Excruflex Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Gel Review.

You need this. Now. Just go get it… then come back… I’ll wait…
*taps fingers* *whistles a bit*


Oh, good, you’re back! You’re welcome.
I got the change to try this product and now that I have I will never be without it again.  A friend of mine who tried this posted in our group yesterday that she had some back pain, put this gel on and got instant relief. Instant relief. That sounds awesome –and here I was, with the same product sitting on my desk… waiting for it’s review… AND some wicked awesome arm pain left over from my adventures in treadmill assembly the day before…

“ALL BYYYYY MYYYYYSELF….. don’t wanna be…. putting this together all by myself……”

OK, so the couch helped a little.
And there I was, still left with arm muscle pain even after taking a few doses of Arnica.

So, I grabbed a finger tips full of Excruflex, rubbed it in… and
INSTANT RELIEF. She wasn’t lying!


The ingredient list in this pain relief gel is amazing! First, it’s got 45 Organic & Herbal ingredients.  Essential oils like Ginger, Pink Grapefruit, Juniper, Pine, White Camphor, Capsicum, Black Pepper, Menthol, Helichrysum, Ravensara, Spearmint, Rosemary, Wild Oregano, –it goes on and on.

It’s everything they say it is –non-greasy, warming and cooling, absorbs quickly, long lasting, and I think it smells great –while there is a minty smell of course, it’s not overpowering like other products on the market.

AND, it’s made in the USA, the company is right here in Florida –so your purchase supports the home team and with a money back guarantee, what are you waiting for?

Go get it!

Aviano Botanicals Rosehip and Peppermint oil review.

I’m an oil junkie. An unashamed oil fanatic.
Not sure how I lived my life before I started using essential oils.


I quickly learned too, that there was this mindset that one could only buy and use the really really expensive oils from a certain couple of companies (that shall remain nameless) –and Meow… want to start a cat fight? Tell a rep from the one company that the other company is better 😉

But, I am a girl on a budget. So I started trying other brands. Brands that are much more affordable, while still being 100% pure and organic –and I have been pleased with what I am finding.

One of the brands that I have tried is Aviano Botanicals. I got their Rosehip and Peppermint combo set and I just love it. Their products are affordable and high quality.

First up, the Rosehip Oil. I have very dry skin, what I loved the most about this oil is it quickly absorbed into my skin and didn’t leave it feeling greasy. It’s actually classified as a “dry oil” for this reason.  I put it right on my face and it leaves my skin feeling so smooth. Rosehip oil makes a great carrier oil for other essential oils, too.
It has antioxidants which are a great anti-aging measure and can reduce acne scarring. Read more on it here.

This combo pack also contains peppermint oil and it smells and tastes fantastic.

I put some in my diffuser to freshen up my house –and I put a drop in my tea to flavor it up so it’s not so boring. I had a headache today, put some on my temples and the back of my neck and the headache went away.
There are so many uses for peppermint oil, from pain relief to digestion to anti-microbal and many more.

I got these oils in exchange for my unbiased Amazon review. I wasn’t required to write a blog review. But I did anyway, to share the love!
If you read this blog, you know I tell it how it is. 🙂 So, give Aviano Botanical a try. Start with this set! A retail value of $80 for $22.95 and free shipping!

Here is the product info from their Amazon page:

  • GREAT COMBO PACK FOR HAIR AND SKIN: Two excellent products in one! Pure, organic peppermint essential oil plus organic rosehip seed oil for use as carrier oil. Together they’re a brilliant combination for your face, skin, body and hair and nails.
  • 100% PURE PEPPERMINT OIL FOR HAIR: Oily, dry, thick or thin, peppermint oil mixed with rosehip oil will soon become your go-to solution for stimulating your hair follicles and nourishing your roots for strong, beautiful hair. It will help with thinning hair, hair growth, brittle hair, all the while making your hair look radiant and smell minty fresh!
  • HIGH-QUALITY/THERAPEUTIC GRADE: Our organic combo pack of peppermint oil and rosehip seed oil is harvested from plants at their peak. Just a few drops of the concentrated therapeutic grade peppermint oil is powerful on its own or you can mix it in with our ultra-premium rosehip carrier oil to power-pack it nutrients before applying to your hair, skin, or body to make it glow and scream with joy.
  • BEST PEPPERMINT AROMA: Our peppermint essential oil extract has a distinctly sweet, minty aroma which is one reason why our customers choose us over others. It blends beautifully with our rosehip oil, is safe for kids, excellent for headache sufferers and is wonderful for use as healing massage oil.
  • ROSEHIP – CLEAR COLOR/NO SMELL: 100% pure and organic, our ultra-premium rosehip oil has little to none of the earthy smell you’ll notice with other brands which is hard to disguise. It is non-greasy so it is great to mix with our peppermint oil or other essential oils as a carrier oil or use directly on your skin, hair or body without leaving a sticky or oily residue.

Food (stamps) For Thought

People need to stop judging others. This supposed massive welfare fraud isn’t real. It’s smoke and mirrors, people. What about corporate welfare? And fraudulent, excessive defense spending? Get your heads out of the sand.

Today’s rant brought to you by this post, which is great.
And this post which is shit… wait… never mind… I’m not even going to link to it and give them views. And get past my rant because I suggest a solution at the end.

