So, it’s like that, Billy?


While I am happy about this new video released today, there is something about it that pisses me off a bit, friend.

On one hand we hear you say how you are being asked to lie. Great. Super. Thanks. But… what I hear is, ‘I’m not going to come completely clean, out loud, unless I am sitting in front of congress, under oath.’

“If it comes through legitimate channels and I’m forced to answer questions, I’m not going to lie. I’ve stopped lying” –William Thompson.

No, you really haven’t stopped lying. Your silence is a lie. GET. IN. FRONT. OF. A. CAMERA. Call CNN. Set it up. Make it happen. How many more kids were injured today? Yesterday? How many more tomorrow? Your failure to act is getting really fucking old, Billy.

If I had more than $40 in my bank account I’d be on my way to your house to set up a tent in your front yard. So I guess you are lucky that my son’s brain damage from his vaccines has resulted in our poverty.  But know this, I don’t think it would take much effort on my part to arrange a protest at your house and at the CDC. There are plenty of parents as pissed off as me in Atlanta.
You lonely, Billy? You want some company? I don’t know where you live but I bet I can get Anonymous to publish your dox.

Congressional hearings would be great, but we’ve been having congressional hearings on vaccines and autism since 2000 and not a damn thing has come of them.  The public isn’t going to listen until you get on camera and speak the WHOLE truth. Quit fucking around with the health of our Nation’s children.


4 thoughts on “So, it’s like that, Billy?”

  1. They have done this, and it’s only the start of something bigger, now they are fooling around with Ebola virus, they won’t shut the borders down, they are going to put any body in there FEMA camps around the states! These vaccinates have going on since the 1950 and we rolled our sleeves up to take there vaccinates thinking they were good for us! Dam don’t the shit come back and bite us in our ass! Shit happens when ya party naked!!!!! AMEN and have a Blessed Day!


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