#CDCWhistlerBlower Stuff, Things and To Do List

I have to admit, I am having a bad day… drifting to the dark place… Need a break. Need to run away. Sick of my computer… But I logged onto Twitter anyway for a little glance and the universe throws me a little something to feed my soul and help me to drive on.


*BAM* back in the right spot in my head, just like that.
If we do have super heroes in the world today, it’s “Anonymous”.

I am hyper agitated today… so is my ASD son. Sometimes we have bad sensory days on the same day –just imagine the fun.
He’s been melting down over a video game issue for two weeks now. Found the game. Bought it. Won’t work on his computer. Tried the back up disk, trying all their suggestions…  Nothing is working. He has bad OCD, he remembers the game from ten years ago. He remembers he didn’t finish a couple levels. It’s making my life hell.

Sometimes we talk about future careers for kids with autism.  Gavin is so severe that I don’t see that ever happening.  But sometimes…. sometimes I KNOW Gavin would be a stellar Gitmo interrogator.  I am fucking serious. He breaks me at times. He breaks me. I’m not the only autism mom who’s said this of their kiddo. Just put Gavin in a room with a suspect and tell him that THAT MAN is the reason he can’t play Bleeposaurs: Dragonfire.


So anyway… all this to say I’ve fallen a little behind. I was going to make a blog post with a link to all the current “calls to action” and just hadn’t got around to it yet.  But Hey! Autism Media Channel made a video! SO… there you go! Watch the video and do everything they tell you to do. The video is at the end of this post.

I’m working on my letter to Rep. Posey, which I will be CC’ing to my Rep. (and then calling him in a couple days to follow up). I will be doing a short 10 second video for the #HearThisWell thing as well as a longer video, a special dedication for Ms. Cohen.
I am still willing to take stories for my vax injury collection –but the Hear This Well campaign emerged and that is taking off lovely. If you still want to do it, let me know. I think you should at the least make the video for #hearthiswell and then submit a story to me if you have the time/desire. But the videos are more important right now. DO THAT.

1. Make your video. Go “LIKE” their FB page –the email to send the video to is hearthiswellvideos@gmail.com –send as an attachment.
2. Send your letter to Posey –email it to: pcarroll@healthchoice.org
3. Send a letter to your Rep. Find them here.
4. Sign the petition.
5. Go watch and share the #HearThisWell videos.

6. Here is a nice page to share that sums things up so far –the Press Release from William Thompson, the other emails released, the “I’m sorry” text to Dr. Wakefield, etc.

7. Nice write up from Breitbart, here.

What is clear and indisputable, however, is that a respected CDC researcher has alleged that the agency intentionally withheld important data from a critical study and then cited that study in testimony to Congress.

Keep that in mind, those of you who want to argue over the vaccine issue (trolls) or not report on this at all (Useless Lamestream Media), A top CDC scientist admitted to fraud. Admitted to withholding statistically significant data from a study and his co-author, who knew about the fraud, went on to perjure herself in hearings before congress.

8. Read this! Human Fetal DNA fragments in vaccines possible cause for autism.

9. Read this! Who Owns the Science.

10.  Lastly –and absolutely fucking least… Check out this shit from Paul Offit, that jagoff. The article itself is great, but be sure to check out the vomit from Dr. Aul Proffit, himself.
I’ll close by saying it is my opinion that he is one of the absolute worst human beings to ever grace the face of the earth.

Here is the video you need to watch:


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