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Requiem for a teacher.

[Edit to add: In my desire for you to discover Liam on your own through his writing, I forgot that I did want to share about one story he broke. Celia Farber covers it in her post.]

Don’t let anybody say I didn’t love life enough, or something stupid like that….
It wouldn’t have been the case.
” –Liam Scheff.

I fear what I write will come across as self-indulgent.

Like how he encouraged me to write and claimed to enjoy my rambling, angry, good-grammar-lacking, misspelled, stream-of-consciousness drivel.

Like how every time he saw my face, he made it clear he liked what he saw. My observation? “You need glasses.”
“Why can’t you take a compliment?”
–I can take a compliment… but he needed glasses.

Like how the first time I saw a “Liam in Three” video I yelled, “OMG, it the male version of me!” –Only, that isn’t fair… he was way smarter, funnier, and prettier than me.  But at the core of it… the snark, the sarcasm, that brand of humor… I found a soul brother.

But, my friend is gone and I’m… pissed. Sad. Feeling sorry for myself… and the world. But, that is who he was to me.
I’m sorry if you never got a compliment you didn’t deserve from him, or got to have a private joke with him, or got talked off a ledge by him. He was truly 1 in 7.5 billion.
Sorry for your loss, world.

Liam had a million friends.
Yet still… if you needed him, he was there for you –like you were the only person in the world.

We had one fight. It was over something stupid –and early on in our friendship, I walked away.
But you can’t walk away from Liam. If you try the emails start.
He threw his famous line at me. “Friends don’t leave the conversation.” We never fought again.
He challenged and reshaped my ideas of true friendship and love and connection.

And now he’s gone.

Life is unfair. Who needs a lesson in that? Not you, not me…. But we have received that lesson again and again….
–Liam Scheff.

But he’s not completely gone.
He left us so much to read.
He left us videos.
I suggest reading every word he ever wrote. Lick up every last crumb. Start with his Goodbye. Read every post. Buy every book. You will not agree with every conclusion he came to, but he’ll make you think. I can tell you what an incredible person he was -but I think you’ll enjoy discovering that for yourself.

I do want to tell you how I plan to honor him…

We used to talk about the struggle between wanting to wake up the world and make people understand what we knew, vs. wanting to just focus on ourselves… hunker down, plant a garden, grow a local community and to hell with the rest of it.  He seemed way better at that balance than I was. Only once did I hear it in his voice –like maybe it wasn’t worth it. Personally, I spend too much time in that place… oscillating back and forth –making me unproductive.

Read his words and take his advice. Get into Permaculture.  Be able to grow your own food and find your own water because our current system will likely collapse before we do. Certainly before our children will. Give them the gift of knowing how to provide for themselves from their own backyards.

So I am… I’m signing off. I’ll be planting. And reading. I’m not going to waste my time and limited energy on people who don’t want to learn. I’ve said my piece. And to summarize it:
Vaccines cause autism. Plastics chemicals cause autism. Pesticides and GMOs cause autism. And SIDS. And the surge in auto-immune and inflammatory disorders. You don’t have to be sick. Your anxiety, your GI issues, your migraines, your inflammation… all have dietary causes and cures.

Don’t embrace your diagnosis. Ignore the Doctors and people who say it can’t be done, and seek out the people who are already doing it.

Get off of social media, talk to the real people in your life. If you don’t have any, go find some. Write letters not text messages. Plant a fucking garden.

If I come back it won’t be in this way. Sticking a fork in Jane.

I like to end my posts with a music video… and in honor of Liam’s goofy side I will share this with you. Because I need to laugh.
There is one conversation that sticks in my mind and brings me great joy. You have to understand how smart this man was and how he rarely went off on rants about things that weren’t important. But that day… he went off for a solid 20 minutes about what a horrible actor, singer, and person Mark Wahlberg is. I never laughed so hard, mainly because it was so out of character for Liam. You’d think Mark stole his best friend or cut in front of him in line at the DMV once…

Adieu my friend, champion, soul brother, and teacher.

Shut Up and Drink Your Vitamin Water

Amen. Really.

Levi Quackenboss

vitwaterSomeone floated a question the other day, asking what the deal was with this polarizing vaccination fight and whether we could ever expect parents to come to a middle ground on the issue. My answer, although the question wasn’t asked of me, is probably not. The world is so connected, information of all kinds so immediate, and we’re too controlled by the government and its inbred sisters Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck and Sanofi, for things to be any different than they are right now. Our government doesn’t have to propagandize to achieve its goals anymore because the general public does it for them.

