Requiem for a teacher.

[Edit to add: In my desire for you to discover Liam on your own through his writing, I forgot that I did want to share about one story he broke. Celia Farber covers it in her post.]

Don’t let anybody say I didn’t love life enough, or something stupid like that….
It wouldn’t have been the case.
” –Liam Scheff.

I fear what I write will come across as self-indulgent.

Like how he encouraged me to write and claimed to enjoy my rambling, angry, good-grammar-lacking, misspelled, stream-of-consciousness drivel.

Like how every time he saw my face, he made it clear he liked what he saw. My observation? “You need glasses.”
“Why can’t you take a compliment?”
–I can take a compliment… but he needed glasses.

Like how the first time I saw a “Liam in Three” video I yelled, “OMG, it the male version of me!” –Only, that isn’t fair… he was way smarter, funnier, and prettier than me.  But at the core of it… the snark, the sarcasm, that brand of humor… I found a soul brother.

But, my friend is gone and I’m… pissed. Sad. Feeling sorry for myself… and the world. But, that is who he was to me.
I’m sorry if you never got a compliment you didn’t deserve from him, or got to have a private joke with him, or got talked off a ledge by him. He was truly 1 in 7.5 billion.
Sorry for your loss, world.

Liam had a million friends.
Yet still… if you needed him, he was there for you –like you were the only person in the world.

We had one fight. It was over something stupid –and early on in our friendship, I walked away.
But you can’t walk away from Liam. If you try the emails start.
He threw his famous line at me. “Friends don’t leave the conversation.” We never fought again.
He challenged and reshaped my ideas of true friendship and love and connection.

And now he’s gone.

Life is unfair. Who needs a lesson in that? Not you, not me…. But we have received that lesson again and again….
–Liam Scheff.

But he’s not completely gone.
He left us so much to read.
He left us videos.
I suggest reading every word he ever wrote. Lick up every last crumb. Start with his Goodbye. Read every post. Buy every book. You will not agree with every conclusion he came to, but he’ll make you think. I can tell you what an incredible person he was -but I think you’ll enjoy discovering that for yourself.

I do want to tell you how I plan to honor him…

We used to talk about the struggle between wanting to wake up the world and make people understand what we knew, vs. wanting to just focus on ourselves… hunker down, plant a garden, grow a local community and to hell with the rest of it.  He seemed way better at that balance than I was. Only once did I hear it in his voice –like maybe it wasn’t worth it. Personally, I spend too much time in that place… oscillating back and forth –making me unproductive.

Read his words and take his advice. Get into Permaculture.  Be able to grow your own food and find your own water because our current system will likely collapse before we do. Certainly before our children will. Give them the gift of knowing how to provide for themselves from their own backyards.

So I am… I’m signing off. I’ll be planting. And reading. I’m not going to waste my time and limited energy on people who don’t want to learn. I’ve said my piece. And to summarize it:
Vaccines cause autism. Plastics chemicals cause autism. Pesticides and GMOs cause autism. And SIDS. And the surge in auto-immune and inflammatory disorders. You don’t have to be sick. Your anxiety, your GI issues, your migraines, your inflammation… all have dietary causes and cures.

Don’t embrace your diagnosis. Ignore the Doctors and people who say it can’t be done, and seek out the people who are already doing it.

Get off of social media, talk to the real people in your life. If you don’t have any, go find some. Write letters not text messages. Plant a fucking garden.

If I come back it won’t be in this way. Sticking a fork in Jane.

I like to end my posts with a music video… and in honor of Liam’s goofy side I will share this with you. Because I need to laugh.
There is one conversation that sticks in my mind and brings me great joy. You have to understand how smart this man was and how he rarely went off on rants about things that weren’t important. But that day… he went off for a solid 20 minutes about what a horrible actor, singer, and person Mark Wahlberg is. I never laughed so hard, mainly because it was so out of character for Liam. You’d think Mark stole his best friend or cut in front of him in line at the DMV once…

Adieu my friend, champion, soul brother, and teacher.


3 thoughts on “Requiem for a teacher.”

  1. Superhero movies pissed him off so much, lol. That was one thing he and Hannah argued a lot about while he was here. She loved them. He was determined to use them as a teaching lesson about people and their need for stories. She wouldn’t have any of it, and the head butting began. He sat and watched Avengers Age of Ultron while he was here, in 20 min fast forward version, and still ranted longer about it when it was over. And yeah, the Transformers movie with Mark Wahlberg? OMG. lol He and Hannah became fast friends and though they argued, he cried when he left. We thought for sure he’d back, but we didn’t get that lucky. He was one in a lifetime. 😦


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