Hey RJ Reynolds, you AND your Vuse e-cig suck.

Update at the bottom.

I got coupons for a free Vuse e-cig and some cartridges –and being poor, and a vape’r and a lover of free shit thru couponing… I went and grabbed some today. Good timing because I was out of juice for my mod e-cig.
But then I came home and Googled the Vuse and found something very interesting… this article that tells us RJ Reynolds, the maker of Vuse, is lobbying to ban vaping. And I am sure you are not so dumb as to not figure out why. $$$$ –oh but not all vaping, their e-cigs will be just fine.

Now, in the past I had tried what I call “stick” e-cigs or what others call cigalikes, and found them hideously awful.  My complaint… they are “dry”. It’s like sucking air. If this is the only thing you’ve tried before and decided vaping isn’t for you –you need to try again with the mods and juices. When I was only using the Blu “stick” e-cig I smoked regular cigs right along with it. It wasn’t until I found tanks and adjustable batteries that I was able to give up the cancer sticks.

The difference was the flavor and vapor. By the way, to get to the point and the title of this blog… the Vuse is awful. It’s actually worse than Blu. It’s dry as hell. And the flavor of the ‘regular’ is… um… Nothing? It’s just really gross. I’ll be heading to my favorite Naples Vapor tomorrow for my Tahitian Peach!
The mods give you much more flavor and vapor and it most resembles smoking a cigarette.  Those ‘sticks’ just don’t even come close.
Too, vaping with juices and refillable tanks can by done for an avg of $20 a month if you were a pack a day smoker. That is what I pay. These “stick” e-cigs like Vuse are likely to run you $120 or more a month.

Thanks to mods and tanks and juices I quit smoking two years ago.
No, there are no long term studies on the effects of vaping on humans. But here is what I can tell you after 2 years… I have my senses of taste and smell back. I rarely get sick and I don’t cough up a lung every day. I *AM* healthier than I was. Might we find out later that they cause cancer? –Sure. Maybe.
But the FEW chemicals that are in the ecigs, pale in comparison to the over 4,000 in a cigarette. What I am choosing to do may not be safe –but it’s safer, much much much safer.

Also, the studies I saw in the past on vapor that tried to tell us all that vaping is BAD, found 1-2 chemicals in the FIRST HAND vapor. I, coming from vaccine unicorn land, always look to see who authored and paid for the study. Tobacco paid for the studies. Follow the money.

RJ Reynolds, quit fucking around. Stop pretending you care about the health of your customers.  ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? YOU SELL CANCER. This is all about profit.

Sure, maybe someone can adulterate the juice –but any one can poison anything now, can’t they?  In my 4 years of vaping, with the past 2 being heavy usage I’ve never been sickened by the juice I buy.
(lol well… maybe today that will change as I sit here puffing on a foul tasting Vuse cartridge.)

Public comment to the FDA is closed now, but keep track of the ongoing battle at Free To Vape.

By the way… in a pinch… I have tried the FIN brand and they are NOT BAD. They are NOT GREAT. They are not as good as the mods, but they are the best of the sticks that I have tried.

One more final thought, a quote from a really dark, twisted, perverted, funny girl I know: “Sucking on one of these cigalikes is about as satisfying as I would imagine giving head to a vibrator is.”
–Yeah, OK… it was me.

[Update: Not even 24 hours later the cartridge is empty. It’s their “special” technology. So you can’t even puff on it if you want to, to get the last bit of goodness (um… crapness?) out of it. It shuts off whether you want it too or not. So yeah… this would easily run you $120 or more a month. Total fucking garbage.]

32 thoughts on “Hey RJ Reynolds, you AND your Vuse e-cig suck.”

  1. u wrote a whole article about lobbying… with no discernable premise other than “omg i dont like lobbying!” and then u pandered out to #vapelife like a drone. btw plz have some citations other than “oh i read this in something at some point” in your writings. where are ur vape products made? do u really care if second hand vape is carcinogenic?

