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PomStream Silicone Baking Mats Product Review & Gluten Free Chocolate PB Cookies

First up, this is a product review.
Don’t ever count on me to give you an actual decent recipe when it comes to baking. I make things up as I go along. I will kinda-sorta include the recipe here… but your guess is as good as mine on how I made these πŸ™‚ As far as gluten free goes, however, they’re pretty awesome.

So here are the baking mats that I got from PomStream.

They say for best results hand wash –but I tossed these in the dishwasher and they are just fine. Maybe that will wear them down over time, but I just wanted to see what would happen πŸ™‚

They are a bit small to fill my biggest baking sheet and a bit big for my smallest.. but that is really no matter, they worked fine anyway.
These mats are also freezer and fridge safe… and well, obviously… oven safe!



The cookies I made came right up off the mat, no worries.
Nothing stuck.
Here is the before:

Here is the after:

They are non toxic.
Easy to clean. I love the idea of saving some $$ on all the parchment paper we go through. Now I can just use these baking mats.
They don’t retain food odors —so very multipurpose, you don’t have to worry about using one for certain foods and one for other types of food –you won’t have odors and tastes from past recipes mixing in.

Not sure why I held out so long to try silicone baking items. Now that I have I need more πŸ™‚

The cookies? Well…
I knew I had peanut butter and rice flour.
So I found this recipe. I had most of the ingredients. Sort of.
I used 1 cup of coconut sugar and 1 cup of Demerara Sugar.
I didn’t have any butter so I used 1 cup of unrefined coconut oil.
The eggs, peanut butter and baking soda were added as stated.
Only… half way thru this I realized I didn’t have Rice Flour because I NEVER use Rice Flour. I have no idea where my head was…Β  I use coconut flour! BUT… coconut flour is very absorbent and soaks up all your liquid.

So I found this recipe using coconut flour and had to try to fix my mess. These were going to be grain free, but now I had to grab some kind of flour to hold these together without really messing things up.
I grabbed my box of KingΒ Arthur Gluten Free flour mix and used one cup of that.
I noticed that I had some cocoa in the cupboard –that is why these look a little “burnt” They are not burnt. I just put a little bit of cocoa in for taste, not enough to make them look chocolate.Β  How much?Β  Not a little, not a lot.
I took from this recipe the idea to put some vanilla in these and the pinch of salt.

So now… I had that all mixed up really well and started adding in coconut flour a little bit at a time. I’d sprinkle just enough to cover the dough in the bowl, mix that up, and then add a little more.
YES, coconut absorbs everything up… but coconut oil needs something to help hold it together. It’s no ideal for baking –but like I said, I was out of butter/shortening.

I have no idea how much I used. I did the sprinkle and mix thing a few times until the consistency seemed like it would hold together. Check out the before/dough ball shot above.
Maybe I used between 1/4 and 1/2 cup.
350 degrees for about 10-12 minutes. You have to let them cool a bit on the tray before moving them to the cooling rack because they are just too soft. The first one that I tried to put on right away just fell right though the cooling rack!

As far as GF goes… they are yummy.
WAAYYY too much sugar though –so you know the kids love them.
Next time I will just follow that second recipe.


RUKI home Spiralizer. It was an exciting day :)

Pasta of any kind is always exciting. Even non-pasta pasta:)
Those of you who know me, know I am a carb addict and I love my pasta. But I try to not eat it. I try to stay grain fee, and very low carb. (*try*). I never thought I’d be OK subbing out pasta with zucchini in my lasagna, but I finally tried it, and loved it even better than the wheat pasta.

So you know I wanted to get my hands on a spiralizer to try “zoodles” –I had bought one before and didn’t really like it, so I was glad to have the chance to try another brand. I got this one from RUKI Home.


This one even comes with a brush to clean it! Sweet!

The zucchini cooks down. Look at this picture. These two zucchinis made enough zoodles for ME and me only (generous helping πŸ˜‰ ) –so I guess it was a good thing that the kids turned up their noses at my creation. More for me πŸ™‚


Here it is all sliced up:


This is what is left behind after you slice it down as far as you can. Those are the leftovers that I give my dog. She loves all raw veggies.
DO use the end cap to grip the vegetable as you near the end of it –it will save your fingers from the blade.


Don’t over cook it. You don’t want mush. A few minutes is enough.


Drain it… and you know what I need? A salad spinner. This veggie is already very watery and I was left pouring off water from my plate even after I strained it. I bet a salad spinner would work great for that!

Top with your favorite (organic) sauce and (homemade with grass fed beef ) meatballs and chow down.



Copper Mugs & Moscow Mules –Product Review.

I jumped at the chance to review this copper mug when it popped up, little did I know that it was the proper vessel for serving the Moscow Mule –look, I don’t get out much and it’s not like I am a bartender or some sophisticated drunk!


I actually didn’t even have my first Moscow Mule until a couple of months ago when some friends were visiting and made one for me. I was just happy to try a copper mug because I had read there were health benefits to drink from copper –an essential element found in our bodies (P.S. MTHFR/Autism crowd –a lot of us have too much copper and bad copper/zinc ratios, so you might want to do some blood work before making a copper mug a part of your everyday drinking habit). This mug is NOT lined, so you will get the benefits of the copper.

