I don’t hate my son, YOU do.

Why do you hate your son?
I get asked that a lot, I’m guessing they are all from the ND crowd.

Don’t know what ND is? They are the people who think that autism is nothing but a bit of Neurological Diversity. And that is all I am going to say about that.

Apparently, not settling into a life where you allow your “autistic” child to suffer, means that you hate your child. If you want to “cure” autism, you hate your child. If you want your child to be healthy, you hate them.

It’s broken records with these people… I tell them often that if my son had the ability to express himself like these NDs did, I wouldn’t be here. But he can’t. His “autism” is not their autism. I’d like to see them spend a couple days with him to help expand their definition of “autism”. They shove “spectrum” down our throats, yet they don’t want to acknowledge the kids at the dark, scary end of the spectrum.

YOU, ND crowd… YOU hate my son. YOU ignore his pain. YOU want the world to believe that the only autism is YOUR autism, and fuck those kids who self injure, who are 20 and still in diapers, who have to wear helmets because they bash their own heads in.  YOU choose to ignore their pain.



2 thoughts on “I don’t hate my son, YOU do.”

  1. I cannot believe people actually say that. What is wrong with people?
    I’ve known you for a long time and it’s always been obvious to me that you love your son and hate autism.


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