In 1991— the year that Bill Clinton announced his candidacy for president, to put into perspective how not very long ago 1991 was—the CDC counted 27,786 cases of measles. The vast majority of you reading these words were in elementary through college that year. Now, tell me…

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Just who are these Anti-Vaxxers anyway?

A must read.

Barnyard Rants

I knew nothing of the so-called ‘anti vaccination’ movement until 18 months ago.

10150542_681588701911142_5680236155793854384_nSince the late 70’s I have worked with adults with special needs, and for the last 15 years specifically in housing.  Helping adults with disabilities to live as independently as possible in the community is my passion. Families of adults with disabilities have a different focus from those with young children, their energy is geared towards the rights of adults and how to ensure that they are safe and well cared for their entire lives, especially once the family members are gone. It is an all-encompassing endeavor. Vaccines are rarely mentioned.

In the last ten years,  the housing group meetings that I have led have gone from:

Cross-disability…  an almost even distribution of family members in need of housing who were living with physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, mental illness, and autism… meetings that are now 80% autism…

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Troll Food, ’cause random strangers know your kid better than you do.

[Be sure to watch the video at the end. We all need to keep laughing. It’s important. We’d lose our minds otherwise.]
I know we really shouldn’t feed the trolls, but frankly I felt like I needed a link to post to them instead of my usual image which is:


So why not feed them a little knowledge. Not sure it’s possible with these idiots, but if I save one moron… well… Then there is only about 7 billion more to go.


I woke up to this tweet this morning:

With my reply. Enjoy the typo. Hadn’t even had my morning coffee. if* not is, of course.

It doesn’t even matter to you trolling idiots that William Thompson actually admitted manipulating data to hide the MMR/Autism link in a press release through his lawyer. A lawyer who specializes in whistle blower cases.

First off, who says Snopes is the end-all of fucking everything?
Read this.
And “The Mikkelsons admit, however, that Snopes is only as reliable as the sources it cites, and they invite readers to look for the truth themselves.”
When you people use Snopes as  your argument you just prove our point –Most Americans are lazy and can’t be bothered to read for themselves.

Since you all appear to be too fucking lazy to read the press release, allow me to copy and paste for you.

“I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information  in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased  risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding which findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”

Is that simple enough for you? Hey Snopes, It’s NOT “Probably False” anymore. [Update: Now listed as ‘mixed’ on Snopes. Of course it’s funny that the ‘mix’ comes from them quoting that douche on ‘Science Blogs’ *eye roll*]
[Second UPDATE: It now reads FALSE. WTF are they smoking? –Read this iReport about it]

Wrap your head around the fact that his lawyer ALLOWED him to SAY that. While the Press Release does reek of ‘lawyered-up’ you have to see it for what it is –for what his lawyer actually allowed to be said. You realize what lawyers do right? Trust me, I once went to law school for a whole year and then dropped out. (Thanks Autism! –and trust me, you learn everything in the first year. The last two are just hazing and profit.)

I posted this picture to Anderson Cooper with a message that this was a Before and After MMR photo. To LOOK into my sons eyes. I get this reply:

Here is the photo I posted, you’ve seen it before:

Ok, twatrocket, let me explain something to you… 1. I know my kid is beautiful. He has my genes. I’m fucking smoking hot. Thanks. But, since you are not being sincere and mean this as a troll, I shall explain some more.

2. If you can’t see the OBVIOUS neurological deficits in this picture, let me break it down for you –as a portrait photographer (Yes, I’ve done every job at least once.) Every kid can have a bad day. But I could always get a kid to smile. Even my toughest customers. I once did a hand stand while making ape noises to get a kid to smile.
That picture on the left is my son at 15 months. He was an easy smile’r.  A couple days after that first photo he got his MMR and DTaP, we injected him with neurotoxins. The second photo was taken at 18 months of age. We worked hard just to get him to look at the camera. Just to look at us. He was more interested in that block in his hand. The block he kept flipping over and over and staring at. Hand stand, ape noises… Cookies as bribes… lots of tears. And that blank stare was the best one we got.

