Shut Up and Drink Your Vitamin Water

Amen. Really.

Levi Quackenboss

vitwaterSomeone floated a question the other day, asking what the deal was with this polarizing vaccination fight and whether we could ever expect parents to come to a middle ground on the issue. My answer, although the question wasn’t asked of me, is probably not. The world is so connected, information of all kinds so immediate, and we’re too controlled by the government and its inbred sisters Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Sanofi, for things to be any different than they are right now. Our government doesn’t have to propagandize to achieve its goals anymore because the general public does it for them.

In 1991— the year that Bill Clinton announced his candidacy for president, to put into perspective how not very long ago 1991 was—the CDC counted 27,786 cases of measles. The vast majority of you reading these words were in elementary through college that year. Now, tell me…

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One thought on “Shut Up and Drink Your Vitamin Water”

  1. You rock! You are so right, too. I was in college during that horrid Measles Epidemic of 1991 — you know, the one where we all rushed out to get our boosters and panicked about the mere thought of unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children spreading the dread illness to us! 😉


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