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*Blows Mike*

Er… blows on mic…

It’s been a while, I know.
And I’m not sure that I’m ready to be back. It’s a long story that I won’t bore you with today. Someday, but not today 😉

I’ve had a very loud voice in my head as of late.
“Why aren’t you writing about what’s happening?”
The “anti-vaxxer” witch hunt.
The censorship.
The propaganda.
The REAL vaccine misinformation campaign.


–it’s not the “anti-vaxxers”

I’ve deleted a lot of old blogs off this page. What’s left are old ones that need editing or rewrites. So things look a little “under construction” for now. I’ll get it cleaned up soon.

Sorry that I faded away.
Sorry that I sat down on the deck and waited for the ship to sink.

–For Mark. For Liam. I miss your lessons and words.
–For myself. For my son. I’m back.