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    1. Normally I wouldn’t reply to someone who uses such piss poor grammar, but I’m bored today and sometimes it’s fun to poke the trolls.
      Either you are merely a troll, or you are working for those who want to end the e-juice market, as NO ONE in the general population gives this much of a shit on the issue to take the time to comment on a BLOG post. Did you see that there? BLOG post.
      1. “u wrote a whole article about lobbying…” You*
      No I didn’t. First, this is not an article. It’s a blog post. One person’s opinion about a shitty product, not about lobbying per se.
      2. “with no discernable premise other than “omg i dont like lobbying!”” discernible* Omg,* I* don’t*
      Again. “Omg, I don’t like Vuse e-cigs. They totally suck. And ain’t it funny that that company who sells them is trying to push out their competition while pretending to care about customer health. But, I can see how you’d be confused… you’re an idiot.
      3. “and then u pandered out to #vapelife like a drone.” you*
      I have no idea who or what #vapelife is.
      Like a drone? Do you mean like a male bee in a colony of social bees, which does no work but can fertilize a queen?
      Because I don’t have a penis, so…
      4. “btw plz have some citations other than “oh i read this in something at some point” in your writings.” By the way,* please* Oh,* I*, point.*
      Wait… So I need citations for my opinions? Recall, this is a blog post. I also linked directly to the article I referred to. Also, you are a big boy who wears big boy pants (I am guessing… I could be wrong.) If you are referring to that study I mentioned with Big Tobacco ties and you really give a shit, there is something called Google. You can find it at google.com –it’s amazing. Go try it… go ahead… I’ll wait here.
      5. “where are ur vape products made?” Where* your* I don’t know. I don’t care. It’s my personal decision to buy them anyway. Where is your anal lube made? Where are your apples harvested? Who makes your psych meds? All none of business and irrelevant.
      6. “do u really care if second hand vape is carcinogenic?” Do* you*
      No. Because I don’t vape around anyone or in any place that I wouldn’t light up in either.

      Lastly, I suggest you get a real job so that you can stop jerking off to pictures of your mother while living in her basement.


    2. fuck u rj Reynolds.. what fucken right do u have to lobby against vaping?….u want to monopolize?….(that’s illegal)…u piece of low level self empowering bowel movement. fuck you people!!!


  2. That’s a funny ass review. I got my 2 coupons about 2 months ago and gave it a try. Actually I like them. They are a tad “dry” but they have a lot of nicotine. My only drawback is that they taste like burning paper when the cartridge is about to die. I tried NJOY about a year back.Now talk about sucking dick. You’re lucky to get 30 hits off those one of those. I contacted CS and they sent me a replacement one after another. After the 5th time I told them they have a shit ass product. What a rip

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    1. To me there was just absolutely no flavor to the Vuse. It just doesn’t match up to the yummy peach I am hitting right now with my double coil havin’ tank! 🙂 I’ve started to stock pile. They better not take our e-juice away!


      1. Why don’t you just do yourself a favor and quit, and stfu while you are at it?


      2. LOL What the fuck do you care? Really? You work for RJ Reynolds? Seriously? How boring and meaningless is your day that you took the time to read this, get annoyed with me and comment? I wish I had that kind of luxury!


  3. Great piece! I also got the free Vuse. It actually lasted a full week for me. However I found it to be too strong (I got the menthol). I gave it to my boyfriend to use at work. He smokes Newports, but it was insanely cold last week, and he can use the Vuse inside at the warehouse while he works. I picked up my first eGo starter kit after a week on the Vuse. I got the Mt. Baker brand menthol light e-juice, and it tastes waaaay better than the Vuse. Much lower nicotine as well. The Vuse works well as a backup. But for full time vaping, no way!


  4. I got a coupon for a free Vuse Solo and free pack of carts as well. And, like you, it was right on time because I ran out of liquid. I normally vape with 3 mL tankomizers on 1100mAh eGo-T batteries. I also started with cigarette-like batteries back in 2008, with some expensive-as-hell kit from ePuffer that was like $200 just for 2 batteries.

