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Are you going to believe the doctors who say it can’t be done, or listen the parents who’ve already done it?

When my son was diagnosed I was told that autism is a neurological disorder –a brain that is hard wired differently.  This gave me pause, as I had studied the brain enough to know that in YOUNG kids especially, a difference in “wiring” shouldn’t matter because the brain can figure out how to function even if it’s been a bit scrambled like a delicious egg! But, well, they are MD’s so they know what they are talking about, right? They have the latest training and I shouldn’t doubt them, right? They only want what is best for my child, right? *insert spit take*

I’ll never forget the crew at Children’s Hospital –his diagnosis at that point was a formality to get the “service” ball rolling. I already knew he was autistic. They hand you a packet that screams “plant a tree to replace me” full of papers for you to fill out ASKING for a medical history. I gave them a blow by blow –every ear infection, every fever near 106 degrees (indicative of poisoning, not so surprising that those fevers were at vaccination time, eh?) –everything.  They observed him for 5 minutes, did some “tests” and called me in to talk to me.

“We see all these things you included,” she then pats me on the head like a puppy and continues to speak to me as if I was 5 years old, “we just want you to know that while we do not know WHAT causes autism, we do know that it was nothing YOU DID.”

*insert icy glance from Moi* “No shit, THAT history is identical to the hundred other parents I have spoken to in the past six months since *I* diagnosed him.  Do YOUR job, figure it out.”  That was 1998 folks, I have died a million deaths from holding my breath.

For over a decade the PARENTS have been begging doctors to REALLY take a good hard look at the medical histories of our kids as a WHOLE (hint: they SCREAM of allergy, autoimmune, GI, toxic messes) and to look at the SUCCESSFUL treatments of our kids on a small, clinical basis. YES, what works for one kid will NOT work for all.  Remember secretin??? Do you think the Beck’s were lying?? Secretin WORKED for their kid!!!! Instead of condemning it and saying that the studies showed it did NOT work, why not try to figure out why it DID work for some!

By the way, Bernie Rimland looked at the studies that “they” said showed secretin as unsuccessful, and he said NOT SO! He said it depends on what you are looking for, and that many kids showed some improvement.

Bernie also loved to share the story of a mom who started to give her kid DMG. A couple days later she almost wrecked her car when the kid came off with a full sentence (first words) for the first time.  On DMG alone. (Hints of MTHFR mutations, right?)
Bernie was also onto something when he realized that B6 and Magnesium in high doses were helping kids with autism. (Glutamate, anyone? More MTHFR issues? Yep.)

Over the past decade the Defeat Autism Now! Protocol doctors have been trying to get to the bottom of these discoveries, and for the most part, they have.  While some details are still missing, we have learned that autism IS a metabolic disorder. My head is full of information about methylation cycles and methyl donor issues and glutathione issues and… shit I can’t keep it all strait unless I write it down.

The thing is, the information is out there.  And you will NOT get it from your doctor. Why?

That is the big question.  Some are just ignorant… they chose to believe that if there is something worth knowing that the AMA or AAP will pass that info on to them.  So how come that hasn’t happened yet?  Why are these medical groups, institutions and organizations REFUSING to listen to the parents? THAT is another million dollar question.


Parents who have quit their jobs to focus on their kids.  Parents who have done MORE research and work than most Ph. D candidates will ever do. THEY mock us –and I *heart* Jenny McCarthy for coming out and talking about her MD from “Google”, but they mock us for that.  I find that very interesting –as if only those who PAY for an MD have the ability to LEARN. I can read you know.  I am capable of comprehension.  I have access to PubMed, too.

Parents… who have looked at autism as a metabolic disorder, added healthy supplements to their child’s diet AND took out gluten, casein, soy, corn, artificial colors & sweeteners & flavors, MSG, preservatives, beaver anus and dog vagina 😉 and WATCHED their kids RECOVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Parents.


Yep, you read that right. Some kids completely lose their “autism” diagnosis after a protocol for recovery that includes dietary changes, supplements and detox.

Well… your kid never really was sick.

Yeah.  The parents of autistic kids who HAVE RECOVERED are often hit with this one. “Your kid didn’t have autism, then”.  FUCK YOU CUNT. I have known these people.  I have watched their home movies.  Their kids were OBVIOUSLY autistic and NOW they are not.  Why are we not looking specifically at these cases?  Instead doctors STILL tell the parents of autistic kids that “that diet doesn’t work, don’t waste your money!”

