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Why I voted for Trump, and why you should get over it.

I know I’ve been quite MIA, but brain fog and exhaustion kinda rule my world these days. I have forced myself to sit in front of the computer today to bring you this post. I’m tired of rolling my eyes in reply to the issue I’m going to discuss, without having the energy to put the sentiment in a comment. So here is my reply.

The issue: Just how dumb us autism families are who voted for Trump.
‘God bless our tiny pinheads’ according to the internet and some of my very own friends. ‘SMH, how can they be so dumb, and they are living it!’  Articles float around from every major news source about just how awful Trump is going to be for us (Which, is actually Main Stream Media code for “Trump is going to be so awful for our pharma ad revenues” –because, really, main stream media didn’t give a damn about us before Trump, and they seriously do not give a damn now).

Here’s the thing… just how great did Obama make my life? Over his 8 years I saw services cut left and right. I saw a man enter the Presidency who was cautious about vaccines, who later backtracked with his condescending “Look,” (grrr I hate that) ‘trust the CDC, get the vaccines.’ Our lives didn’t get better under Obama. Things are actually worse for ME and MY SON. Obama did nothing for autism. No help. No help for adults. No plan for the oncoming tsunami of adults who need 24/7 care. No real effort to end the crisis. Nothing. He ignored the CDC Whistle Blower, he turned a blind eye. He is complicit in this mess.

Yes, I voted for Trump. A decision I made last minute. I was aware that Trump knew vaccines caused autism, but he hadn’t spoken of any plans to do anything about it. There was my hesitation. Up until a week before the election I was still the idiot bashing my Trump voting friends, just like some in the community continue to do. But Levi Quackenboss published a blog post a few days before the election that changed my mind. Levi told us of meetings between Trump & Wakefield. I trust Levi. It changed my mind.

Maybe Trump’s cuts in office will affect middle and upper class America. But, hate to be telling you how voting works, I didn’t think twice about them when I voted. I voted for me. I voted for my son. Our lives truly cannot get any worse. If they did it would mean that I am homeless and at that point with nothing to lose, I would camp out in front of my state capitol building.

Our country is on the track toward collapse, however –we simply cannot pay for the damage done to two generations of kids at this point. Maybe I’d shed a tear for the middle and upper classes a little bit if the vast majority had listened to me and my tribe for the past two decades as we shouted from the rooftops, “VACCINES ARE CAUSING AUTISM!” “Injecting BABIES with MERCURY is STUPID!” We tried to warn you. The chickens are comin’ home, my dear tens of tens of readers. 😉

So, there I was with a choice between the candidate who was a status-quo-pharma-ho and the one who doesn’t give a shit what you think, beholden to no one but his own ego*, and knows that vaccines cause autism.  There was really no contest. (*I say that with love in my heart. No judgement.)

And so far… my vote, has paid me back. President Elect Trump just appointed Robert Kennedy Jr to head up a vaccine safety commission.

Kennedy knows, and has the science to prove that vaccines caused my son’s autism (you all have the science too, just read it). He speaks of justice. To me, justice is compensation. Kennedy knows that the NVICP is useless. Kennedy knows that my son deserves justice for his brain damage, and that the people responsible need to face the consequences. That is WHY I voted for Trump. He’s done MORE for ‘autism’ (and the viability of this nation going forward) this past week than any president before him. And if you don’t think this is a ‘viability of a nation’ issue, then you haven’t been paying attention.

Oh, I know what some of you are thinking, “Silly girl, vaccines don’t cause autism, there is no study that links it! Bless your little pinhead!” To that I say… *eye roll* If you still say that… If you still believe there is no link, then hear this well, your ignorance is embarrassing. There is no excuse in 2017 to not know the facts.

Yes, I am living it. Yes, I voted for Trump, with good reason, and I am not sorry. And I’m not stupid. And I’m not a hillbilly. And I’m not racist. All things I ignorantly and emotionally said about Trump voters just a couple months ago. And you voted for Clinton, or Gary or Mickey Mouse, or no one. It was your right, it was my right. If we learn anything from this election, let it be that we need to work with our differences. And judging someone, calling them foolish, because they didn’t vote with YOUR best interests in mind, is pretty douchey.