    The first thing I noticed about the Vuse was that the carts didn’t last long. At all. They’re “programmed” to stop working “after the cartridge is empty”. In other words: they deactivate after about 15 minutes of use. All 3 carts (the one that came with the battery + the 2 in the cart pack ($6.99, by the way)), were dead within a couple hours of opening everything up. They’re programmed to stop after 30-50 puffs.

    Here’s my theory: they make it purposely bad so that people will try them and go “these e-cig things are junk and super expensive” and go back to tobacco. Seeing how it’s made by RJ Reynolds, I’m betting the bank that this is the case. Who wants to pay $3.50 per cartridge ($7 per pack of 2) that lasts for about 2 cigarettes’ worth of puffs?

    That’s exactly what they’re going for – they don’t want to sell e-cigs, they want to sell tobacco, which is why they created the worst e-cig product they could to turn people off of them. First impressions always last, so make a product that’s complete garbage, market the hell out of it, give a bunch away for free, and then let people conclude that e-cigs suck. They figure if a few people do switch to Vuse, that’s fine too, because they’d be making a killing off those poor suckers.

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    1. I’m so fascinated by everyone saying the cartridges don’t last… They’ve lasted so much longer than any other e-cig that uses cartridges that I’ve used, anyways… One usually lasts somewhere between two and three days of smoking it very often.


  5. VUSE taste like burning rubber/diesel exhaust and it does not matter if you change cartridges. All the hacking and coughing trying to inhale this just to end up with a headache, dizziness and sore throat because of 4.8% nicotine and an absolute horrible taste. Major waste of money! YUCK!


    1. It’s not that horrible. They are a little harsh though. I’m CONSTANTLY getting coupons for freebies from them and also some coupons for The Solo Kit and 2 pack of chargers for $1 so I’m not complaining. The best time to hit on a VUSE is when you got a good beer buzz going on.:)

      The NJOY rechargeables are pretty good IMO. Their disposables are the absolute worst. You may get 50 tokes AT MOST

      BLU makes a good product too. The Vivid Vanilla is really good and you get a lot of tokes out of 1 tank. “They” say on the TV commercial you get 550+ hits, man that’s a big friggin lie. I’m getting around 200 give or take.


  6. Vuse= higher price lower quality. I think disposables would be nicer and cheaper vaping experience. The biggest issue in vaping you will run into or for me at least is the wick material getting charred and ruining the still working carto taste forever. Thats due to not filling it up constantly like an ocd. Second biggest would be leaks but by a much lower measure.

    I went with halo6 as they seem to brand their product around solving the charr issue (think smoking saran wrap and going to buy a pack of analogs in anger) with flameguard whatever it is,

    Has been 1 week and the 5 cartos I had with the kit didnt have the issue and I feel much better (from not smoking) and my only issue is an occasional wet lip after filling. Gravity for you.. Compared to the charring its a non issue lol. Can’t overstate charring, it ruins it all.

    i’m a chain smoker and because there is a behavioral aspect to it to suffer through also I vape a bit more than I smoke. Because of that and not wanting to tax my pulse and nerves I advise a low dose liquid. 6mg is what I use. Less drug,less addiction but what your really fighting is the behavior. Decades rooted. In 6 months I’d like to vape nic free and in another 6 none at all.

    At 48mg which is rjr overcompensating and trying a chemical approach to brand superiority I have experienced in my earlier attempts with blu and other charring brands that sent me back to analogs @18mg it hurts to chain smoke high nicotine levels. My veins would tighten and hurt and my pulse would idly hang 100-120 like I had been drinking coffee all day with an occasional bump of coke. I imagine 48mg chaining would be worse.

    Anything that limits options and charges more for thecdaonstant replacables is a bad choice. Anything that chars,fuck that. I’m super serial about the impact that has on the experience. Brand new cartos meant to last half a dozen dryings damn hard to clean and impossible to fully remove the ass taste. Be ye warned!


