*BREAKING NEWS* Doctor’s are STILL Getting smarter!!!

Every fucking day, more moron physicians learn to identify their ass from a hole in the ground!! WOOT!

Better Diagnosing Starts Here!

Autism NOW 1 in 88 –1 in 54 boys!!

–Well, not really now… first they said 2000, then they said 2008… But they also said 8 year olds, which would be 2004.  So… Um.. Whatevs!

[EDIT TO ADD: Here was the source of my confusion… These number are from the birth year 2000 cohort.  They looked at the data from when these kids were 8…. FOUR years ago.  How slow is that calculator of theirs, right? There is NO reason that we can’t have the number from the 2004 cohort… and those number WILL BE 1 in 25 if they are honest.  You know it.  I know it! How will they hide those numbers? With the proposed changes to the DSM, which removes PDD-NOS and Asperger’s  from the manual.]

“Mark Roithmayr, president of the advocacy group Autism Speaks, says more children are being diagnosed with autism because of “better diagnosis, broader diagnosis, better awareness, and roughly 50% of ‘We don’t know.'”


Are we REALLY, I mean… FUCKING really going to keep up the “better diagnosing and broadening definition” BULL SHIT!
The DSM 4 DX criteria HAS NOT CHANGED since my son was DX’d in 1998.

And better diagnosing??? They have been jerking off to that offensive porn for over a decade… where were all these stupid fucking doctors who just learned what autism was these past two years?

THERE IS NO SUCH THING as a GENETIC EPIDEMIC. Say it over and over again until you understand what that means!
Autism is environmental.
EVERYTHING is different.
We inject neurotoxins in INFANTS and can’t make the fucking connection!!!
YES, they took SOME of the mercury out… but not all, and it’s so much more than mercury!
And our food is genetically altered and FULL of PESTICIDES… our food, air, water…
ALL THESE THINGS that were “tested” is small amounts IN ISOLATION, are now FORCED in MASS QUANTITIES INTO SMALL BODIES with developing immune systems and BRAINS….
And then there are the chemicals in plastics and everything we come into contact with on a daily basis.

It is the SUM of all the parts. And the biggest offender is the vaccines.

JESUS MOTHER FUCKING CHRIST this isn’t rocket science!

The vaccine program in this country is a large scale, scientific study that hasn’t ended yet, you have unwillingly signed up your kids as test subjects –oh and… no one is actually looking at the results. They don’t care. Because the vaccine manufactures WHO DO THEIR OWN EFFICACY/SAFETY STUDIES, are not legally liable for the damage to your child.

FUCK! Get a clue.

Why “Autism Speaks” speaks for no one but Themselves!

FUCK Autism Speaks.

The organization known as Autism Speaks was started by Bob and Suzanne Wright –apparently out of LOVE for their Grandson. It was soon made clear however, that their love only went as far as their financial interests when they released a press statement disowning his mother (their daughter).  See, she went public about how vaccines injured her child and how biomedical treatments, including diet, were HELPING HIM TO HEAL.  They were quick to inform the public that their daughter had no involvement with the organization that they founded to HELP HER CHILD –and that her views were not their views… persnickety little fuckers!

If those were my parents they would never get to see their grandchild again.

Autism Speaks quickly phagocytized many other leading autism organizations and declared themselves King of the forest! They took over the “Walk far for NAAR” walks among many other donation streams for the cause. They hold walks all over the country where well meaning, but ignorant, fools collect money from your home town and use it to fund their “research” organization.
–Sounds good right??? Not really.  Trust me, your home town needs that money more. And once you take a look at their financials you will surely agree.

This came to light a couple years ago when some geek who loves to look at tax forms AND knows how to make flashy videos exposed the insanely high salaries of their staff, their extravagant offices, fundraisers that lost money and just how much of that money actually went to research and families. (AND SHITTY, USELESS RESEARCH AT THAT!)

Watch the video here, and then come back to see how what happened in the following year.
( I am also a fan of this one –it’s got a nice beat, I can dance to it. I give it a 10!)

Ah! But poor, poor Autism Speaks… even the King of the Forest was hit hard by the recession (though I have HOPE that their decrease in donations was from people like me telling people like you to not give them any more money). So they released a statement saying that since they were on such hard times they would not be able to award any grants the upcoming year… *soft weeping* Feel bad for them??? Want to pass the hat for them??? Hmmmmm Let’s take a look at their 2009 taxes form, shall we?

