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Pardon me, Sir… but could you pull your dick out of that cheeseburger and just listen for a minute???

What is it about food??  Why is it such an untouchable obsession??

Here is a very short look at the “diet thing” for those of you not familiar with the whole autism/diet issue.  Some proteins in some foods leak out of the gut, cross the blood brain barrier and wreak havoc in the brain.  Some substances are known as excitotoxins and are killing brain cells –wreaking havoc causing everything from autism to seizures to migraines… to… well… everything.  Artificial dyes are causing hyperactivity and are also petroleum based carcinogens… And there is more, lots more!! Some food issues are specific to those with metabolic disorders such as autism, but some –like the artificial colors and MSG and various other poisons in “processed foods” affect everyone. Some are straight up allergies, some are ‘intolerances’ that can still make you sick and affect behavior.

Let’s face it, Americans eat TOXIC WASTE
But we don’t *just* eat TOXIC WASTE… we love it… DEFEND IT…. We defend it like we’re fucking it every Friday night and occasionally on Tuesdays….  We defend it like an abusive husband.  “Oh… Red Dye #40 didn’t MEAN to make my kid cut herself, he really does love her you know?”

Most people cannot even comprehend that food is the problem, they don’t even make the connection –they’re not even trying to think about it.  I bring it up and am met with glazed over faces.
Some have an idea that food is the issue, but get angry at the thought of it and take up a “don’t fuck with my food” attitude.

Recently someone said to me, “Humans are adaptable, we can eat anything!”  –really, you think so?  Look around –the leading causes of death all stem from the shit we shove in our pie holes!

I know of small children that have ADHD, ADD, ODD, Bi-fucking-polar, borderline personality disorder –and various other bull shit diagnoses… Their parents are too quick to accept the alphabet soup Dx and push the ineffective, harmful, black-box-warning having PILLS down their kid’s throats –but not proper nutrition!!

I guess It’s EASIER to shove pills down a throat than broccoli.

They say, “What?! Where is the proof that changing my child’s diet will work! Besides, my kid only eats pop-tarts he is STUBBORN! He’ll starve to death!” OMG. Be a fucking parent!

AND FUCK ME.  Want proof… use your brain. Think.  Think back to cellular biology. Ponder the cell.  It’s thrilling, right?  Picture it working perfectly with perfect nutrition… now… just add toxic waste. BAM! Want more proof? Watch how a couple shots of tequila transform me into a girl who will dance on pool tables. What we toss down our throats affects behavior. This isn’t a novel concept.

When we suggest to these families –those with auto-immune, behavioral and neurological disorders, that they change their diet we don’t even get the polite head nods to trick us into thinking they are listening…. no… we are often shut out, have BS “science” thrown back at us and are told that it’s too hard. (Too hard? To eat real food? SMDH.)

A decade ago those of us who we’re doing the “autism diet” were looked at as mean, crazy, perhaps even abusive –for putting our kids on such a “restrictive diet that doesn’t work”.  Restrictive???? Let’s see… my son used to only eat McDonald’s french fries and gummy bears and diet soda and soy milk. When I took those things away he started to enjoy plain water and he loves chicken salads.  Yeah. Real FUCKING abusive and restrictive!

WHAT DOCTOR out there can say the first diet was better than the ‘restrictive’ diet I put my child on and NOT expect me to throat punch them?


Chewable Cholesterol meds for tots!!!!!! GASTRIC FUCKING BYPASS SURGERY FOR CHILDREN.
“Sorry Tommy, you’ll never be able to eat like a human being again because mommy can’t bear to be A PARENT and take away your sugar-coated, ultra-blue, deep-fried CRACK COCAINE!


Shit, it isn’t easy. Kids like that crack for a reason! We are at war in this house as the last of the “bad food” finds it’s way cooked, consumed and never to be replaced.  The kids were ready to call 911 the other night when I wouldn’t dismiss them from the table until they ate some rice and carrots.  I’m such a bitch.

I have chronic inflammation, the beginnings of RA, daily/hourly/minutely myoclonic seizures. A clean diet is necessary for our well being and survival.  My kids have their issues as well. Why would I NOT try diet? You really really are what you eat!

You know.. I KIND OF get it –when I think about giving up my bitchin’ Lasagna I get all mad and wonder “WHY ME!!!”    –after all, we were engaged to be married!!!
[Update… I now have a great paleo way to make my bitchin’ lasagna. The engagement is back on! 😉 I will share it soon]

Why do people simply SHUT DOWN when we suggest that they need to clean up their food source?
Why do they “not believe in that sot of thing”, as I was once told.
I DO NOT get why people are so blind to it that they won’t even consider a diet change to SAVE THEIR lives or their kids lives or their sanity!

For those of you who are ready to defend your Standard American Diet, please do.  I want to hear why you won’t even consider that our lifestyle of processed foods is bad for us. Help me understand.
And, for the choir I am preaching too… WHAT is the DUMBEST thing anyone has ever said to you about your child’s special diet?

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