someone, playing TMZ editor, editing, producing, editorializing, releasing warbled audio, removing that audio, outing an ally, sharing private texts with the public. I am truly pissed about all of that. Every bit of it. And it is entirely possible to believe in a man’s commitment to a cause and also have a problem with his methodology. I had an audience to reach, and where there is common ground with that audience is the opportunity to catch their eyes. I’m deceiving no one. Can’t say as much for Hooker and Wakefield. Being underhanded and using the tools of conspiracy theorists (secret recordings, youtube) is the game THEY, not I, shouldn’t be playing.


  5. Yep. Blinded by emotion. Agree with everything you said. Said he should have known better than to front this. He doesn’t own his public perception. It’s impossible for him to control the dialogue. When he says things in that video like “we were right, at least partly,” that’s an attempt at ownership and the quickest way to get your audience to navigate away from you. It is not us who need to be convinced. It is they who hate him.


  6. I’ll retract one statement: he’s lightyears better than Poul Thorsen. I saw a rhetorical opportunity to get the facts about him in front of the eyes of any potential Wakefield hater I may get on the line. I’m a creature of opportunity, like Andy.


  7. Hooker said Thompson was aware of the tape recording, and sthat he said well, he supposed they could do what they wanted with it. His protests that it was without his knowledge or permission may very well have been to protect himself from the legal fallout, while in fact it was all with his knowledge and permission.
    He texted Wakefield that he had contributed to damaging his career, and hoped he might be able to make up for it by coming out with the truth now. Does that jibe with outrage that his recorded conversations were released? I think Thompson is very nervous right now, and worried about whether he has acted imprudently and unnecessarily put his own career in jeopardy. I have no answer for that one, but know that it was necessary for someone to come forward and show the rampant lies and malfeasance with regard to all the “studies” showing vaccines are safe and do not cause autism. Hooker had to broadcast this, there are just too many lives at stake not to. I don’t think Thompson is sorry at all that stronger men than he have taken up the dissemination of the meaning of his confession.
    Wakefield’s name is only poison to the bad guys. It is very, very easy to google something like Was Wakefield right? and read dozens and dozens of accurate articles explaining how the vaccine companies sent him up the river, and that he has been vindicated on every point. Everyone now is scared of vaccines, and aware of what is at stake. There are now vaccine-damaged children on every block in America. Surely we have to be as honest as we can be. I just commented at AoA about whether it is right to assent to doctors like Dr. Sears promoting and giving his “reduced” vaccine schedule, when he himself says he’s giving the autism talk more and more often. IDr. Sears said in The Vaccine Book that if vaccines really do cause autism, etc., then there is no doubt that they are more dangerous than the vaccine-preventable diseases. So there you go. It’s not that the VPDs cannot be very dangerous or even fatal, but that the vaccines are more so. Some say we have to pull off the bandaid gradually, and let people continue to think it’s wise and safe to “only” give the DTaP, Hib, Prevnar, and rotavirus vaccines. The DTaP erased my daughter’s only words and she was diagnosed with autism two months later. It caused autism in Ginger Taylor’s son and many others, while pertussis just isn’t a dangerous disease except in a few young newborns, usually from impoverished families, while the vaccine is dangerous and miserably ineffective. So why not just tell people the truth? My daughter got the DTaP at 2, 4, and 6 months, then, like tens of thousands of others, caught pertussis anyway at 8 months and gave it to me. And the pertussis was unpleasant and long-lasting, but not dangerous. As you say, most people would take pertussis over autism any day. Also measles over autism and bowel disease, the risk of HIb over peanut allergies caused by the vaccine, or pertussis over asthma caused by the vaccine. Sure, it’s hard for those making a living from prevarication, but most people are grown up enough that, if presented with the facts, they can understand a con and grasp the issues involved. Their children are depending on them to do so.


  8. 1) You really think that Dr. Wakefield should curl up under a rock and quietly wait for others to advocate? Why? We should let the forces win who have unjustly tarnished his reputation and removed his license to practice medicine for the crimes of listening to parents and trying to help vaccine injured children? Those forces did their best to permanently hush him up, and good for him for continuing to speak out. He deserves to be able to speak out – he lost his career, why should he take that quietly?

