Get Kombucha’s Kombucha Tonic.

I have, in my hands, something fantastic –OK I put it down for a minute so that I could type. I’m talking about this stuff:

Photo Stolen from Get Kombucha :)
Photo Stolen from Get Kombucha πŸ™‚

This is a Kombucha Tonic from Get Kombucha.
You can buy it on Amazon HERE. (It’s on sale right now!)
You can check out Get Kombucha HERE.

Let me start with all the good things… It’s Organic, Fair Trade, GMO-free, Raw, Vegan, Paleo and Gluten Free.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the flavor, besides containing concentrated kombucha extract, it also contains: cayenne, ginger, onion, garlic, chiles, licorice, siberian ginseng, elderberry and goji berry. Never one to take anything slow, or exercise caution, I dropped a full dropper right on my tongue. I may have yelled out, “Shut the #@$% UP!”
It’s a spicy taste delight. πŸ™‚

I am going to admit something here that isn’t very nice. I haven’t given any to Gavin yet. He can drink a glass of Tabasco without breaking a sweat. I know he’ll love this. But that means I will have to share –and I am not ready to share.

Now, all those ingredients are pretty kick ass along the lines of boosting your immune system. And last week was rough for me… I got in our gross pond (aka swimming pool) and cleaned it. I know I exposed myself to yucky living organisms –and some of you know my history with mold, we don’t get along). ON TOP OF THAT, I’ve been fighting with the air conditioner… there are lots of slimy, unhealthy things living in there, as well. I’ve been rinsing it out 1-2 a day. I think that was the final straw for me… I got sick, with everything. My tooth pain came back full force –it’s either a sinus infection or an abscessed tooth, but what ever it is it’s number 2 on my “worst pain of my life” scale –childbirth is third if you are wondering. Kidney stone stent is number 1.
ANYWAY… I was obviously beat down in the immune department and I was 1 day away from calling the dentist to have some teeth ripped out. Last time I had this it lasted for a month. I found some codeine from three years ago and that bought me time. This kombucha tonic came and I started taking it –more than the one dropper, I was doing 3-4 droppers a day, putting it right on the tooth.
In a couple days time I turned the corner and the pain stopped –which means… the infection or inflammation went down. That is what causes the pain –the pressure.

So yeah, am I pleased with the immune boosting benefits of this Kombucha Tonic by Get Kombucha? Damn right I am.

Do I love the taste? Yep.
Now look, the price is right for this, around $30 for a two month supply*, but I am sitting here trying to figure out how to convince Dave to make a larger food grade edition of this. I want to put this on everything. You’ll understand what I mean when you taste it. I want a bottle of this to put on my fish, chicken, or any other meat I am grilling –tofu even. I could see me going through a lot of this in that fashion.

*If you go order through you can buy three and get two free, even better!!

So, you need this, you really really need this.

Watch this video about the tonic and then go buy a bottle:


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