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$506 a day. #WTFloriduh

I was thinking about this last night as I fell asleep. Wrote a whole blog in my head but of course I don’t remember it. I remember the end… $506 a day.

The state of Florida will pay nursing homes more than $506 a day to care for a sick child. Read that here in this story of a such a child… who died in the “care” of such a place.

$506 a day.


My son had a good day yesterday. He seemed happy. He was running around, laughing… listening to rock music, which is generally a no-no as such songs can set him off into a rage at times. He even dropped a crystal clear WH question when he saw me pouring maple syrup on meatballs (Yes… I have a problem). “Why are you putting maple syrup on the meatballs?” he asked… while pausing, grasping onto the furniture to brace himself from his blown mind. The good days are rare.

I’m still in the process of trying to find him some adequate help here in Florida.  He’s medically a wreck –but you know… with issues that doctors deny are real, or issues that get ignored because, “Well, he’s autistic!”  The doctors who know how to begin to help him are out of our price range.

People talk about how much autism “costs” a family,  they don’t talk about the “cost” to the child when there is no money. –it doesn’t cost me a thing, I don’t have a thing to spend.  Quality of life is the cost.


And Florida pays nursing homes over $506 a DAY.

Can you imagine how much $506 extra a MONTH could help me?
A WEEK? OMG! A week!
Why don’t they give families HALF that for in home care?

They don’t give families a DIME. Even Pennsylvania chipped in $22.10 a month. That number always made me laugh, but ask me how much I appreciated that half tank of gas. Florida doesn’t chip in SSP at all. Gavin gets $721 a month from SSI. Oh wait!! Cost of living raise next month!! $733. A month.

We live on that and a little bit of child support.


Ask me how much I wish there was someone who could adequately take care of my child during the day so that I could work. I would shovel dog shit right now if it meant a paycheck and a BREAK from my prison house.

I bet for $106 a day I could hire someone to care for him.
That would create a job #WTFloriduh!
And I could go back to work. Pay some taxes instead of qualifying for food stamps and medicaid. It would save the state $146,000 a year on the bill they are about to be footing because I don’t know how much longer I can care for my son at home, alone. Who are these brainless bureaucrats?


And the flood of kids like my son is coming.
The more I talk out about our struggles, the more emails I get from parents living the same nightmare. My situation isn’t rare.

The truth is, a typical nursing home couldn’t handle my son… not unless they drug him into a coma. And he’s a kid who can’t be drugged. When he was two they gave him a cocktail to knock him out for an MRI, he staggered around like an angry drunk –a trend that continues thru adulthood, only… he’s a giant now, not a toddler.
Those parents emailing me? Their kids are the same. Nothing works for them.  The brain and body damage is too much.


This is a societal problem.
You there… Mr. I-Don’t-Have-An-Autistic-Child. Who do you think is paying the bill?  Why are the autism parents the only ones who can envision the societal collapse coming our way?


Is that when our government will finally turn on the pharmaceutical industry? When the cost of caring for our vaccine injured kids exceeds the bribes, kickbacks, and campaign contributions that they currently enjoy?