    2) You really think that if Dr. Wakefield were not involved the CDC whistleblower story would have been covered by mainstream news? There has been total silence on a number of important stories – from the “Green our Vaccines” rally, to the indictment of researcher Poul Thorsen, the Nov. 2012 Congressional hearings on autism and vaccines, the Merck whistleblower lawsuit alleging Merck’s falsification of data. The mainstream press has been totally silent on all of these, even without Dr. Wakefield’s involvement.


    1. Yes I really think that. If Thompson had been allowed to speak for himself, if the recordings were simply delivered to mainstream news media, then it might have sparked some competition between them. They might have listened to it at all. Maybe you missed my comment above, but I am quite personally close, RELATED TO, a person very very high up in the Associated Press. She was supportive, passed it to her medical department but said unequivocally that they don’t touch anything with Wakefield’s name on it. He does not own the dialogue on himself. They have successfully made him a pariah. His image is synonymous with quackery. I said over and over that that isn’t fair. But it’s the fact of how the world sees him. If we could have just heard Thompson speak with Andy taking credit for it, even implicitly, but editing together a video and in that process exposing himself to charges of manipulation (which is what editing IS), we might have a different atmosphere right now. And if they didn’t bite, you can still release unedited audio on youtube and let it catch fire there. But you can’t muddle the push for truth with personal redemption. They are separate goals. And like it or not, one has to come before the other.


      1. As it stands, the two or three mainstream reports have all buried the lead. It starts with that “liar” Wakefield and barely mentions Thompson some time by the conclusion. Don’t assume the anger stimulated in our own community is contagious. The larger world didn’t even notice this.


      2. Hi, David –
        I did read your comment. But you know what? If someone had brought this story to the AP without Wakefield being involved, the AP still would not have covered it. Mainstream media doesn’t cover these stories, as per the examples in my other comment.

        Kathleen Sebelius told Reader’s Digest, when she was secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services:
        “There are groups out there that insist that vaccines are responsible for a variety of problems despite all scientific evidence to the contrary. We have reached out to media outlets to try to get them to not give the views of these people equal weight in their reporting to what science has shown and continues to show about the safety of vaccines.”

        Tremendous pressure is being put on media to not publish anything critical of vaccines — by the govt, pharma sponsors, and their medical contacts. Mass media mainly regurgitates positive spin about vaccines.

        From a 2005 article called “Drug Test” in the Columbia Journalism Review about covering the story of thimerosal in vaccines (which is not related to Dr. Wakefield’s work on the MMR):
        “A reporter for a major media outlet, who did not want to be identified for fear of retribution, told me that covering the thimerosal controversy had been nearly “career-ending” and described butting heads with superiors who believed that the reporter’s coverage – in treating the issue as a two-sided debate – legitimized a crackpot theory and risked influencing parents to stop vaccinating their children or to seek out experimental treatments for their autistic sons and daughters. The reporter has decided against pursuing stories on thimerosal, at least for the time being. “For some reason giving any sort of credence to the side that says there’s a legitimate question here – I don’t know how it becomes this untouchable story, I mean that’s what we do, so I don’t understand why this story is more touchy than any story I’ve ever done.””

        And I can no longer find that article on the CJR web site, only reprinted on the Adventures in Autism site.

        Dr. Thompson has had ten years to speak for himself, and he’s been in communication with Brian Hooker for ten months. He’s not Wakefield’s victim – he could have spoken out on his own terms any time.

        It’s bad enough that mainstream media keeps making Dr. Wakefield the scapegoat for all vaccine concerns. Now some people want to make him the scapegoat for mainstream media not covering vaccine problems?


  9. Because the vaccine companies didn’t want them to notice it. Wakefield has nothing to do with it. if he had never been mentioned, tomorrow we’d be waking up to worldwide stories about how Dr. Thompson has been mentally ill for the past fifteen years, and no study he was involved with might be relied upon. Or how he had a personal vendetta against Frank De Stefano. The facts are there, and easy for anyone to ascertain, unless their Pavlovian training has been so effective that they’re enslaved for life to their false world view.


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