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Get Kombucha’s Kombucha Tonic.

I have, in my hands, something fantastic –OK I put it down for a minute so that I could type. I’m talking about this stuff:

Photo Stolen from Get Kombucha :)
Photo Stolen from Get Kombucha 🙂

This is a Kombucha Tonic from Get Kombucha.
You can buy it on Amazon HERE. (It’s on sale right now!)
You can check out Get Kombucha HERE.

Let me start with all the good things… It’s Organic, Fair Trade, GMO-free, Raw, Vegan, Paleo and Gluten Free.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the flavor, besides containing concentrated kombucha extract, it also contains: cayenne, ginger, onion, garlic, chiles, licorice, siberian ginseng, elderberry and goji berry. Never one to take anything slow, or exercise caution, I dropped a full dropper right on my tongue. I may have yelled out, “Shut the #@$% UP!”
It’s a spicy taste delight. 🙂

I am going to admit something here that isn’t very nice. I haven’t given any to Gavin yet. He can drink a glass of Tabasco without breaking a sweat. I know he’ll love this. But that means I will have to share –and I am not ready to share.

Now, all those ingredients are pretty kick ass along the lines of boosting your immune system. And last week was rough for me… I got in our gross pond (aka swimming pool) and cleaned it. I know I exposed myself to yucky living organisms –and some of you know my history with mold, we don’t get along). ON TOP OF THAT, I’ve been fighting with the air conditioner… there are lots of slimy, unhealthy things living in there, as well. I’ve been rinsing it out 1-2 a day. I think that was the final straw for me… I got sick, with everything. My tooth pain came back full force –it’s either a sinus infection or an abscessed tooth, but what ever it is it’s number 2 on my “worst pain of my life” scale –childbirth is third if you are wondering. Kidney stone stent is number 1.
ANYWAY… I was obviously beat down in the immune department and I was 1 day away from calling the dentist to have some teeth ripped out. Last time I had this it lasted for a month. I found some codeine from three years ago and that bought me time. This kombucha tonic came and I started taking it –more than the one dropper, I was doing 3-4 droppers a day, putting it right on the tooth.
In a couple days time I turned the corner and the pain stopped –which means… the infection or inflammation went down. That is what causes the pain –the pressure.

So yeah, am I pleased with the immune boosting benefits of this Kombucha Tonic by Get Kombucha? Damn right I am.

Do I love the taste? Yep.
Now look, the price is right for this, around $30 for a two month supply*, but I am sitting here trying to figure out how to convince Dave to make a larger food grade edition of this. I want to put this on everything. You’ll understand what I mean when you taste it. I want a bottle of this to put on my fish, chicken, or any other meat I am grilling –tofu even. I could see me going through a lot of this in that fashion.

*If you go order through you can buy three and get two free, even better!!

So, you need this, you really really need this.

Watch this video about the tonic and then go buy a bottle:

I’m a Compound, Hetero MTHFR! Now what?

Edit 23 May 17: Yeah I still haven’t edited this. And I need to. But Dr. Ben Lynch wrote this blog post recently and addressed my misconceptions about some mutations, clinical significance, and what it means to be +/+, +/-, and -/-  It’s a must read! Also at this point, the quick version of the update, I still recommend Genetic Genie because it’s free (make a donation) and a “quick start guide” of sorts. I still love Promethease because it’s fun… but don’t believe everything you read, you could really go down the rabbit hole, but as far as a truly informative interpretation —Stratagene is the way to go. FULL DISCLOSURE, I have not tried it yet. It’s on my to-do list for very soon, but I’ve talked to others who have used it and yes… It is the way to go. You can watch Dr Lynch’s YouTube videos about it –just search out his channel. So many good videos.

Edit 30 Mar 16: This needs to be updated. I will try to do that soon. 23andme is now $200
I am pretty sure that the test Ancestry does gives you the same raw data for $90 to $100 depending if it’s on sale, but let me look into it and I will update this post ASAP.

…it’s not what you think. Well, unless you are an autism parent, then I’m speaking your language.


98% of those with autism have the “Compound Hetero” MTHFR mutation, and I’ve said 13,845 times that if I got the same number of vaccines as a baby that kids get today… I would be autistic. No doubt in my mind. The autism doesn’t fall far from the tree in this house.

MTHFR = Methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase.
Say that three times fast.

So what is it? I’ll get to that in a minute…
Writing this blog is a nightmare. I’ve been promising it for months. But where to start, what to say… how to write something short and sweet and palatable… *sigh*

Let me start by saying that I hope you realize “Know it all” is a joke. I don’t. I have a tiny grasp on this whole MTHFR and 23andme thing and I am going to share what I’ve learned, and where I get my info and what I read. I’m going to answer the questions that I answer several times a week when asked. Now, it will all be in one place so that all I have to do is share a link!  If I share some wrong info, speak up and I’ll edit it. And it goes without saying (yet here we are…), learn from your peers, but always double check, read and learn for yourself. So if I tell you something is true, read it for yourself and see if you agree with me, or disagree.  /disclaimer.

