Hey there, Billy.

Can I call you Billy? I think we’re there.
It’s been four weeks now, since we’ve learned of you and what you did. Still, Snopes says the story of you is FALSE! Imagine that! What’s a guy have to do to get the truth out there and start saving lives, am I right?

What was it you said? That the info is out there now and people can see it and the truth will come out or some shit like that. Still waiting…

How many pregnant women got mercury laden flu shots since this, hmm? What was that you said? You would never give your wife a vaccine that causes tics? I bet there are a lot of people who would feel that way if they only knew… But getting this info out there isn’t easy.
I shared this video on twitter with some “Mom” blogs and each post was attacked by trolls, who quoted Snopes. (Those idiots, again!)

I wonder how many kids got the MMR shot since my LAST letter to you. I wonder how many of them will be pushed into autism because of that.  Did you see this study, Billy? The one that shows a significant correlation between autism and MMR, Varicella and Hep A vaccines?

“Further, linear regression revealed that
Varicella and Hepatitis A immunization coverage was
significantly correlated to autistic disorder cases.”
It’s a funny thing… that still no one is listening or reporting it. Seems like your 14 years of secrets have done a real fine job of keeping people stupid. Fourteen years of people citing your studies that say MMR is not linked to autism are hard to erase.
I mean really… what’s a guy got to do!

Hey… did you see that NOVA PBS bull shit last week! OMG here you are, trying to tell people that vaccines are probably not all that safe after all, right? And then this:


Maybe you don’t have a camera. I have one. It’s pretty nice… HD Canon… Come on down to Fort Myers. Take a little vacation. The beach is lovely. Sanibel? OMG, have you ever been? Relax. Regroup… and I will shoot the video for you. Also, my youngest son… the unvaccinated one –he’s ten, and he’s absolutely brill at video editing. He’ll do you up real nice… smooth out any worry lines on your face –that kind of shit. It’s amazing how much that kid knows, you know?

I’ve forgotten what typically developing kids are supposed to be able to accomplish without having had neurotoxins and human DNA fragments and carcinogens and other unsavory crap injected into their tiny developing bodies! That kid could speak in 4-5 word sentences at age 2!! He passed Kindergarten readiness tests by 2 and a half! CRAZY right! Ah shit…

His 18 year old, fully vaccinated brother can’t even do that.

Until next time, Billy… sleep well.
Yours in seeking truth and justice and health,

 “He admits it took too long, to admit that he was wrong…”

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