I looked over a lot of my snap shots from this time period. Before and After. Before? Lots of happy smiles and eye contact with the camera. AFTER? ALWAYS. ALWAYS the same fucking pose. The thumb in his mouth –he’d hook his thumb behind his front teeth to put pressure on the roof of his mouth. He wasn’t actually sucking his thumb. It’s a soothing pressure point. And he’d rub his nose with his finger. Again, soothing. Instinctual. At 18 he still does it. Often when we are out in public and the sensory stimulation is too much.

I put together a little collage last night:

Yes, his downward spiral began with the Hep B at birth. But he was still THERE. He still had language.  He’d still look you in the eye and smile, respond to you. But for a couple months after his 15 month shots, that bottom row… All the photos of him look the same. That is not an energetic, happy toddler. That is a sick child. Lacking energy, lacking language, lacking any sort of connection to his environment. That is a child suffering from an acute insult to his body and brain. Line this up with his MTHFR gene mutations and it all makes perfect sense. Google it trolls, I am not doing any more fucking homework for you.

I have videos too. They are too hard to watch. Before and After. Maybe someday.


I am college educated with a genius IQ (just bragging). I am not an idiot. (Don’t let my typo’s fool you). But they duped me. They did. [Yes, I know typo’s is a typo. It’s funny. Trust me.]

I am one of the most skeptical people in the world. Yet, I can admit, I was once brain washed by the Church of Science. I believed what Doctors told me, because they went to school after all. I was you–the mere “Useful Idiot Troll”. I believed that the CDC and FDA really did work for the people. But then I decided to read for myself instead of believing what authority figures told me. Guess what? They work for profit, not for the people. Vaccines do injure. More than the 1-in-a-million that they love to throw at you. It’s biologically plausible and probable. It’s OK that you were duped. It happens. Please read a book or two on your own. Now, if you are a troll-for-hire getting paid to do this… well… I refer you to the first photo in this post.

If you are waiting for the mainstream media to cover this, like one person told me, then you really have no idea how this world works. Hint: Money.

The information is out there for you. Just waiting to be read. You DON’T need some pretty face behind a news desk to tell you what to believe.

Take a LOLZ break. Image from the hilarious Liam Scheff. You can also find him on FaceBook here.


For those of you who look at a photo of my child and tell me “what’s what” –tell me that I don’t know what happened to my own child. Even though MEDICAL doctors have since looked over his records and told me that YES, he most likely DID suffer encephalitis with his first Hep B. Those of you who STILL want to tell me that you know my child better than I do, better than his doctors do:

And the rest of you…
–‘Vaccines don’t cause Autism, they took the mercury out of the MMR! And besides Dr. Wakefield lied!’

–‘Vaccines don’t cause autism, they studied that and they are safe.’

HINT: The current vaccine schedule has NEVER been tested.

And as a general ‘last word’ to any other fucking stupid thing you manage to say… (I actually saw one write, “If this proves to be true, those crazy anti-vaxxers will have to admit that this study means it only related to an increase in black boys and not everyone.” *facepalm* DO THEY LISTEN TO THEMSELVES??) Anyway, in general:



Dr. Thompson, You are NOT YET absolved of your sins.

Dearest William W. Thompson, Ph.D.,

Um… No.

You don’t get to release some audio through Brian Hooker, and a shit ton of documents and call it a day. Do you really think that the media will look at that –and this story will continue without you? We already have Thomas Verstraeten saying that results were watered down to hide a link before, and no ONE covered that. Hell, we even have RFK Jr. on our side on that issue and no one is listening. We already have one CDC researcher, Poul Thorsen, on a most wanted list, and no one is covering that. You KNOW better. You know we need a press conference with you to give this media traction.

No. You don’t get to sleep at night now because you THINK you did the right thing. NOW. After 13 years. Cut a deal with the feds. Rat out your former coworkers. Make this right.

You haven’t done a THING, yet. You haven’t helped these kids, yet. You think you did the right thing? You haven’t. Not yet. You owe these kids, our entire families. COME OUT COME OUT, where ever you are. Cut yourself an immunity deal. Go ahead. We’ll forgive you if you do the right thing. Clam up and drop off the planet? It’s going to get ugly. We moms really don’t have anything to lose. You’ve already taken away so much from us.

Just another mom with a vaccine injured, brain damaged child, still waiting for justice after 16 years.