  7. I personally really enjoy the Menthol Vuse. I’ve used other types of e-cigs, from Blu-type (“stick” types, as you would say) and some of the nicer, refillable ones with the tanks and whatnot. I like the Vuse just because of the taste, honestly. I haven’t been able to find a decent tasting menthol e-cig other than this one. In my experience, all of the “stick” ones generally just taste like mint, not menthol, which is disgusting to me. This has also been the case for most of the e-liquids I have tried in the other types of vapes — all the “menthol” tastes like mint.
    I just figured I’d throw my opinion out there, since everyone else seems to be hating on ’em haha. I mean, I don’t agree with their lobbying and all that stuff, but based purely on taste and use, I enjoy the Vuse e-cig. The cartridges always last me a decent amount of time, at least as long as a pack of cigarettes would have or longer, and I rarely need to recharge the battery.
    Though it may be worth noting, I haven’t tried the “regular” flavored one, so it could be pretty nasty, for all I know haha. Also, I do agree that it sucks that their “smart” technology prevents you from getting the last little bit of vapor out of the cartridge.


  8. These are better than Blu, but they still suck! I bought a few cartridges with a small kit. With taxes the kit (charger, battery and cartridge) and 2 cartridges came in at $17. I was awaiting a real E cig kit as my old one was on it’s last leg.

    All of these type of e Cigs leave much to be desired. Vuse : taste was decent enough; vapor decent; battery life < than day. The cartridges are roughly $5 for 2.

    I rate this Vuse one star out five!!

    Get a good quality kit and juice and you will enjoy!! All of these cheapies suck! If you get a larger type battery with a tank and good juice you will not miss smoking!! Been vaping almost 2 years now.


    1. Now, in 2018, that 2 cartridge pack will run you over 12 dollars in Calif. Than about every fourth or fifth one doesn’t work right. I want to strangle the manufacturer. I did this for my health (switched from smoking) and so now I get to get robbed, not of my health, but of my money.

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      1. They are awful. And they just came out with new flavors. Meh. Not falling for it. I got sent a bunch of freebie coupons for the Mark Ten. When I was vaping those I woke up with a sore throat every morning. Jagoffs. I’ll stick to my “dangerous, unregulated” e-juices that have never given me a sore throat.


  9. After trying several e-cigarettes I narrowed it down to the 2 that are the most convenient as far as getting refills in my neighborhood. MarkTen and Vuse. In my opinion MarTens taste the best. I smoke Menthol and you can really taste the Menthol in MakTens. As far as long battery life the Vuse wins hands down. I left the Vuse sitting on a counter for about 2 months and was surprised that the battery had not worn down at all. The taste of the Vuse leaves much to be desired though and if you pull too hard you will wind up coughing your heart out of your chest.


    1. Don’t use cigalikes, they use old technology. Get a regulated box mod with an rda/rta, or a tank, preferably a sub- ohm tank. Sub ohm means your coil(s) in the tank are below 1.0 ohms. Don’t drip and drive though. Sigelei 150 watt, with a Sense Herakles tank. Best vaping experience with a tank I’ve had so far. Check out Preferred Vapor.com if you want to try some quality e liquid for a great price.