There are a few things here that catch my eye –While “revenue” dropped by over 20 million dollars, salaries only dropped by 1 million. How did they make up for the loss? By cutting research funding by 17 million dollars! WOW!! They really care don’t they?  Let’s see what they have to say about all this:

“Autism Speaks was forced to make some very difficult cuts which reduced expenses across every department including reducing staff by over 40 positions and withholding salary increases for all employees. Every expense category in 2009 either approximated 2008 spending or showed a decline … [snip]… [In years when] revenues were increasing substantially, a higher share of our revenue growth went to fund additional grants”

I also found it interesting that it was their President, a man who pulls in damn near a cool half-million every year, did their own 990 form.  Just seems fishy to me, maybe a conflict of interest –I don’t know.. I don’t know “money” I don’t know “taxes” –just seems to me that doing it yourself allows for some serious fuckwittery and no checks and balances. I don’t know –maybe he felt that he OUGHT to do SOMETHING to earn that paycheck –other than to send me emails begging for money.

Bottom line… this Organization is ONLY out to keep themselves in salaries.  You pay for their first class, royal fucking treatments, and their Park Avenue office, and their Hollywood elbow rubbing mixers that lose money, and research into the eye gaze of fruit flies (not shitting you) every time you put on your walking shoes, play a round of golf or straight up toss out cash for Autism Speaks.

Look, the hatred over the uselessness of Autism Speaks –hell… uselessness is too nice… this is robbery … this is the rape of your community –this hatred IS THE ONLY THING that my autism-recovery community has in common with the “Neuro Diverse” crowd (who point out that a vast majority of AS’s research is going into pre-natal screening which will likely lead to increased abortions of “autistic” fetuses).  Nobody likes Autism Speaks except those who are ignorant to the facts.

If you want to help the cause… I will gladly accept cash.  So will every other family out there with an autistic child.  We never have enough of it. Such families can make $10,000 a year or $50,000 a year or $1,000,000 a year – every last penny goes to the child and it is never enough. If you rather make a donation to an Organization give to the National Autism Association they have a grant program that directly helps families in need, or The Autism Research Institute a group that gets REAL, USEFUL information out to parents and supports research that helps our children –not fruit flies, or Generation Rescue which offers grants for families who want to try to ACTUALLY ADDRESS THE MEDICAL ILLNESS that their child has! Fancy that!
*EDIT TO ADD* Taca!! Talk About Curing Autism!! They help families too! When I was a broke law student a friend of mine sent them my name at Christmas time and I got clothes for the kids, and awesome goodies for me, and so much love I can’t even remember it all.  Very sweet people.  They have other programs for families as well!

Please stop pissing on my child by giving money to Autism Speaks. If you didn’t know before, now you do and now you no longer have an excuse.

P.S. even the Better Business Bureau lists them as not meeting their standards for Charity Accountability. Take the hint.

UPDATE FOR 2012: Since last year AS now DOES meet the BBB standards, but I find that hard to figure out considering they have to give over a certain percentage to the cause, and looking at the tax returns tells you that they don’t. Also, there has been more than one article surface recently that YOU CAN BUY your way to a better BBB rating. Lovely.

–If you know of other groups deserving of donations please add them to the comments! And tell me… what has Autism Speaks done for you lately?


Are you going to believe the doctors who say it can’t be done, or listen the parents who’ve already done it?

When my son was diagnosed I was told that autism is a neurological disorder –a brain that is hard wired differently.  This gave me pause, as I had studied the brain enough to know that in YOUNG kids especially, a difference in “wiring” shouldn’t matter because the brain can figure out how to function even if it’s been a bit scrambled like a delicious egg! But, well, they are MD’s so they know what they are talking about, right? They have the latest training and I shouldn’t doubt them, right? They only want what is best for my child, right? *insert spit take*

I’ll never forget the crew at Children’s Hospital –his diagnosis at that point was a formality to get the “service” ball rolling. I already knew he was autistic. They hand you a packet that screams “plant a tree to replace me” full of papers for you to fill out ASKING for a medical history. I gave them a blow by blow –every ear infection, every fever near 106 degrees (indicative of poisoning, not so surprising that those fevers were at vaccination time, eh?) –everything.  They observed him for 5 minutes, did some “tests” and called me in to talk to me.