Wasting money.

You know what I call a waste of money? Pop-tarts. Pepsi. MSG laden processed foods.  Please people, don’t tell me that “the diet” is too expensive.  Look at your most recent grocery receipt… how much did you spend on processed and packaged foods?  When you cut out chips and soda and Sunny D (just as bad as soda) you suddenly have ENOUGH to buy fresh produce and clean meat… that is ALL YOU NEED to start “the diet”. Start here. YES, expensive allergen free, prepackaged foods are out there.  They are terrific crutches if you DON’T HAVE BALLS.  I suggest you grow a pair, because the vast majority of that food SUCKS.  And if it doesn’t suck it’s because it has SOY or CORN or MSG or some other chemical in it.

The diet is not something so fucking special.  It is merely a healthy diet. It is how your grandparents ate for fucks sake!! And doctors are telling people to not even try it? Next time someone tells you that diet is no good, ask them WHY? And sit back and enjoy their ignorance. It is malpractice. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.  For a doctor to tell you that a healthy diet is a waste of time and money is either a flat out evil intent OR lack of knowledge –either way, it is malpractice. We ought to be suing these fuckers!

What’s that?? Your kid is picky?? He won’t eat it?? Neither would mine.  I took away milk first, within days he added chicken to his diet.  I do spend a little more than “grandma’s diet” when it comes to SOME things.  I do buy nut flours to “bread” chicken with. I do occasionally buy a coconut based ice cream. Yum.  I do buy ghee (clarified butter).  THAT is about it. Your kids will get hungry and eventually eat. My kids drink water and watered down juice. It’s not hard at all. It’s affordable.  Read Primal Tightwad for inspiration!

IF they admitted that diet helped…

Then they would have to admit autism was a metabolic disorder.
Perhaps more specifically a mitochondrial disorder.
Then they would have to admit that mito disorder’s like that of Hannah Poling wasn’t as rare as they were claiming it to be.

Remember Hannah?? Awarded MILLIONS because vaccines caused her autism vaccines resulted in her “autism-like” symptoms.
Even Cruella Deville admitted it here!! Oh and BY THE WAY… not long after this, Julie left the CDC and took a job as the PRESIDENT of MERCK’s Vaccine Division. Hmmmm. WHORE.

Food can’t cause a neurological disorder you say?? Have you heard of PKU? EVERY newborn in this country is screened for it.
Food can’t alter behavior?? Have you heard of Jameson?? 😉
DID you know that there are NEURONS IN YOUR GUT?? Of course not, because CBS news never told you thaaaaat!

Aw! Sheeple, Sheeple, Sheeple, FOR SHAME!

I ASK AGAIN, Are you going to believe the doctors who say it can’t be done, or listen the parents who’ve already done it?
After all, it is YOUR child’s future.  Wait for medicine to catch up, and end up putting your child in an institution when you are older and can no longer care for them… or fix them now.

We in the autism community live in a world of crazy contradictions!

“Well, maybe if a DOCTOR told me these things, I would buy it” / “Oh, a doctor did say those things? Well, He is a QUACK!”
“Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting on some of these findings?” / “Oh they did?? Well, those people are fringe wackos looking to make a buck!”
“Why isn’t a doctor with no ties to autism saying this stuff” / “Oh, he doesn’t?? Well!! Sure he does after all, he just said that stuff causes autism!”
“Why isn’t anyone respectable looking into this” / “Oh, RFK Jr. took up your cause, isn’t he that crazy environmentalist?”
“MY SCIENCE is PEER REVIEWED & PUBLISHED” / “Oh, yours too? Well yours is flawed!”

*sigh* really?
REALLY. It’s time to tune out the rubbish people.

I can see why a NEWBIE would be overwhelmed.  But we are not saying to let your kids shoot up heroin.  We are saying, clean up their diet.

I am still searching for what works for my son.  We finally did the 23andme DNA test and I can see now how messed up his methylation cycle is.  I can see why he reacted poorly to supplements that helped other kids. This test is a MUST DO!

I can say, without hesitation, that the diet did not HARM him one bit.
His OCD and aggression is less on a clean diet.  I can also testify for the thousands of kids getting better BECAUSE their PARENTS listened to the other PARENTS, not their doctors!

Want more? Start here, then google til your heart’s content!

–and, Thanks Bernie! *love*