I got my first job at 14. I joined the Army after High School. I worked two jobs for a while in College (UPS and X-ray tech). I worked. Sales on the side. I worked. Any gig I could get. Photography, retail, etc. And then life with a vaccine injured child got to be too much and now I can’t work. So we get food stamps. And I refuse to feed my child shit just because of it. I buy organic. I buy grassfed meats. It’s a supplemental program anyway. Food stamps are not supposed to buy everything, so consider the extra money we throw in to be covering the “luxury” markup that makes you unable to sleep at night.

And  I am tired of that clown at Natural News bitching about people who buy junk with food stamps and then bitching about people who buy omega 3 rich seafood with food stamps. What does HE find suitable to feed MY family?

Rice, beans and cheese? Guess what asshat, we’re paleo/keto. Gluten, soy, dairy free. etc. We can’t eat that shit. Legumes are a no go. Starches make me sick. The majority of people on foodstamps are the eldery and the disabled and are white… so please Mr. “Health Ranger” –just shut the fuck up. Go back to fighting the real fights in the world.

I coupon –it means that a lot of the time I pay NOTHING for our daily needs like toilet paper, pet supplies, soaps, etc. And I often MAKE a little MONEY couponing. So I have no moral issue with throwing a “luxury” food in my cart on occasion. When my barely verbal vaccine injured son asks for some shrimp or a steak, if I can swing it that week in the budget, you bet your ass I’m buying it.

Let’s make food stamps a point system to give incentives to buy healthier foods. Instead of the avg person getting $29 a week, they get 29 “points”
1. Soda, chips, cookies, cakes, candy, total shit food: 2 points per dollar. This inflates the cost of that crap and makes people less likely to spend on it.
2. Prepackaged foods: 1.5 points –example mac and cheese, hotpockets (still, total shit food, IMO).
3. Meats, cheese, dairy, rice, beans, flours, sugar, oil (baking ingredients): 1 point.
4 Veggies, Fruit: 0.5 points

Would that be so hard?

Have you accepted Tsu as your personal social media platform?

You can join Tsu here.
I will keep this short. I promise. Because I want you to read it all. Because I want you to go sign up today, and leave Facebook behind. Facebook is an abusive boyfriend. Time to walk.

They own your content. You make them money just by posting a photo of your dog. You don’t have to pay for anything, you don’t have to purchase in-game extras… just being there, you are earning for them.

You are a consumer and a consumer votes with their action and inaction. When you continue to use Facebook you are telling them that it is OK by you for them to claim ownership of your content. You are telling Facebook that you will gladly earn them money, while allowing them to take ownership of your content. You are condoning the way they sell your information. Basically you are saying to them, “Nah, not a fan of lube…”

They also tell you what you can see. They delete stories about vaccine choice. They shut down pages without investigating if it’s a real issue or just a troll attack. They delete photos of moms breastfeeding, but do not give two shits about bikini shots… And they play games with page owners for reach because their billions aren’t enough.

Every page owner on Facebook knows the games that you have to play to get your posts out there, to be seen. The easiest way to do that is to PAY them to do it. Or, like I do, I beg my friends on my personal profile to go like and share the crap out of my page. Even when someone chooses to follow me, FB makes it hard for them to see my posts. That is just ONE thing I love about Tsu. On Tsu, that is not the case. If you follow me there, you WILL get my posts in your feed. Period.

You’ve turned the creators of FB into billionaires. What have they given you?


Watch the video at the bottom of this post, it’s short. Really think about it. And come join me on tsu. www.tsu.co/janeknowitall
And then share your page with your friends and get them to come over, too.

It’s like facebook –only much much better… AND…. They give 90% of the ad revenue back to YOU the community of users making the network grow. You are using social media anyway, might as well get paid for it.  Share this blog with your friends, too, because Facebook is blocking posts from and about Tsu –go figure.


There is a ton more I can tell you –but get over there, say Hi, let me know you’re there and I’ll get you started. It’s simple.

Keto Coffee

I can’t get through the day without two mugs of my keto coffee.


You’ve probably heard of bulletproof coffee, that is trademarked and thus my link to the site. This is my version of it…

I use a French Press, because… coffee.
It’s the only way to go. I like it really strong.

So grab a mug, a jar for shaking and go get a French Press.


Inside the jar I add about:
1 Tbls of Organic Unrefined coconut oil –I love the taste of coconut, if you don’t use refined.
1 Tbls of unsalted Kerrygold Grassfed butter.

–Then the optional stuff, I sprinkle in some clove, cinnamon, and a drop or two of Orange Essential oil. (Add Nutmeg to that to make “Pumpkin Spice”) I accidentally put chili powder in once instead of clove and it was a nice surprise 🙂

I use an old coconut oil jar for the mixing. Some people like to use a blender for this –Meh, too much to worry about and clean, it’s possible to shake the jar hard enough to make an emulsion of the oil/butter and coffee. And you DO want to shake it into an emulsion, if you just stir it the oil sits on top and that makes for a greasy first few sips.

Here is what it looks like, everything in the jar:


Next, pour in the coffee…


Find a lid that you can tighten well –otherwise you get a steamy, pressurized surprise when you start to shake it 🙂


Shake it wicked good, it will get hot… so I shake it really fast, swap hands and then eventually grab a dish cloth to wrap around it so that I don’t burn my hands 🙂 You want the coffee to be hot, it helps everything blend better.


After I mix it, then I add about 1/4 cup of coconut milk and give it another shake before throwing it in the mug. Use Organic canned coconut milk, don’t buy that commercial shiz full or preservatives and additives. I suppose you can skip this step, but coconut milk is a good fat when you’re looking to boost your fat intake.


Voila! Drink it while it’s hot. The way I make it has about 30 grams of fat. Use more or less to fit your keto ratio.