“We see all these things you included,” she then pats me on the head like a puppy and continues to speak to me as if I was 5 years old, “we just want you to know that while we do not know WHAT causes autism, we do know that it was nothing YOU DID.”

*insert icy glance from Moi* “No shit, THAT history is identical to the hundred other parents I have spoken to in the past six months since *I* diagnosed him.  Do YOUR job, figure it out.”  That was 1998 folks, I have died a million deaths from holding my breath.

For over a decade the PARENTS have been begging doctors to REALLY take a good hard look at the medical histories of our kids as a WHOLE (hint: they SCREAM of allergy, autoimmune, GI, toxic messes) and to look at the SUCCESSFUL treatments of our kids on a small, clinical basis. YES, what works for one kid will NOT work for all.  Remember secretin??? Do you think the Beck’s were lying?? Secretin WORKED for their kid!!!! Instead of condemning it and saying that the studies showed it did NOT work, why not try to figure out why it DID work for some!

By the way, Bernie Rimland looked at the studies that “they” said showed secretin as unsuccessful, and he said NOT SO! He said it depends on what you are looking for, and that many kids showed some improvement.

Bernie also loved to share the story of a mom who started to give her kid DMG. A couple days later she almost wrecked her car when the kid came off with a full sentence (first words) for the first time.  On DMG alone. (Hints of MTHFR mutations, right?)
Bernie was also onto something when he realized that B6 and Magnesium in high doses were helping kids with autism. (Glutamate, anyone? More MTHFR issues? Yep.)

Over the past decade the Defeat Autism Now! Protocol doctors have been trying to get to the bottom of these discoveries, and for the most part, they have.  While some details are still missing, we have learned that autism IS a metabolic disorder. My head is full of information about methylation cycles and methyl donor issues and glutathione issues and… shit I can’t keep it all strait unless I write it down.

The thing is, the information is out there.  And you will NOT get it from your doctor. Why?

That is the big question.  Some are just ignorant… they chose to believe that if there is something worth knowing that the AMA or AAP will pass that info on to them.  So how come that hasn’t happened yet?  Why are these medical groups, institutions and organizations REFUSING to listen to the parents? THAT is another million dollar question.


Parents who have quit their jobs to focus on their kids.  Parents who have done MORE research and work than most Ph. D candidates will ever do. THEY mock us –and I *heart* Jenny McCarthy for coming out and talking about her MD from “Google”, but they mock us for that.  I find that very interesting –as if only those who PAY for an MD have the ability to LEARN. I can read you know.  I am capable of comprehension.  I have access to PubMed, too.

Parents… who have looked at autism as a metabolic disorder, added healthy supplements to their child’s diet AND took out gluten, casein, soy, corn, artificial colors & sweeteners & flavors, MSG, preservatives, beaver anus and dog vagina 😉 and WATCHED their kids RECOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Parents.


Yep, you read that right. Some kids completely lose their “autism” diagnosis after a protocol for recovery that includes dietary changes, supplements and detox.

Well… your kid never really was sick.

Yeah.  The parents of autistic kids who HAVE RECOVERED are often hit with this one. “Your kid didn’t have autism, then”.  FUCK YOU CUNT. I have known these people.  I have watched their home movies.  Their kids were OBVIOUSLY autistic and NOW they are not.  Why are we not looking specifically at these cases?  Instead doctors STILL tell the parents of autistic kids that “that diet doesn’t work, don’t waste your money!”

Wasting money.

You know what I call a waste of money? Pop-tarts. Pepsi. MSG laden processed foods.  Please people, don’t tell me that “the diet” is too expensive.  Look at your most recent grocery receipt… how much did you spend on processed and packaged foods?  When you cut out chips and soda and Sunny D (just as bad as soda) you suddenly have ENOUGH to buy fresh produce and clean meat… that is ALL YOU NEED to start “the diet”. Start here. YES, expensive allergen free, prepackaged foods are out there.  They are terrific crutches if you DON’T HAVE BALLS.  I suggest you grow a pair, because the vast majority of that food SUCKS.  And if it doesn’t suck it’s because it has SOY or CORN or MSG or some other chemical in it.

The diet is not something so fucking special.  It is merely a healthy diet. It is how your grandparents ate for fucks sake!! And doctors are telling people to not even try it? Next time someone tells you that diet is no good, ask them WHY? And sit back and enjoy their ignorance. It is malpractice. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.  For a doctor to tell you that a healthy diet is a waste of time and money is either a flat out evil intent OR lack of knowledge –either way, it is malpractice. We ought to be suing these fuckers!

