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How I earn quick $$ for my online spending. Mainly, for Amazon gift cards.

Who doesn’t love free money?


This post is the warm up post. I am working on one to tell you how to get started doing product reviews through Amazon. In the past month I have “bought” nearly $4,000 in items through Amazon, but only paid around $95 –and of that, $60 was money I earned through the methods listed here. I’ve only come out of pocket on $35, and while some items have been things I could live without… MOST have been supplements we all NEED: Fish oils, Vit D3, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes, new headphones (those really are a *need* here), essential oils, carrier oils, etc. That blog is coming soon. This one is to show you some ways to support your habit once you get started doing product reviews.

#1 Ibotta.
Ibotta is a mobile device app where you can get money back on specific purchase at specific stores –there are usually plenty to pick from in your area. I used to find it hard to rack up the change, but now they do money back on non branded items, and those refresh often. Bananas, onions, peppers, frozen veggies, coffee, etc… There are some allergen friendly food items, also paper products.
Lately I’ve been stocking up like mad on Scotties Facial Tissues. They are $1 at Walmart and each time Ibotta is giving me back 75 cents! STEAL.

Sometimes a phone is picky and will tell you that ibotta doesn’t work on that device. This is my current situation –it doesn’t work on my phone. But it does work on my old phone. There is no service on my old phone but I use it over the wifi at home. The only draw back is that I don’t have it in store to check deals and scan deals right then and there, but I overcome that by looking at the app before I leave the house, and writing down all the items I think I *might* purchase that day and jot a little note on the deal to make sure I get the right one, for example: “Enjoy Life Crispy Cookie, 7 oz package, $1.50 rebate”
So if it doesn’t work on your phone, ask around. I beet you have friends with old smart phones lying around that you could try it on.

Also you can earn money through referrals.

You can cash out through paypal when you hit $10, or various gift cards. I pick Amazon gift cards and they email them to you right away.

Sign up for Ibotta here.

2. Swagbucks.
I go in phases with this. Sometimes I try harder if I have some more downtime. I will answer surveys, or look for money making deals (ex: buy this product for $20, get back $25 in points). I really do try to remember to make purchases thru Swagbucks because you usually earn 1-4% back (I can take a month to post).
I also print all my coupons through them –you get 10 points (10 cents) for each coupon that you redeem.
There are surveys, and videos you can watch, points for searches, and all sorts of ways to let the points add up.
There are specific activities you can do as well, like transcribe things… so much stuff I haven’t even got in on yet.
If you are a casual user you will most likely get points thru purchases or coupon use.
Also you can earn money thru referrals.

When you cash out it usually takes about a week for your reward to post. (There are other rewards, but I go for Amazon Gift cards every time!) Warning: Five rewards per month. So if you become a heavy user keep that in mind. You might want to wait and cash out a $25 Amazon gift card instead of 5, $5 ones and then be unable to get any more that month.

Sign up for Swagbucks here.

3. Earn Honey.
This is new I believe… because it still looks like they are adding stuff to it. Here is what I use it for… the videos.

There are a few video playlists that run commercials every 10 flipping seconds. But here is the good part, you get around 3 “nectar” for every commercial. 10 nectar = 1 Honey Dollar, which = 1 penny. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up quickly.
UNLIKE the videos on Swagbucks, you don’t have to click to watch each video. You can just let them play (and for the most part with the volume down –sometimes an ad will turn up the volume, but after clicking it back down a couple times the volume stays off for a while again), now, it’s not like you can let them run all day –after a while it will ask for captcha code to continue, but so what? I let those videos roll while I am cooking, washing dishes, getting a shower, leave the house… I’ve totaled up $8 in the couple weeks that I have been doing it while using very little effort on my part.

There is a game you can play which is frustratingly addicting, ads play while you play (but I found it slows my old computer down pretty bad after a while).
There are supposed to be polls but I haven’t seen one yet.
There are one-time profile badges you can fill out for 5 honey dollars each.

As I type this, I have one of their videos rolling in the background. I’ve made 35 cents running the videos off and on this afternoon.
You also get referral bonuses.

Sign up for EarnHoney here.

4 InstaGC.
This is like swagbucks in that it’s offers and surveys and videos. Honestly, I haven’t used it much, but it’s another way to earn.
Pretty sure there are referral bonuses there, too.

EDIT UPDATE: I’ve been using this a LOT lately and I LOVE it. I’ve made $110 in the past couple months just doing surveys and random sign ups for emails, etc (I recommend getting a new email address to use for these types of activities so that you don’t flood your regular email).

Sign up for InstaGC here.

6 I also just started using Inbox Dollars. You need $30 to cash out and I am half way there. You get 2 cents for every email you click on, but there are surveys and other offers that can help you to earn faster.

Sign up for Inbox Dollars Here.

I don’t know if you have to buy the kit first to be able to refer. But I wrote my MTHFR blog and have had several people buy the kit through my link and you earn $10 per new customer through Amazon Gift Cards.

Go here to check out 23andMe.

Those are my top 5 ways to cash in for bucks to be used on Amazon.

The other thing I do while IN Amazon, is I order prime items separately and pick “delayed shipping” –This gives you a $1 credit for each item to be used towards MP3, Video rentals/purchases, and ebooks. OMG I can’t get enough ebooks so I use the crap out of that delayed shipping service. (takes about a week to get your items)

Doing product reviews is really helping that to add up. In one month’s time, I have received $110 in delayed shipping credits. $110 for items that I only paid around $95 for… so $15 in PROFIT on $4,000 worth of retail items. Yes. You read that right.

My next blog will be about how to get started doing product reviews. For now, go sign up for those services and figure out a way to implement them into your life. And if you know of any more that I am missing out on, that are easy earners, send my your referral links and hook me up!

The other way I am bring in the change, change that adds up is by using Tsu as my social media platform. Tsu pays 90% of ad revenue back to the users. SO much better than Zuckerdork’s Facebook.
Here is your invitation: –after a month of using Tsu my back account is near $8 and I am not spending a whole lot of time there… not nearly as much as I wish I could.

So I coupon… a bit, and I will share some tips.

I used to coupon like crazy.
I fell out of the habit since the move. Well, really since Black Friday week last year. Burnt out.

But I am getting back into it, I will share my deals and tips here.
And yes coupons MOST OF THE TIME, only save you  money on shit junk food and chemically laden crap –but we can still do it and use it to our advantage. You can use overage to buy good stuff. OR sell your stockpile in yard sales for the cash to buy good things! So stay tuned!

Here’s today’s video, coffee: