Autism and Noni Juice. An anti-inflammatory and so much more.

We’re back on the juice –the noni juice. Specifically Morinda’s Tahitian Noni juice.
Noni is a great antioxidant, and it’s packed with iridoids that help your body tackle free radicals, A.G.E.s and it’s a great anti-inflammatory. And Morinda’s juice is the best.

Let me tell you our personal testimonies.
I first started hitting the juice many years ago when my chiropractor recommended it to me. At that point in time I was a mess –I was  popping Motrin on a daily basis for one pain or another. I started drinking the juice, one ounce a day, and my autistic son was drinking it too; it’s what I mixed all his supplement in because, at the time, he couldn’t swallow pills. It was an acquired taste because noni fruit is bitter. Morinda does a great job of mixing it with other fruits to make it yummy (and raise the iridoid content at the same time). At this point, I love the taste of it. My more picky, youngest son will drink it straight too, and he hates everything 😉

I had originally typed out the long version of our stories, but it was too long, I can go into great detail for anyone who wants to hear it, but for today:

1.  I injured my ankle, badly. It was a horrible ligament tear. I was hobbling around with an air cast and crutches and swallowing handfuls of Motrin. Then I started the juice and within a couple days my ankle was better. I didn’t even attribute it to the juice at the time. Until I stopped drinking it for a 4 day road trip because I didn’t want to be bothered with a cooler. By day 4 I was regretting that choice when my ankle swelled back up. I was going insane with pain. I drank some juice when I got home and by the next day my ankle was fine again. Noni is anti-inflammatory. It’s an adaptogen, actually… the bioactives in noni help your body to function at its best, thus allowing your body to fix itself. Iridoids are the compounds in plants that help plants heal from injury and disease –and they work the same in humans.

2. Sorry for the TMI, but those of you living with menstrual pain will appreciate the information. The pain I had was life altering –I’d miss school, work, and fantasize about shooting myself in the stomach because I was sure that would somehow make it hurt less 😉 I would take amounts of Motrin that will blow your mind. I had 800 mg pills. I would pop 3 at a time, 4 times or more a day. Yes, that is 10,000 mg of Motrin. After starting to drink Tahitian Noni Juice, that pain was gone.

And I realized that day, that since I started taking Noni, I hadn’t taken a single Motrin. And that continues as long as I stay on the juice.

I tried other brands, one of the problems with other brands –most use a powdered concentrate base. Morinda’s is from fresh puree from Tahiti. It’s better for you. It tastes better, too! And the effects I got from other brands didn’t match it.

3. I naturally lowered my bad cholesterol and fixed my ratio. My doctor was trying to push statins because my cholesterol was 240 and my ratio was bad. I asked her to give me two months on the juice and then we’d test again. I didn’t even wait the two months. I went for blood work at the end of week 6 and my number was down to 200 and my ratio was perfect.

4. My autistic son also saw benefits from the juice. When he’s drinking it, he seems calmer, happier. His skin is clearer. And there are times when he is more verbal in a useful way, like putting together novel phrases!! He has me make Noni popsicles with the juice, he loves it that much. When our latest shipment came I had to repeat over and over that we only drink 2 ounces a day, otherwise, he’d down a bottle in one gulp. You can safely drink as much as you want, but I am budgeting here! We saw benefits on ONE OUNCE a day –looking forward to seeing if there are more benefits with two ounces.

The Original Morinda Tahitian Noni Juice

Now, we are partial to good ol’ classic Tahitian Noni Juice –but they’ve since added Max and Extra. I have not tried Max yet, that is my next order –I’m sure we’ll love it because we love cherry and cranberry. I have tried Extra before, it too has Olive leaf extract and it’s not my favorite taste –nor was it Gavin’s, but I know Olive Leaf has amazing benefits, so we mixed it with grape juice. Extra and Max are worth taking, because they are packed with even more iridoids than original. Max has double, in fact (there is olive leaf in Max, too).

I recommend just starting with Max. It has the highest Iridoid content. I get the original to keep Gavin happy because he loves it. I will let you know how it goes when I switch him to Max. Max does cost a little more, but 1 ounce of Max has the same benefits as 2 ozs of Original.

I had to stop many of the supplements I give my autistic child. He is an over methylator and most make him worse.  More agitated, more aggressive, more OCD.. The noni never did.
We were not buying Noni for a while because money is always wicked tight and I am trying to save to get Gavin Neurofeedback and a million other reasons why, right?  Well after not having it for a really long time, Gavin ASKED for it. “Original Noni Juice, Please!” Hell yeah, kiddo!

The other thing that put me back on the juice was remembering an article I read years ago from a doctor who treated kids like mine and said that if antioxidants were not made a part of the daily routine, these kids just continue to decline as they get older. That kids who never were really intellectually impaired while younger, started presenting as if they were by their late 20s and early 30s. Noni packs an incredible antioxidant punch. –Just google inflammation and autism and you’ll be reading for days.

Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatories are incredibly important in kids with autism. Recently, a friend’s autistic child asked for a motrin because it helped his brain. We know these kids have inflammation and oxidative stress, and it’s my personal opinion and experience that noni is one of the BEST, most NATURAL ways to address this. In the past we did 1 ounce a day. Which equals about $1 a day per person. Now we are doing 2 ounces a day, at this point because I feel our issues warrant a little bump 🙂

I know this is getting long, and I have so much more to tell you, but if you are getting bored, jump down to the video at the end where some of the benefits of noni are discussed and check out my page and the TruAge page for a video about A.G.E.s and then you can enter to win a free trip. *I* am the one who gets your contact info if you do, you’ll only be contacted by me and I am not pushy. If you are interested in hearing a little more, keep reading, contact me and we can talk.

Morinda is so much more than juice. They’ve got amazing scientist studying the noni fruit and iridoids and AGEs, there are supplements, a Core TruAge regimen*, skin and hair care too –with new products always in development. I was surprised and impressed when I saw the new website and back office and all they have to offer. I’ve dropped out of some companies because they make changes that negatively impact their sales force and product offering, but what I am seeing at Morinda is all change for the good.

They’ve started a TruAge line that looks at reducing AGEs in your body –Advanced Gylcation End-Products. They even have a scanner that can measure these in your body in under 20 seconds in a noninvasive way. The scanner has been proven to be as effective as a skin biopsy in testing your “AGEs” number. The Noni Max drink was shown to lower the AGEs number by 24% in 4 weeks when people drank just two ounces of juice a day with NO OTHER lifestyle changes. Clinically tested and proven, for those of you who like that sort of thing.

We as autism moms, we need to live forever. We also, always need more money. I’d love for you all to start trying the juice and see what it does for you. Imagine no more headaches, no more cramps, no more swelling, no more Motrin. That is what it does for me. As for money –you all know my struggles, and I NEVER want to go off the Noni again… so I am building my empire!! Er.. team 😉 If you’re interested in making some money, or at least making enough to cover your own noni juice habit, let me know. MLM isn’t a dirty word. Try a product and if you love what it does for you –tell your friends. It’s that easy.

*The TruAge core products contain various ingredients that might be against the special diets of “autism” families. So read the ingredients before buying something like the Sugar Stop or the Rapid Fuel or skin products –but the juice is fine. Just read the ingredients on all the products or ask me for more info.

Part 1 of 3 Dr. Neil Solomon on the reasons to drink Noni (click through and watch all three.)

Dr Neil again talking about a noni study and cancer


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