Gather your supplies… Limes, Vodka, Ginger Beer (REAL Ginger Beer –not some weak ass ginger ale), ice and I love adding mint.
Believe it or not, I still had some vodka left from when my friends brought it two months ago (See, I am not nearly the alcoholic I that I joke I am!).


Take about three ice cubes, and smash them –to me, this drink calls for crushed ice. I put a cube in the palm of my hand and crack it a couple times with the back of a big spoon.
Cut a lime in half and squeeze the ever living crap out of it, into your mug.
Throw in two shots of vodka.
Pour in a bottle of Ginger beer.
Add a lime slice and some mint for garnish… I even smashed a few mint leaves and put them in the mug.

This made for a very sweet drink as the ginger beer I used –while delightfully spicy, was a bit intense with the sugar. So once I had drank about half the mug I topped it off with some more vodka. I realize my mistake now… I found myself tipsy before 5 p.m.

If you plan on making a steady diet of these, maybe cut the ginger beer with carbonated mineral water.

Go, go get your mug set! Enjoy!
–by the way, I was not required to write a blog as part of my review, but you know I am going to tell you about the awesome things that I try!

Keto Coffee

I can’t get through the day without two mugs of my keto coffee.


You’ve probably heard of bulletproof coffee, that is trademarked and thus my link to the site. This is my version of it…

I use a French Press, because… coffee.
It’s the only way to go. I like it really strong.

So grab a mug, a jar for shaking and go get a French Press.


Inside the jar I add about:
1 Tbls of Organic Unrefined coconut oil –I love the taste of coconut, if you don’t use refined.
1 Tbls of unsalted Kerrygold Grassfed butter.

–Then the optional stuff, I sprinkle in some clove, cinnamon, and a drop or two of Orange Essential oil. (Add Nutmeg to that to make “Pumpkin Spice”) I accidentally put chili powder in once instead of clove and it was a nice surprise πŸ™‚

I use an old coconut oil jar for the mixing. Some people like to use a blender for this –Meh, too much to worry about and clean, it’s possible to shake the jar hard enough to make an emulsion of the oil/butter and coffee. And you DO want to shake it into an emulsion, if you just stir it the oil sits on top and that makes for a greasy first few sips.

Here is what it looks like, everything in the jar:


Next, pour in the coffee…


Find a lid that you can tighten well –otherwise you get a steamy, pressurized surprise when you start to shake it πŸ™‚


Shake it wicked good, it will get hot… so I shake it really fast, swap hands and then eventually grab a dish cloth to wrap around it so that I don’t burn my hands πŸ™‚ You want the coffee to be hot, it helps everything blend better.


After I mix it, then I add about 1/4 cup of coconut milk and give it another shake before throwing it in the mug. Use Organic canned coconut milk, don’t buy that commercial shiz full or preservatives and additives. I suppose you can skip this step, but coconut milk is a good fat when you’re looking to boost your fat intake.


Voila! Drink it while it’s hot. The way I make it has about 30 grams of fat. Use more or less to fit your keto ratio.



Keto Sausage Gravy. GFCFSF

I just had a religious experience… so much so I am writing this blog post as I stand in my kitchen because I can’t wait to share it with you.


I first learned of sausage gravy when I moved south to Fort Polk, Louisiana back in my Army days. I was pretty sure that sausage gravy was the reason I had to run 5 miles a day and spend an hour lifting in the gym just to stay “fat”.Β  Little did I know it was the biscuits and sugar and grains…. But even still, traditional gravy has dairy and wheat.

I posted on Facebook yesterday about wanting to find a clean version and my friend Heather posted a link to my favorite food blogger’s website. Of course, Maria, over at Keto Adapted would have the answer. If you don’t follow her, you are missing out.

Now, as usual, nothing goes to plan in my kitchen. For coconut cream I buy a can of coconut milk that is not blended… if you shake it in the store and don’t hear the sound of liquid sloshing around, that is what you want. It’s separated… coconut “water” on the bottom and the solid cream is on top.

The can I bought didn’t make a noise, but wasn’t completely separated. So I made some adjustments. First, I had bought a full pound of sausage (hot, I love me some heat). That all went in the pan. Upon discovery of the coconut milk, I ended up just pouring the whole can in, and as such, only used 1/4 cup of chicken broth. Also, it seemed to be taking a long time to thicken b/c of the extra liquid, and I happened to have about two tablespoons of Dayia “cream cheese” left, so I threw that in as well. Still, it was taking too long to thicken, So I added about two tablespoons of almond flour. Toss in a ton of pepper and salt, and a nice heap of Adobo… #BecauseAdobo duh…
and simmer until thick. I made sure to put extra coconut oil all over everything on my plate to boost the fat/protein ratio, too.


I skipped the biscuits this time because I didn’t want the extra carbs (er… because I may have drank a hard cider already today πŸ˜‰ )
And hot damn.

Next time I make it, I’m going to follow Maria’s directions exactly, except split a pound of sausage to cut back on the protein a little more. I’m extra sensitive… too much protein and my weight loss halts.

Anyway, it’s Sunday… go with God… and God be some keto sausage gravy. πŸ˜‰

I think this song is appropriate