There are more and more websites and blog posts coming out about what MTHFR is, so I am not really going to get into that too much.  I am going to tell you what to do with your results after you get them back from, but there are a few things I do want to tell you in addition… so bear with me.

Know your MTHFR status before playing the supplement guessing game.
Back in the day –and even still now, we played pioneer! Bernie Rimland was onto to it when he realized that some kids got better on things like DMG and B6. Dr. Neubrander was studying MB12 shots as some kids were getting better with those, some kids were losing their diagnosis. Those first DAN docs realized that there was some metabolic disorder here at play in autism. The evidence was in the messed up labs we saw, and the improvements with diet and supplements.

However, not every kid was getting better. Some, like my son, were labeled “non-responders”; Gavin actually got worse on most supplements. I spent a bazillion dollars on $400/hr doctors and their supplements and shots. Had I known my son’s MTHFR mutations back then, it would have been money saved. Those MB12 shots did him no good, and maybe a little bit of harm. His mutations mean that he can only take Hydroxy B12.

Four years ago, before I knew about MTHFR, my neuro noticed my B12 was really low and signed me up for shots. The B12 shots most people get are the cheapest form, cyanocobalamin –this is also the worst form for us MTHFR’s. We have to use our much needed hydroxy B12 to break it down and deal with the cyanide molecule –I read that somewhere. It’s useless for us and can make things worse. I posted this to Facebook one day:

Yep. My mutations mean that I need hydroxy B12 or adenosine B12.
Yep. My mutations mean that I need hydroxy B12 or adenosine B12. And Yep. That should be lying in bed, not laying…

Here was another FB status I posted back then: “thinks the doctor is accidentally giving her sedatives instead of b12 shots… I can’t function… I slept in, took a 3 hour nap and now I am ready for bed!”

I was doing post-bacc work in Anthropology and Geology back then and had to drop out because I could not get out of bed and go to class. MTHFR derailed my life. It’s that serious. I’m suddenly sad thinking about it. I no longer have student aid to finish and owe my college over 2 large so they hold my transcripts. MTHFR!

When you learn what mutations you have, you can start to learn what supplements to avoid. I learned that Gavin is an over-methylator. It was the village that gave me that heads up. I figured out, through trial and error, that it was the melatonin that was making him go all hulk in school the following day. The village (Facebook) said to me, “Sounds like he over-methylates!” … WHAT?

Any supplement that increases methyl groups, needs to be used sparingly or avoided for my son. –quick note: niacin sucks up methyl groups… so if MY kid is in a rage from over methylating… I can give HIM a niacin.

Playing pioneer is a science and an art. Go with your gut. For too long I ignored my gut. I could see that supplements agitated him, but people would say to me, “That means it’s working and he needs it!! Plow through!” …No. Know your MTHFR status, it really helps to end the guessing game.

2. How to find your mutations. 23andme.
Yes, you can probably convince your health insurance to test for the common MTHFR genes SNPs. BUT…. it’s one tiny slice of the big picture.  You need to know what is going on in the cycles leading up to the methylation cycle and the ones that follow.
You really need to drop the $99 on the 23andme DNA test.  Each additional test is $79, and with shipping it averages $100 a test.

But Jane! 23andme got in trouble with the FDA for giving out health reports and they don’t do that anymore! Yes!! You are correct, but there are third party websites that you can run your raw data thru to get all the juicy info! 23andme gives you great ancestry info (I love finding new cousins!) AND it gives you a raw data file of your DNA to upload to those third party sites. If you order through this link, I get a $10 amazon gift card for referring you. Free Amazon money keeps me in supplements and Kidz Bop albums. Thanks in advance!

What to do with that raw data.

1. Genetic Genie.
It’s free, but they do ask for a donation. Give them some money.
This is a bit of a *lite* report, but a great place to start. You download your raw genetic data from 23andme after it’s made available to you, and then upload it to this site. Genetic Genie will spit you out a basic report to let you know your MTHFR, CBS, COMT, VDR and a few other basics. Along with some general info on what the mutations may mean. There is also a detox pathway report, and I admit… I haven’t even begun to learn what all that means, yet.

SIDE BAR: Just because you have a mutation, doesn’t mean it’s causing you a problem… but it could and it might be. I will link to some places later where you can read and learn more. You should have lab work done to help you determine *if* you have a problem caused by these gene mutations. Sometimes mutations cancel each other out in a weird way, so you need to follow up with labs. For example… for all our mutations… my kids folate levels are fine. Who knows why. Seriously… who knows why?? You’d think their folate would be low, we don’t supplement!

