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Let’s End Fat Acceptance and Embrace Health Acceptance.

Today’s post is brought to you by a few disturbing things I saw in my news feed lately and the stuff that runs through my head as I make my daily food choices…

Let me start with this line: I am not here to shame your body, I am here to shame your health.

With that out of the way… one more: I was a skinny little kid, a fat older kid, a fatter teen, an unappreciative perfectly curvy late-teen/early 20-something, and by late 20’s I hit obese, and am now on the journey to get back that perfect body I hated so much when I was 20. I’ve been there, I am there, don’t take my words lightly. Don’t think I’m saying any of this to be mean.

There is a trend that has been around awhile, fat acceptance. It’s always made me uncomfortable. I think it’s one thing to love your body no matter what when you are treating it right, but please do not get comfortable with what you are doing to your health when you are not treating your body right.

I hated working out when I was younger, but I loved being strong. That was my rationale. I would beat out most of the guys on the back and leg machines at the gym. I should have loved that… but I would look at my ass in the mirror and sigh, “Maybe if I stopped working out…”. Clothes shopping was a nightmare. I say of myself, “If an Opera Singer and Line Backer had a kid…” I am barrel chested with big boobs. Try finding a button down shirt that fit right back then (I think clothes makers are slightly more clued in 20 years later). And my uniforms… I always had to buy the bigger size for my ass, and have the waist taken in. I hated it. J-lo where were you back then to make me love my ass?

And the compliments I did get all seemed a little backhanded. And the guy I was dating at the time… Damn. “You know, I don’t normally date girls like you… I normally date girls who are like 5 feet tall and 100 pounds.” “Well,” I’d say to him, “I am not going to lose 50 pounds and I am not going to cut off my head.” Still he’d take me down a few notches with things like, “Well, I really like your eyes.” Period. That’s all. Or he’d be going through my closet… “You wore this? I can’t believe this used to fit you.” “Why yes, it did fit me, right after I spent two weeks in the hospital unable to eat or drink!”

Oh, the fucked up head of a 20 year old girl. Nowadays a guy like that wouldn’t last 5 seconds in my presence. BACK THEN… I could have used the self-acceptance movement.

I’ve been accused lately of not having a good self-image. That is not so much the case as it is not being content with what’s happened to my body. Believe me, I KNOW I am awesome… I’m just not settling or accepting what years of poor eating and not exercising have done to me. I shove compliments back at the person handing them to me… for a couple reasons, but one is certainly, “This isn’t the best I can do.”

There wasn’t a damn thing wrong with my body back then, but I let the world tell me there was, and I believed it. Body image issues hold people back. I get that. I think we ought to fix that… but in one way we’re doing it wrong.

The trend I am seeing on social media these days… it’s really really obese women. And my heart hurts. Yes, love your body… love yourself… but love yourself enough to lose weight by making healthy changes in your life… Not by giving up in the name of fat acceptance.

Yes, woman are supposed to carry fat. It’s for the purposes of making and feeding babies. Accept that fat. Don’t accept the extra 50, 100, 150+ or more that sits on top of it.
I am not going to get into diet advice today, that is not what this post is about, but let me throw in a few nuggets:

JERF. Just eat real food. It’s the best place to start.
JERF means NOTHING processed. I promise you, you will start to lose weight right away. For some people that is enough –but some of us need to go paleo, or grain free paleo, or keto. Some of us have a metabolism so messed up… hormones so out of balance, that a diet needs to be tweaked. Start the journey and you’ll figure it out as you go along. I learned paleo isn’t for me. Each time I’d do it, I’d get down to a certain point but fall off… I couldn’t keep my blood sugar from crashing and making me crave bad foods. I learned that if I became a ketogenic fat-burner, vs. a sugar-burner, that I wouldn’t have that problem anymore. And it’s working. I’m finally down below that number on the scale that I haven’t seen in over a decade.

Food for thought: Life isn’t over just because you can’t have bread anymore. The more adverse your reaction is to eliminating a certain food, the more you really ought to consider your straight up addiction to it.

Stop thinking that you can eat that corn dog because of some personal choice or free will or because “I love my body”.
You cannot reconcile preaching the gospel of loving your body, while shoving chemicals into it that are in no way, shape, or form a real “food”.

LOVING your body doesn’t mean loving the results of your bad choices.
It means respecting it enough to not poison it.
It means making it strong and giving it the proper nutrition it deserves.

And, P.S. Skinny doesn’t mean healthy, either.
Sorry, I forgot to end this with a video… for you all, appreciate these bodies 😉


Ramen. That Shit Ain’t Food

Ah, Facebook, you never fail to entertain.

I saw this in my feed today:

First, I have to say, WTF is this doing on a “Health” themed page?


WHO would recommend moderation when it comes to ramen? That SHIT AIN’T FOOD! Not even CLOSE.

But then…. I do that think that I swear and pledge to try to never do… and that thing is… reading the comments.


Yeah… that is me chiming in at the end. Get a fucking clue, people.
It is LITERALLY toxin soup.

There is REAL shit out there in the world that you should pick up arms for. Ramen? SMH

Campbell’s Soup K-cups.


What else is there to say?