Here is the fun part. I’m going to start a “Trump-o-meter” a… “Trumpstruction Report” um… a “Has Trump made my life better or worse” tally…. As you can see, I can’t settle on a name for it yet, but whatever we decide to call it (ideas?), it will run for Trump’s 4 years and it will document if having Trump in office has made our lives with autism better or worse. And I will be honest, because this is my brain-damaged, life-robbed, son we’re talking about. So far, we’re up. He’s not even in office yet and I have a promise a vaccine safety commission, led by a brilliant man who has the proof that vaccines cause autism.

So watch for that page coming soon to the website.

Yes, I am living it. I’ve been living it for 18 years and 11 months. I’ve been ignored. Marginalized. Called crazy, desperate, anti-science (oh, the fucking irony!). A lost cause. Now my team is up and the rest of you are just going to have to brace yourselves to accept the reality you’ve been denying for decades.

Fun Fact: Jimmy Stewart had mercury dropped directly onto his vocal cords for his ‘worn out’ voice in this filibuster scene.

As always, gold stars to those who point out my typos.

CDC Whistle Blower. MMR/Autism Link Covered UP

[This is not a thoughtful Jane blog. This is classic Autism Wars Jenny style blog.  Maybe when I cool off I will clean it up so those of you unwilling to share my f-bomb rants can share it. But I think you might agree this is called for and a long time coming.]

Vindication doesn’t feel as sweet as I thought it would. It kinda feels like shit. My son is still paying the price.  He will for the rest of his life –and we both, left with no recourse. We don’t get our day in court. There is no liability for the vaccine manufactures. But I am telling you right now, those of you with autistic children born AFTER this cover up –SUE THE FUCK out of the CDC. PLEASE. For my son. Do it for Gavin. Do it for justice for all the vaccine injured kids.

My son’s road down vaccine injury lane began with the “Birth Day Dose” of Hep B vaccines, there is no doubt. But the day he got the MMR and DTP was the nail in the coffin of his neurologically typical life. That is the day his language left. That is the day he slipped away right before my eyes… a body, empty –unable to connect to the outside world. Damaged.My son, before his MMR and right after.

My son, before his MMR and after the MMR.

CDC Whistle Blower. MMR-Autism Link Cover Up.

There are a lot of people out there today who are lucky I can’t afford to do the time.

To all the people who ever thought I was crazy for saying it… that vaccines cause autism… People who pretended to be my friends but talked shit behind my back. Blocked me from their news feeds, “unfriended” me… To the researchers who KNEW this was happening.  To the people who WRONGLY went after Dr. Wakefield… from the bottom of my heart… FUCK YOU. JUST SOOOOOO FUCK YOU. And your mother. And the horse you rode in on. And your SMALL SMALL BRAINS.

Now, for clarification… this is not saying that MMR only causes autism in African American kids… it’s behind the increase in ALL with the diagnosis, just at a much higher rate in African Americans. I am sure the media will grab and spin like this, “SEE! It is genetics” *MIDDLE FINGERS UP*

Decades have gone by…that we’ve been asking you to look at this link.  TELLING YOU that our kids vanished with the MMR shot.
DECADES that they could have been studying WHICH kids are genetically susceptible. BUT NO. It’s more profitable to ‘thin the herd’ by mass vaccination than to take the time to look. FUCK YOU.

Did they want it that way? A purposeful thinning of the herd? Is this flat out murder? Eugenics? Or were the lives lost and ruined just a “side effect” of the MULTI-BILLION dollar industry that is pharma? You greedy FUCKS.

Fuck you, you evil FUCKS.
Fuck you, you ignorant morons who chose to believe the LAMESTREAM media and not read the fucking studies for yourself. You ignorant ‘murricans are just part of the problem. Useful Idiots.

By the way, Leo’s body was positively identified today. Add that to the list of children you’ve MURDERED, CDC.

Pull up a chair, my dear fucking haters. I’m just getting started.
I’m never giving in, on with the mother fucking show.