Mostly Illogical, Often Ironic.

I was almost run over and off the road today by a dualie with a “choose life” license plate.

Made me think of posts like this from the Anti-anti-vaccine crowd.
evil troll

These are the people who claim to be pro-health, pro-vaccine for the good of the herd. They care. They really do. *eye roll*
Yet, they often tell us that they hope our kids DIE.

They’ve really said that. Wished death. Upon children.
And they hate all the unvaccinated children. They don’t care that there is a history of vaccine injury in my family. I should vaccinate my youngest anyway, according to them.  Let the chips fall where they may –for the good of the herd.

They operate under the idea that vaccines are effective.  Ha…. *ahhhh*
They touch themselves while moaning out words like “Herd Immunity” –forgetting that the concept of herd immunity includes protecting those whose cannot get vaccinated because the risk of injury from vaccination would be too great.
Plus, “Herd Immunity” is a myth anyway, so there’s that.

To them I present my 10 year old’s vaccine record along with a loud and proud “Go Fuck Your Mother”

Yep, he got the pox. And didn’t DIE! As a matter of fact, he cleared them in TWO DAYS. My fully vaccinated/vaccine injured son had them on his body for weeks AND for YEARS after when he’d get upset and cry, they scars would light up bring red.
In 2009, when my youngest was 5, we were living in Baton Rouge. Right when the man bear pig flu came through.  My fully vaccinated son, and my fully vaccinated self, were sick in bed for 8 days. My unvaccinated YOUNG son, was sick for two days.  Thank the dogs he was there to take care of us.
When he gets an illness with fever, he kicks it in 12 hours.
Ain’t it funny how well an unadulterated immune system works?

Anecdotal? You betcha.
The thing is… there are a LOT of moms like me, with unvaccinated kids like him, with the same story. And those of you who pound on your chest while screaming and spitting out the words “SCIENTIFIC METHOD” seem to have forgotten that observations, certainly an overwhelming number of similar observations , deserve study. So why can’t we get our unvaccinated vs. vaccinated study looking at autism, allergies and other illnesses? Hmmm?
(I think you’re foolish to think it hasn’t been done. It would quiet the masses, no? I think it was done. I think it showed that unvaccinated kids are healthier with less autism. And I think they buried it. Maybe our CDC Whistle Blower would know something about that, hm?)Where is the part about omitting statistically significant data?? LOLZ

^^Hey, Where’s the part about omitting statistically significant data?? LOLZ

But I digress, as usual…

Back to the trolls who want to save children, but wish death to children…


These same trolls came out of the woodwork to get Chili’s to cancel an event that was going to raise funds to help prevent wandering deaths in autistic children. Right before summer. A summer that claimed at least 20 autistic kids to drowning. I stopped counting after a while. It’s too fucking depressing.

Today, they got State Farm to dump Rob Schneider because he believes that parents have the right to refuse pharmaceuticals that they believe pose more risk than benefit to their child.

Rob, welcome to our world. You’ve bled with us now. We loved you before, but now you are kin.

So who are these trolls?

Here’s an observation for you.
When I am in public, roaming all over this lovely country, I am always questioned about my child.
Stranger: “Does he have… autism?”
Me: “Yes.”
Stranger: “My (fill in the blank younger relative) does too. I think it was the vaccines, do you?”

Yes. It really happens that way.
Or it goes down like this:
Stranger: “My (fill in the blank younger relative) does too.”
Me: “Yeah, so RARE, right? It’s the vaccines.”
Stranger: “I think so, too.”

Me: “Yeah, so RARE, right? It’s the vaccines.”
Stranger: “Really?”
Me: “Yes. Autism is not ONE THING. It’s a collection of symptoms that, in and of themselves, can be vaccine injuries. If you have enough of the symptoms you win the diagnosis. We are injecting kids with neurotoxins and DNA and substances that excite their immature immune systems. It’s not a stretch, it’s biologically plausible and there are lots of studies that support the link. Look into it for yourself.”
Stranger: “I will”

NEVER ONCE have I met one of these trolls in person.
NEVER ONCE has someone said to me, “You are so full of shit, you science denier!! I hope your kid gets measles and DIES.”

Probably because these people aren’t “real”
They are working a job.
And if you too have aspirations to kill off the human species, you can join them.


7 thoughts on “Mostly Illogical, Often Ironic.”

  1. Friday at the farmers market, I was talking to a lady selling (gorgeous) homemade jewelry. We got to talking about health (her husband has an autoimmune disease) and I mentioned the boys having autism. She said, and I quote, “did you have them vaccinated?” Yep….everywhere!!! Needless to say, we chatted for a bit. She mentioned a couple things I hadn’t ever heard of (treatment wise, including for mito).

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Just vaccinate your kids. We just don’t know how to wake people up like you from your trance of wilful ignorance. I wish your children well either way, as I do you.


    1. “Just vaccinate your kids.” Did you miss the part where I DID vaccine the oldest and he suffered brain damage?
      My kids are genetically susceptible to vaccine damage, likely due to MTHFR gene mutations.
      Who is ignorant, honey? You are. I wish you knowledge. Seek it.


    2. Amazing. Did you read this at all? Why should we pay ANY attention to you or your points when it is so obvious you’re not giving us the same courtesy? I can tell you now that if a study was done on the amount of actual research the average vaxing vs. non-vaxing parent does, the non-vaxing parent’s would win 90+% of the time. I’d say that if anyone here could be accused of willful ignorance, it’s you Nellynoos.


  3. LMAO!!!! The trolls face!! I’m so far gone I don’t care what they think. I was told that I should have my kids taken from me and they hoped my kids would get some horrible disease….by an effing 21 year old, childless waste of flesh. I tried to help her understand how ignorant she was but, like pigs trampling on pearls, they like to eat their own shit too much to see the truth. So I think like Marie Antoinette in this particular area and “Let them eat cake!”


  4. Great article. Btw, that comment wishing harm on kids by that Matthew guy was a comment directed at me on a thread about State Farm dumping Rob Schneider.


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