Oh, lover… why did I stay away so long.

I seriously needed the “D”… 😉 Vitamin D! You perves!


I skipped the beach all summer. I don’t know why… well, I know why. It was a summer of turmoil and I won’t bore you with it all now.  Too, the beach can be stressful when you are one person having to keep your eyes on two kids who insist on floating off in two separate directions.

But THIS… the beach… this is why I MOVED here.


This is me sitting back using my zoom lens to take a photo because instead of walking the shore like a guard, I decided to sit my ass down in a chair and relax.

I should clarify that “relax” for an autism mom doesn’t involve reading a book or closing my eyes while soaking up the sun. It still means eyes on my kid at all times. But the great thing about the Gulf is how shallow and calm it is. I don’t need to be 2 seconds away… I can be 30 seconds away. There is freedom in those 28 seconds.

I said a few months ago that I was going to start ignoring autism and just get my damn life –in spite of it. Of course, I knew that would be easier said than done… but we’re working on it.

And our day wasn’t without its moments… my youngest declares loudly and often that he hates the beach. I had to tell him to quit whining a couple times and Gavin had to be corrected on appropriate behavior several times…

But I got my dose of Vit D for the day, put a little color back in my fading skin, soaked up the salt (and whatever else lurks in the gulf these days 😉 ) and feel a little recharged for it.  It makes a broke ass autism mom nervous to spend $15 in gas and parking for a day off… but fuck it. Live on the edge.


Worth it for that smile.

Worth it for this level of agitation to my youngest who needs an attitude adjustment sometimes 😉


Get your life. Fight for it. Fight.


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