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*Blows Mike*

Er… blows on mic…

It’s been a while, I know.
And I’m not sure that I’m ready to be back. It’s a long story that I won’t bore you with today. Someday, but not today 😉

I’ve had a very loud voice in my head as of late.
“Why aren’t you writing about what’s happening?”
The “anti-vaxxer” witch hunt.
The censorship.
The propaganda.
The REAL vaccine misinformation campaign.


–it’s not the “anti-vaxxers”

I’ve deleted a lot of old blogs off this page. What’s left are old ones that need editing or rewrites. So things look a little “under construction” for now. I’ll get it cleaned up soon.

Sorry that I faded away.
Sorry that I sat down on the deck and waited for the ship to sink.

–For Mark. For Liam. I miss your lessons and words.
–For myself. For my son. I’m back.


It’s the adjuvants, stupid.

Someone replied to a comment of mine yesterday with this little ditty, trying to tell me that a decrease in vaccine complexity came before the increase in autism.


About a year ago some troll tried to engage me on the same issue. I ignored it at the time.

This isn’t a long blog post today… it’s a treat. Food for thought.

This isn’t about the “complexity”. This isn’t about antigens.
This is about the toxic adjuvants and preservatives in the vaccines. The ACTUAL neurotoxins.
And the DNA fragments.

Please. Do some research on your own.