What’s that?? Your kid is picky?? He won’t eat it?? Neither would mine.  I took away milk first, within days he added chicken to his diet.  I do spend a little more than “grandma’s diet” when it comes to SOME things.  I do buy nut flours to “bread” chicken with. I do occasionally buy a coconut based ice cream. Yum.  I do buy ghee (clarified butter).  THAT is about it. Your kids will get hungry and eventually eat. My kids drink water and watered down juice. It’s not hard at all. It’s affordable.  Read Primal Tightwad for inspiration!

IF they admitted that diet helped…

Then they would have to admit autism was a metabolic disorder.
Perhaps more specifically a mitochondrial disorder.
Then they would have to admit that mito disorder’s like that of Hannah Poling wasn’t as rare as they were claiming it to be.

Remember Hannah?? Awarded MILLIONS because vaccines caused her autism vaccines resulted in her “autism-like” symptoms.
Even Cruella Deville admitted it here!! Oh and BY THE WAY… not long after this, Julie left the CDC and took a job as the PRESIDENT of MERCK’s Vaccine Division. Hmmmm. WHORE.

Food can’t cause a neurological disorder you say?? Have you heard of PKU? EVERY newborn in this country is screened for it.
Food can’t alter behavior?? Have you heard of Jameson?? 😉
DID you know that there are NEURONS IN YOUR GUT?? Of course not, because CBS news never told you thaaaaat!

Aw! Sheeple, Sheeple, Sheeple, FOR SHAME!

I ASK AGAIN, Are you going to believe the doctors who say it can’t be done, or listen the parents who’ve already done it?
After all, it is YOUR child’s future.  Wait for medicine to catch up, and end up putting your child in an institution when you are older and can no longer care for them… or fix them now.

We in the autism community live in a world of crazy contradictions!

“Well, maybe if a DOCTOR told me these things, I would buy it” / “Oh, a doctor did say those things? Well, He is a QUACK!”
“Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting on some of these findings?” / “Oh they did?? Well, those people are fringe wackos looking to make a buck!”
“Why isn’t a doctor with no ties to autism saying this stuff” / “Oh, he doesn’t?? Well!! Sure he does after all, he just said that stuff causes autism!”
“Why isn’t anyone respectable looking into this” / “Oh, RFK Jr. took up your cause, isn’t he that crazy environmentalist?”
“MY SCIENCE is PEER REVIEWED & PUBLISHED” / “Oh, yours too? Well yours is flawed!”

*sigh* really?
REALLY. It’s time to tune out the rubbish people.

I can see why a NEWBIE would be overwhelmed.  But we are not saying to let your kids shoot up heroin.  We are saying, clean up their diet.

I am still searching for what works for my son.  We finally did the 23andme DNA test and I can see now how messed up his methylation cycle is.  I can see why he reacted poorly to supplements that helped other kids. This test is a MUST DO!

I can say, without hesitation, that the diet did not HARM him one bit.
His OCD and aggression is less on a clean diet.  I can also testify for the thousands of kids getting better BECAUSE their PARENTS listened to the other PARENTS, not their doctors!

Want more? Start here, then google til your heart’s content!

–and, Thanks Bernie! *love*

Pardon me, Sir… but could you pull your dick out of that cheeseburger and just listen for a minute???

What is it about food??  Why is it such an untouchable obsession??

Here is a very short look at the “diet thing” for those of you not familiar with the whole autism/diet issue.  Some proteins in some foods leak out of the gut, cross the blood brain barrier and wreak havoc in the brain.  Some substances are known as excitotoxins and are killing brain cells –wreaking havoc causing everything from autism to seizures to migraines… to… well… everything.  Artificial dyes are causing hyperactivity and are also petroleum based carcinogens… And there is more, lots more!! Some food issues are specific to those with metabolic disorders such as autism, but some –like the artificial colors and MSG and various other poisons in “processed foods” affect everyone. Some are straight up allergies, some are ‘intolerances’ that can still make you sick and affect behavior.

Let’s face it, Americans eat TOXIC WASTE
But we don’t *just* eat TOXIC WASTE… we love it… DEFEND IT…. We defend it like we’re fucking it every Friday night and occasionally on Tuesdays….  We defend it like an abusive husband.  “Oh… Red Dye #40 didn’t MEAN to make my kid cut herself, he really does love her you know?”

