RUKI home Spiralizer. It was an exciting day :)

Pasta of any kind is always exciting. Even non-pasta pasta:)
Those of you who know me, know I am a carb addict and I love my pasta. But I try to not eat it. I try to stay grain fee, and very low carb. (*try*). I never thought I’d be OK subbing out pasta with zucchini in my lasagna, but I finally tried it, and loved it even better than the wheat pasta.

So you know I wanted to get my hands on a spiralizer to try “zoodles” –I had bought one before and didn’t really like it, so I was glad to have the chance to try another brand. I got this one from RUKI Home.


This one even comes with a brush to clean it! Sweet!

The zucchini cooks down. Look at this picture. These two zucchinis made enough zoodles for ME and me only (generous helping 😉 ) –so I guess it was a good thing that the kids turned up their noses at my creation. More for me 🙂


Here it is all sliced up:


This is what is left behind after you slice it down as far as you can. Those are the leftovers that I give my dog. She loves all raw veggies.
DO use the end cap to grip the vegetable as you near the end of it –it will save your fingers from the blade.


Don’t over cook it. You don’t want mush. A few minutes is enough.


Drain it… and you know what I need? A salad spinner. This veggie is already very watery and I was left pouring off water from my plate even after I strained it. I bet a salad spinner would work great for that!

Top with your favorite (organic) sauce and (homemade with grass fed beef ) meatballs and chow down.




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