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It’s not about guns.

Take away semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines and there can still be mass murder.

I gave myself ten minutes to come up with several ways to commit mass murder without a gun. It was easier than I imagined it would be. Scenarios involving: fire, home made bombs, cars, trains, poison, night clubs, hospitals, apt buildings, street festivals –all with legal items, or easy to obtain illegal items.

It’s not about guns. By the way, most handguns bought today are also “semi auto” and have high capacity mags. Take away the guns and people bent on mass murder can still pull it off. Sure, guns are easier, but the other ways are also easy.

We refuse to look at why people kill.
Happy, Healthy brains do not kill.

People on pharmaceuticals kill.
People with improper nutrition kill –this is a huge topic that I’m glossing over, but I’m talking about “metal illness”, cellular metabolic issues where people are seriously lacking in CRITICAL vitamins in their bodies that are needed for their brains to function properly.
We eat toxic food and drink toxic water and take toxic medicine and we are sick.

We are the fattest country (which is a toxin indicator), we take the MOST medication, we are the most medically neglected –and those who do seek “medicine” seek out the Western Medicine approach of symptom suppression. When will our leadership stand up and start talking about THAT?


Read about Linus Pauling, Abram Hoffer, Orthomolecular medicine and mental health. Read about the people who actually cured their sick brains with Vit C and Niacin. Not with psychotropic medications that actually have violence as a potential side effect.

As for the Second Amendment and all that “musket” talk… yes. Everyone had muskets back then… EVERY. ONE.
Match fire power for fire power. If the gov’t and police and criminals go back to muskets, then I’m cool with everyone having muskets. But until then I’ll keep my semi-auto guns with high capacity magazines.

What happened was horrible. I’m not trying to be cold.
But we are having the wrong conversation, and while gun crimes have gone down in countries that banned guns, those countries also are not as fucked up as we Americans are –raised on poison and hate –it’s all through our history. Put you flag down for a minute and take another look at history. When haven’t we been shitty to people who are different? It’s our sick culture and we have sick brains.

Have the right conversation or nothing will change.

Edit to add: I keep getting people saying, “Australia, Australia, Australia!” in my general direction.  Mass murders have not stopped in Australia. Snowtown Murders 12 bodies found in acid barrels, Childers Queensland Arson attack 15 dead, Churchhill Fire 10 dead, Lin Family murders 5 dead from being beat with a blunt instrument, Quaker Hill Nursing home fire 11 dead, Cairns Child killings 8 children stabbed to death –and that list doesn’t include the gun killings because YES, there have still been gun killings: Logan Shooting 3 dead, Hunt Family Murders 5 dead, Hectorville Seige 3 dead, Monash University Shooting 2 dead 5 injured.

Australia has 23.9 million people, the USA has almost ten times as many people. The USA has the highest prescription drugs use of any country, certainly more black box warning drugs where side effects are depression, suicide and all around murderous rage. I personally was rx’d a seizure med (Keppra) that made me want to kill people. It’s not about fucking guns for the love of all that is fucking holy. Stop comparing us to Australia unless you want to break down the numbers and do it right.

Tonight was one of those nights….

…one of those night where you just feel like throwing an electrical appliance in the water with you, know what I mean?

Instead of reaching for the toaster, I grabbed my IonCleanse by AMD! That thing saved lives tonight!! 😉

Gavin has never been one to react to the full moon. I see all my Autism Mom friends cursing the moon and I know I am lucky. So, maybe it was a coincidence or maybe it was the giant-super-blood-harvest-eclipse-moon from hell –but he was bouncing off the walls –literally. Scripting like mad… running and jumping thru the house like a wild man. The sound of his sneakers hitting the floor + the scripting was pushing me over the edge.

See, I am having a “bad sensory day” too. I’ve said it 1,000 times, the autism doesn’t fall far from the tree.
I’ve been struggling to get a damn grip on reality and my life and forced myself back on a ketogenic diet. I always feel great on keto. Mental clarity. Weight loss. Focus…. but also… rapid detox. The first week back on is HELL.

And it hit me tonight, I could almost feel my body swing into full dietary ketosis. Right when Gavin went nuts… I went nuts. I was crawling out of my own skin.
“Gavin, shhhhhhhhh!”
“OMG GAVIN, stop running!”
“GAVIN, take your damn shoes off if you can’t stop running… that sound!!!”

Well, we usually wait until 11 p.m. ish to do our footbaths –we’re night owls, but I knew one way to get those damn shoes off!
“Footbath time!!”

Ahhhhhh, quiet.
I took this time to try to get some Photoshop work done and nothing was going right, and I was getting more agitated.
Finally gave up, closed the lap top and paced the floors until my turn.

[I think I saw tiny little worms in his water tonight. At least they are identical to photos I have seen of what others are calling worms –me being me, I need a microscope and lab tests to prove it. But his water was bubbly and frothy and maybe wormy and just really gross tonight.]

My turn! I sat down, feet in the water, headphones in my ears blasting some Rolling Stones and Ahhhhhh.
A wonderful, peaceful 45 minutes.

When it was all said and done he and I went back to our agitated states, but definitely a lesser degree and more manageable. I did ponder just keeping our feet in the tub the whole night, though. 🙂

I got hit with my keto headache an hour later, and could already feel my knuckles swelling in my hands… ahead of schedule. Normally I get an RA flare around day 4-5. I swallowed a handful of charcoal, gave Gavin some, too. Made some tea and went to bed to read. Expecting to feel horrible and to fall asleep quickly.

The more I read the more my brain went into over drive. I found myself reading with one hand, writing something in my head, and researching something on my laptop with the other hand –and it was all clear and making sense.

When you spend so much time in a brain fog, these moments of clarity are shocking. They are precious and rare. I think that is where *hope* lives. You know I hate that word… but there is this little window where you get a glimpse of what life is supposed to be like. What it was like before you got so toxic and unhealthy.

The thing is, never during the first week of going back on keto do I have moments of clarity. It’s more of a hit-by-a-truck-while-hungover feeling.

I think my time in the IonClease by AMD foot bath really helped tonight. To say the least. I might not be able to get out of bed tomorrow, lol, but if nothing else, I will crawl my way to that machine!

I am working on a blog about the foot baths –this is really helping Gavin. Would you believe me if I told you that his ATEC dropped from 100 to 66 in two months? The kid who never dipped below 100 in his life. The blog is loooong. It might end up being a 2 or 3 parter. I just feel like you need to know exactly where he’s come from to understand how huge it is that this is working for him. Watch for it this week.

In the meantime you can check them out here –be sure to check the research page under the “Resources” tab.