Diet. And Stuff. I can’t think of a title for this one…

You choose your battles, right?

I would NEVER have bet on my autistic child being my good eater –not over my “Neuro Typical” child. But that’s the case.  Gavin was the typical autistic child back in the day. He ate gummy bears, Oreos and McDonald’s french fries, and that was it.  He went a whole year where he wouldn’t eat much at all and only drank GMO SOY baby formula with GMO chocolate syrup in it. YES. I know. Yes. I wish I could go back in time and kick my own ass.

Back then, people –including DOCTORS, told us not to try special diets.  “That autism diet is too restrictive. And it’s expensive. And it’s not proven. Don’t bother.” YES. Medical Doctors said this. Yes. I wish I could go back in time and kick their asses. (Shit, they still say it, I don’t need a time machine.)

Really think about this.
“Doctor, my child only eats oreos and fries and candy. I am going to try to put him on a paleo diet free of processed foods and soy, gluten and casein.”
“OMG! Why would you do that? It’s expensive and restrictive. Child abuse, even! Why would you want to feed your kid fruits and veggies and organic meats over oreos, candy and McDonld’s fries! Nonsense!”


I read an article a while back that said it’s dangerous to remove processed grains because they are fortified with vitamins and kids won’t get all their nutrition. These same people say vitamins are no good. Ponder that. Don’t make me spell it out for you. OK, I will. The “nutrients” in fortified foods… ARE VITAMINS.
Consider this too, MTHFR mutations are errrrywhere now and these peeps can’t process the cheap forms of VITAMINS that are added to grains. The natural, broken down forms of these nutrients that we need are found in PLANTS. Skip the grains. Eat some plants.


Before I go any further let me say, special diets don’t have to be  expensive. It’s not expensive to cut out processed food, milk, soy and gluten. Just DON’T BUY THE EXPENSIVE GF REPLACEMENT FOODS.

When I realized the words coming out of the doctor’s mouths were insane, I ignored them and gave it a go. I took away milk and soy and my son’s eczema went away and within a week he was eating chicken salads and drinking water. That quick.

That was easy.
That was easy.

Back to my youngest.
He’s a wicked picky eater.
And I suppose I live under this foolish notion that I should be able to rationalize healthy eating to him.
“Just eat it!”
Why doesn’t that work?

He’s ten now. Why doesn’t he listen to me??!!
Gavin will try almost everything. I’ve made so many paleo and keto recipes and he digs in. Most of the time he likes it and eats it.
Lemmy? “EW. NO. Just give me apple slices.”


You choose your battles.
I found it easier to just buy the youngest GF replacement foods than to force him to try anything new. I have enough of a war on my hands with Gavin’s issues, right? Choose your battles.


But, that’s no excuse to bend for the problematic, demanding, picky child.
His health matters, too!
The Lemster has a homozygous mutation of his MTHFR 677 gene. He has hetrozygous COMT and CBS mutations. He has the MAO mutation.  (By the way… when you read how those genes interact on behaviors and frustration levels, I am convinced that I have found the “asshole” gene, and we all have it in this house… it’s like three angry girls all on their period at once. 😉 )
The young one NEEDS TO EAT PERFECTLY. He’s only methylating at 40%. He is NOT getting the nutrition he needs to thrive.

And guess what happens when you cave to the demanding child?
Suddenly the “special diet” becomes expensive.
Lemerdinski was at his dad’s all summer. Gavin and I got in a nice paleo/keto groove this summer. I lost 20 pounds. Food was cheap because, even though “healthy” food costs more, you eat WAY less. Fat satiates.  We ate one meal a day. Lemon (kid has a lot of nicknames) comes back and I cave and over spent and found us out of money by mid month.



I went into cheap paleo mode. –And let me say. If you don’t have health issues and genetic mutations, most of you can THRIVE healthy on cheap paleo mode. But a lot of us can’t.
And this is where I clash with even some of my bestest friends who insist grains are OK, and Legumes are OK.

I just can’t eat that shit.
I started eating cheap. Rice and beans.
How else do you stretch the coins in your couch cushions?
It didn’t take long for me to tank, big time.
I gained 5 pounds back, that I know of. I refuse to get on the scale.
It will be too depressing.

My inflammation came raging back.
I had an RA flare in my hands so bad the other day that I couldn’t even run a pick thru my hair.
I feel jumpy. Crawling out of my skin.

Kinda like this.
Kinda like this.

I can’t focus.
Gavin has an important doctor’s appt and I am trying to put together an info packet for his new doc before we go, and I couldn’t make sense of anything I was hearing or reading. How can I convince his new doctor what he needs when I can’t put the information together in a coherent fashion?

I wish I could eat Vegan.
I really do. I’m a bunny hugger.
I wish I could eat regular Paleo and enjoy wild rice and quinoa… oh how I miss quinoa…. but I can’t.

But let’s not forget that everyone is different.
Right down to our cells.

Find the diet that works for you and find a way to make it work.
We don’t have to be sick.
And don’t try to convince your friends that they can/should eat a certain way… I mean… unless they are eating the standard american diet. THEN you can judge them and tell them to stop that shit.
Vegan works for some.
Vegetarian works for some.
Macrobiotic. Paleo. Keto. Primal.  Whatever.

Just Eat Real Food.
Local/Organic is best.
Humane Meat is best. (Organic. Pastured. Grass Fed. No Preservatives).
Do YOUR best on a diet that works FOR YOU.

And stop eating Toxic Waste.

–Unless you are an asshole that works for the CDC and pushes vaccines, then please, eat shit and die.



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