Keto Sausage Gravy. GFCFSF

I just had a religious experience… so much so I am writing this blog post as I stand in my kitchen because I can’t wait to share it with you.


I first learned of sausage gravy when I moved south to Fort Polk, Louisiana back in my Army days. I was pretty sure that sausage gravy was the reason I had to run 5 miles a day and spend an hour lifting in the gym just to stay “fat”.  Little did I know it was the biscuits and sugar and grains…. But even still, traditional gravy has dairy and wheat.

I posted on Facebook yesterday about wanting to find a clean version and my friend Heather posted a link to my favorite food blogger’s website. Of course, Maria, over at Keto Adapted would have the answer. If you don’t follow her, you are missing out.

Now, as usual, nothing goes to plan in my kitchen. For coconut cream I buy a can of coconut milk that is not blended… if you shake it in the store and don’t hear the sound of liquid sloshing around, that is what you want. It’s separated… coconut “water” on the bottom and the solid cream is on top.

The can I bought didn’t make a noise, but wasn’t completely separated. So I made some adjustments. First, I had bought a full pound of sausage (hot, I love me some heat). That all went in the pan. Upon discovery of the coconut milk, I ended up just pouring the whole can in, and as such, only used 1/4 cup of chicken broth. Also, it seemed to be taking a long time to thicken b/c of the extra liquid, and I happened to have about two tablespoons of Dayia “cream cheese” left, so I threw that in as well. Still, it was taking too long to thicken, So I added about two tablespoons of almond flour. Toss in a ton of pepper and salt, and a nice heap of Adobo… #BecauseAdobo duh…
and simmer until thick. I made sure to put extra coconut oil all over everything on my plate to boost the fat/protein ratio, too.


I skipped the biscuits this time because I didn’t want the extra carbs (er… because I may have drank a hard cider already today 😉 )
And hot damn.

Next time I make it, I’m going to follow Maria’s directions exactly, except split a pound of sausage to cut back on the protein a little more. I’m extra sensitive… too much protein and my weight loss halts.

Anyway, it’s Sunday… go with God… and God be some keto sausage gravy. 😉

I think this song is appropriate

It’s the adjuvants, stupid.

Someone replied to a comment of mine yesterday with this little ditty, trying to tell me that a decrease in vaccine complexity came before the increase in autism.


About a year ago some troll tried to engage me on the same issue. I ignored it at the time.

This isn’t a long blog post today… it’s a treat. Food for thought.

This isn’t about the “complexity”. This isn’t about antigens.
This is about the toxic adjuvants and preservatives in the vaccines. The ACTUAL neurotoxins.
And the DNA fragments.

Please. Do some research on your own.



A poem about Measles.

Yep, finally at this point…

Just saw another story about suing the unvaxxed.
Friend asked, “When did Americans become such pussies [over measles]?” and I replied, “When their Pharma overlords told them to be.”
Afraid of measles?
you’re an asshole who has never heard of Vit A and proper nutrition –WAIT! I take that back!
YOU morons SHOULD fear measles.
Consider most of these parents who fear the unvax’d think proper nutrition is a fucking HOT POCKET and a Flintstones vitamin.

How about I SUE you for feeding your children SHIT and allowing their immune systems to be so weakened by that toxic waste you call food that they are able to succumb to measles?
The body is a temple.

Be a parent.
You think pharma is an easy button to replace parenting.
Put the kid in front of the TV and Xbox –slip them some Ritalin.
Let them eat shit –give them a vaccine.


*drops mic*

Shut Up and Drink Your Vitamin Water

Amen. Really.

Levi Quackenboss

vitwaterSomeone floated a question the other day, asking what the deal was with this polarizing vaccination fight and whether we could ever expect parents to come to a middle ground on the issue. My answer, although the question wasn’t asked of me, is probably not. The world is so connected, information of all kinds so immediate, and we’re too controlled by the government and its inbred sisters Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Sanofi, for things to be any different than they are right now. Our government doesn’t have to propagandize to achieve its goals anymore because the general public does it for them.

In 1991— the year that Bill Clinton announced his candidacy for president, to put into perspective how not very long ago 1991 was—the CDC counted 27,786 cases of measles. The vast majority of you reading these words were in elementary through college that year. Now, tell me…

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Long time,Billy… another open letter.

So here it is, another open letter to top CDC Scientist, William Thompson.

Hey, Billy.

How’s it going? Keeping busy?
It seems that perhaps you have been.
You want to know what I heard today? I heard this:

“It has been confirmed by reliable sources that #CDCwhistleblower, Senior Vaccine Safety Research scientist Dr. William Thompson with the CDC has now been granted official whistleblower status and full government immunity for disclosing what he shared with Brian Hooker, PhD on the CDC’s knowledge of the link between the MMR vaccine and autism.”

Now, tomorrow, I plan on contacting Posey’s office and ask about an update on all this –the documents that were turned over, and congressional hearings. I am going to write to my congressman. too.  I want to see hearings, soon.

Do the right thing, Billy.
I mean… have you been watching the news lately?
People still think that the MMR is safe and effective!! I know, I know!! Crazy right? There is one dad who wants all unvaccinated kids kicked out of his son’s school. Some people have called for mom’s like me to be thrown in jail! Or to lose my kids! Or to sue me!!
Sue me. That is always my favorite!! As a single autism mom, the only thing I own is debt!

–There was even a call for marking the unvax’d. Yep. Special bracelets… or… was it yellow stars? Hm. The herd mentality is alive and well, the Nazis would be proud.

Oh, I am sure you know how it goes. Let’s face it, I’m a little jaded. You’ll get up in front of congress and tell the truth and the pharma machine will tear you to pieces…  They’ll paint you as crazy or disgruntled… You’ll never work in your field again –but really, considering that so many doctors who are actually trying to help our kids have walked that path before you, take comfort in knowing you are not alone and that it is your turn. But we need you, we need you to be heard. Your words, one more drop in the bucket that’s about to run over.
Our tipping point, Billy.

Make sure they hear you.
The vaccine link question has NOT been answered yet.
The safety of this vaccine for all is not known.
And that it’s time to start finding the kids who are susceptible.
And that until then, some common sense in the vaccine schedule is needed.
And, FFS, measles isn’t deadly! Can you remind people that? I mean… if I had a wish list, that’s on it.

Come clean Billy, and I’ll be the first to chip in a couple bucks to your legal team.

A song to pump you up. They can’t hold us now, baby!