  10. So I smoke Vuse and have for some time now. I initially started using them to quit smoking in January of 2015 and it worked like a charm. I have smoked a few times since, barely, because to me cigarettes taste like terrible shit….plus, I had to smoke a whole fucking pack to get my nic fit under control. If I go back to cigs now, it’ll be a two pack a day habit. As it stand, I am completely addicted to Vuse. I think RJ Reynolds initially thought they were just going to use it to scare people back to smoking, but found out that they were selling shit tons all over the place. (seriously, the stores are constantly running out of the shit and sometimes I have to go to two, three places to find my flavor) That said, my throat constantly hurts. The only flavor I can stand is regular, and it tastes like a dead camel shit a dead marlboro into an ashtray full of basics. They cost me 5.99 a day, just about as much as cigarettes. I think tomorrow I am going to go buy some nic patches because it’s time to stop sucking shit into my lungs for good. Plus, I get this flavor in my throat and on my breath that smells like mothballs….I’m pretty sure these sneaky fucks are throwing in a few extra chemicals like Formaldehyde. I tried to get a vape but I kept getting shitty units that ended up showering me with liquid, giving me a heart-attack inducing nicotine buzz. I bought one unit that just leaked no matter what I did, another that broke the second day. One had “wicks” inside that really were more of a pain in the fucking ass then necessary….I hate that shit. Just give me a flavored vile of nicotine and be done with it, I don’t want to be changing out shitty wicks too. So it’s time to get the patches. I’m pretty much over the e-cig shit (mentally) and I CAN breathe better then when I smoked….I just don’t trust the vile pieces of shit scamming from their cold, stale offices in North Carolina or whatever plantation state they hail from. Good review though. Good on ya mate!


    1. You should go into a vape shop and ask them for the most user friendly tank type vapes. Right now I use the iJust2 from Eleaf and I love it. Huge clouds, nice flavor from the liquid –you can get it on Sweet Vapes for $30 –the whole kit. Replacement coils are around $10-15 for 5 (can’t recall off the top of my head). The 0.3 ohm coils are what I recommend. I haven’t had issues with liquid spit back at all. No leakage with it. And get a lower dose nicotine –like a 3 especially if you find yourself hitting it a lot. I started way up with 18 and 24s and I was getting sick from the nicotine as well. I do find that I use more liquid with this sub ohm vape I am using now, but I found some cheaper e liquid… I’m still spending about $40 a month. Way less than with the crappy vuse.


    2. one more thing… especially important with the sub ohms, if you go that direction, learn how to prime the coils when you load a new one (drip liquid on the wick inside the coil) and do a few dry puffs on the ecig (suck on it without pressing the battery button) and make sure you leave the cig sitting up a few minutes so that liquid fully soaks the wick before you take that first puff –otherwise you can get a dry hit and that is the worst thing ever, lol. It can burn a coil and waste it too.


  11. LOL! I found your post when I entered into Google “vuse e-cigs are terrible” because, MY GOD, they are. I’ve used several e-cig brands over the last couple of years trying to find something I enjoyed (and I did – GreenSmoke e-cigs, if it’s okay to post it here). VUSE is the absolute worst, bottom-of-the-barrel, rotgut piece of crap I’ve tried. Alas, like you, I was out of my regular flavor, and I thought this would get me through in a pinch. My mocha mists will be here tomorrow, and then my VUSE battery & cartridges will go into the trash. Never again.


  12. I thought it was just a bad cartridge that I bought. My throat and lungs hurt from using Vuse! It states on the package to take long, slower draws. There’s no way. I can’t even take half a draw without a throat hit that burns like a chemical burn!


  13. I love this post for the following reason:

    “vaccine unicorn land” < THIS. IS. BRILL. I LOL'D.

    But yeah, I can't breathe (because: fucking cigs) so I picked up a Vuse from the gas station the other night, and it's annoying as fuck in terms of the utterly random delivery of experience. Some hits are nice. Most are total crap. I'll take your advice and move on to vaping with juices and refillable tanks.

    +1 post would read again


    1. I currently use the IJust2 by Eleaf. I over paid for it at a local Vape shop, lol, but I’ve seen the starter kit on Sweet Vapes website for around $30. I love it.


    1. My first thought when I saw your comment was: No shit Sherlock. lol Of course I’m an addict! And I smoked from age 13 to 40, 1-2 packs a day. I exclusively vape now, and easily go thru one of these carts a day. I still buy them occasionally when I can’t get to the Vape store for the good stuff and need something to hold me over for a day or two –because these type pods are all that are available to me in my dinky little town. And I still stand by everything I wrote before. They suck. They taste bad, they are the only vape products that give me a sore throat and make me feel like shit.


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