Just where would you like our disabled to go?

Remember the story from a couple years ago about the autistic kid who got the cops called on him for EWB in front of a public library? –Existing While Black.
Some twatrocket found a black person at a library a little more than her small pea brain could handle, add to that he was acting “weird”. She called the cops.

Ah yes! EWB&A. Fuck.
The cops showed up. This young man (19-20 at the time), has an IQ of 69.  He has autism. He was confused. He hadn’t done anything wrong. He fought back against the cops. They gave him a beat down… and he’s been in jail ever since. I had no idea.

Jail is no place for someone with autism and an IQ of 69.
He’s spent most of his time in solitary.

I cannot go back to facebook and find the link for you. I refuse to even google. Not now. Not today. My news feed is full of stories that make me want to go postal.

Friends who made the impossible decision to put their child in a facility outside the home… only to be told no one wants to pay for it now.

Friends still looking for a facility to put their kid in… but wait lists are long, homes and hospitals are full.

Acquaintances whose child was moved out of a proper facility to save the state money, into inadequate care, and now THAT child is in jail.

These are kids who cannot be in the home. They can’t be in jail either.

While some of you sit around telling me that autism is a gift and a blessing and helps you to write better! Or helps you to figure out complicated science. Or helps you draw nice pictures. Or makes you millions from your comedy and TV shows (FUJS). Or is a beautiful gift from God, b/c God won’t give you more than you can handle…
While you are all doing that giant circle jerk of fucking ignorance…

Kids with REAL autism are suffering.
In prison. In their own homes.
Because they can’t see it and it isn’t their problem.

Where is the Autism Self Advocacy group on these issues?
Where is Ari N’can’tstoptouchingmyself long enough to give a fuck on this issue?
Those useless, no… harmful, fuckers don’t want to admit that autism ain’t fucking AWEsome for the vast majority.

Here in Florida and new scholarship was begun for kids with specific special needs, whose parents chose to homeschool. Gavin “got” $10K –well… he didn’t get it yet, it’s still tied up. I’ll be able to get him curriculum and assistive  tech with that money that *I* chose for him –because parents know best and schools are lacking.
This is the first year for this program and already people are crying and screaming out to end it. I guess “it’s not fair”. Yeah. Fuck my kid.
Most of the people bitching are republicans who support school vouchers… Um.. OK… So… better education for their kids, but not poor kids and not disabled kids.

I’m starting to think that most of you would like Hitler to come back from the grave (or South America if the rumors are true) and fire up the ovens. Either actively, or passively by your ignorance and apathy.
Why are so many of you OK with treating the poor and disabled worse than dogs?

No funny pictures today. No music video ending. I’m too pissed off.


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