Food (stamps) For Thought

People need to stop judging others. This supposed massive welfare fraud isn’t real. It’s smoke and mirrors, people. What about corporate welfare? And fraudulent, excessive defense spending? Get your heads out of the sand.

Today’s rant brought to you by this post, which is great.
And this post which is shit… wait… never mind… I’m not even going to link to it and give them views. And get past my rant because I suggest a solution at the end.

I got my first job at 14. I joined the Army after High School. I worked two jobs for a while in College (UPS and X-ray tech). I worked. Sales on the side. I worked. Any gig I could get. Photography, retail, etc. And then life with a vaccine injured child got to be too much and now I can’t work. So we get food stamps. And I refuse to feed my child shit just because of it. I buy organic. I buy grassfed meats. It’s a supplemental program anyway. Food stamps are not supposed to buy everything, so consider the extra money we throw in to be covering the “luxury” markup that makes you unable to sleep at night.

And  I am tired of that clown at Natural News bitching about people who buy junk with food stamps and then bitching about people who buy omega 3 rich seafood with food stamps. What does HE find suitable to feed MY family?

Rice, beans and cheese? Guess what asshat, we’re paleo/keto. Gluten, soy, dairy free. etc. We can’t eat that shit. Legumes are a no go. Starches make me sick. The majority of people on foodstamps are the eldery and the disabled and are white… so please Mr. “Health Ranger” –just shut the fuck up. Go back to fighting the real fights in the world.

I coupon –it means that a lot of the time I pay NOTHING for our daily needs like toilet paper, pet supplies, soaps, etc. And I often MAKE a little MONEY couponing. So I have no moral issue with throwing a “luxury” food in my cart on occasion. When my barely verbal vaccine injured son asks for some shrimp or a steak, if I can swing it that week in the budget, you bet your ass I’m buying it.

Let’s make food stamps a point system to give incentives to buy healthier foods. Instead of the avg person getting $29 a week, they get 29 “points”
1. Soda, chips, cookies, cakes, candy, total shit food: 2 points per dollar. This inflates the cost of that crap and makes people less likely to spend on it.
2. Prepackaged foods: 1.5 points –example mac and cheese, hotpockets (still, total shit food, IMO).
3. Meats, cheese, dairy, rice, beans, flours, sugar, oil (baking ingredients): 1 point.
4 Veggies, Fruit: 0.5 points

Would that be so hard?


5 thoughts on “Food (stamps) For Thought”

    1. If there is no such thing as a vaccine injured child, then why has the gov’t Vaccine Injury Compensation Program paid out over 3 billion dollars in compensation to people for vaccine injuries?


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