Most people cannot even comprehend that food is the problem, they don’t even make the connection –they’re not even trying to think about it.  I bring it up and am met with glazed over faces.
Some have an idea that food is the issue, but get angry at the thought of it and take up a “don’t fuck with my food” attitude.

Recently someone said to me, “Humans are adaptable, we can eat anything!”  –really, you think so?  Look around –the leading causes of death all stem from the shit we shove in our pie holes!

I know of small children that have ADHD, ADD, ODD, Bi-fucking-polar, borderline personality disorder –and various other bull shit diagnoses… Their parents are too quick to accept the alphabet soup Dx and push the ineffective, harmful, black-box-warning having PILLS down their kid’s throats –but not proper nutrition!!

I guess It’s EASIER to shove pills down a throat than broccoli.

They say, “What?! Where is the proof that changing my child’s diet will work! Besides, my kid only eats pop-tarts he is STUBBORN! He’ll starve to death!” OMG. Be a fucking parent!

AND FUCK ME.  Want proof… use your brain. Think.  Think back to cellular biology. Ponder the cell.  It’s thrilling, right?  Picture it working perfectly with perfect nutrition… now… just add toxic waste. BAM! Want more proof? Watch how a couple shots of tequila transform me into a girl who will dance on pool tables. What we toss down our throats affects behavior. This isn’t a novel concept.

When we suggest to these families –those with auto-immune, behavioral and neurological disorders, that they change their diet we don’t even get the polite head nods to trick us into thinking they are listening…. no… we are often shut out, have BS “science” thrown back at us and are told that it’s too hard. (Too hard? To eat real food? SMDH.)

A decade ago those of us who we’re doing the “autism diet” were looked at as mean, crazy, perhaps even abusive –for putting our kids on such a “restrictive diet that doesn’t work”.  Restrictive???? Let’s see… my son used to only eat McDonald’s french fries and gummy bears and diet soda and soy milk. When I took those things away he started to enjoy plain water and he loves chicken salads.  Yeah. Real FUCKING abusive and restrictive!

WHAT DOCTOR out there can say the first diet was better than the ‘restrictive’ diet I put my child on and NOT expect me to throat punch them?


Chewable Cholesterol meds for tots!!!!!! GASTRIC FUCKING BYPASS SURGERY FOR CHILDREN.
“Sorry Tommy, you’ll never be able to eat like a human being again because mommy can’t bear to be A PARENT and take away your sugar-coated, ultra-blue, deep-fried CRACK COCAINE!


Shit, it isn’t easy. Kids like that crack for a reason! We are at war in this house as the last of the “bad food” finds it’s way cooked, consumed and never to be replaced.  The kids were ready to call 911 the other night when I wouldn’t dismiss them from the table until they ate some rice and carrots.  I’m such a bitch.

I have chronic inflammation, the beginnings of RA, daily/hourly/minutely myoclonic seizures. A clean diet is necessary for our well being and survival.  My kids have their issues as well. Why would I NOT try diet? You really really are what you eat!

You know.. I KIND OF get it –when I think about giving up my bitchin’ Lasagna I get all mad and wonder “WHY ME!!!”    –after all, we were engaged to be married!!!
[Update… I now have a great paleo way to make my bitchin’ lasagna. The engagement is back on! 😉 I will share it soon]

Why do people simply SHUT DOWN when we suggest that they need to clean up their food source?
Why do they “not believe in that sot of thing”, as I was once told.
I DO NOT get why people are so blind to it that they won’t even consider a diet change to SAVE THEIR lives or their kids lives or their sanity!

For those of you who are ready to defend your Standard American Diet, please do.  I want to hear why you won’t even consider that our lifestyle of processed foods is bad for us. Help me understand.
And, for the choir I am preaching too… WHAT is the DUMBEST thing anyone has ever said to you about your child’s special diet?

Some Links:

Study shows that diet may help more than drugs!! –uh.. DUH! You think?

Ever wonder how they get Iron in your cereal?? –Anyone have a file and a chunk of metal?

Food Matters –b/c food really does FUCKING matter!!!!! (you can stream this on Netflix) or pay $4.95 here. (one month unlimited streaming on Netflix is $7.99 now.

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