2. Promethease.
$5 per report. This one is close to the old 23andme health reports. You kinda have to search for things and know what you are looking for. So… it’s a good one to do to satisfy your curiosity. They look at all your tested genes and tell you what they *may* mean. For example… my youngest is likely to die before 10 a.m. and I am a night time croaker. lol. Whatever… I learned there that I am less likely to have a-fib and that I am a likely sprinter with fast twitch muscles, and have blue eyes… Here’s the thing… I am a long distance runner, never could sprint, and I have brown eyes. So… genes are not your destiny and this is NEW. Really… think about how NEW this science is! We have a lot to learn.

I learned that my youngest shouldn’t have Motrin, he’s slow to metabolize it and it could cause GI trouble.

You can run this one for $5 and then you can look up your MTHFR et al. genes and have fun reading over everything else it tells you.

Screenshot, collapsed view
Screenshot, collapsed view

Some things listed under my “bad”? CAD! Autism! Male pattern baldness!! O.o (the rumors are NOT TRUE!)


AUTISM??? You mean we can test for that? *eye roll*
Yep, for $99. If you have these MTHFR (from here on out when I say MTHFR, assume I mean the WHOLE big picture… MTHFR, CBS, COMT, NOS, VDR, BHMT, MTR, GAD, MAO, etc.) mutations you need to skip the vaccines!

I was looking over my “bad” list and found this… why is this bad? “This genotype may provide resistance to depression when subjected to repeated defeat” ??
*sings* I get knocked down… but I get up again… you’re never gonna keep me down… (it’s in your head now, isn’t it? You’re welcome!)

3. MTHFR Support, Sterling’s App
$30 each. Pricey, yeah, especially when you’re looking at your whole family… but this is a GOOD one. They just added a bunch of new SNPs, too. I bought the new version of the report recently and they’ve added a ton, plus it comes with free updates from here on out. Worth it, as this is an evolving science.

This one will give you hours and hours… and hours… and hours of future research. It’s a 42 page PDF file full of info.
Here is a glimpse… look at my GAD (glutamate) mutations… is it any wonder that MSG sends me into a twitchy seizure wonderland for a couple days after eating it? By the way, you can Google that stuff for more info… for example: GAD1 C10180T that can take you to more info. The old Sterling’s App had direct links in it… not sure why those are missing in the new one. I will email and ask them.

Red = homozygous mutations.
Yellow = heterozygous mutations.
Green = no mutation, nothing to see here, please return to your homes….

4. Livewello App
I have no opinion on this, because I’ve not tried it. I really ought to.
If you have used it, write up your thoughts and I will add them here.
I believe it’s $20 per person and it looks promising.

5. Dr. Amy’s Methylation Pathway Analysis (MPA)
Free. But…
Yes, you should do it, there is a lot of good info there and pretty picture of cellular metabolism cycles! Who doesn’t enjoy that shiz? But if you are new to this, it’s going to be wicked confusing. You will want to read Yasko’s books first. And get to know Dr. Ben’s stuff first, too (links to come). Also, here is what I noticed… it doesn’t cross-check with contraindicated stuff… so… it might recommend one supplement that it *thinks* you need based on one mutation, but then you know it’s something you should avoid because of a another mutation.
Also, Dr Amy has a ton of great supplements in her store for you to try. If you are like me… poor and doing this on your own… you will CRY. Out of curiosities sake, I filled my shopping cart one day with JUST the supplements ONE of my sons would need to get started with her “groundwork” recommended supplements… and I quit when the the total hit $1,000.
–So… yeah.

Those are the ones I am familiar with. If you know of more, share in the comments.

Let’s recap.
1. Order your 23andme tests. Your kids have these mutations, I’d bet on it… and so do you. Moms. Dads. We need to live forever. We NEED to know. Sometimes I ponder all those friends and family members we’ve known to have dropped dead of a heart attack in their 30s or 40s or 50s and we all sat around saying, “WHY?? He/She was so young!” I wonder…
Funny, I did a quick Google and came across this… no mention of MTHFR, but that is exactly what’s going on here. Homocysteine levels, B vitamins, folate… MTHFR, baby!

2. Run the raw data thru an app to find out your MTHFR status.

3. Get educated.

Onto Part 2. The above, Part 1… that is for you people with the idea in your head already that you need to do the test, or maybe you already have and don’t know what to do with your results. Maybe, however, some of you have no MTHFR’ing idea what I am talking about.

Part 2. What is MTHFR/Where to go to learn more.
I am not going to reinvent the wheel, and I am NO authority here.
So let me retrace my steps for you with lots of links, OK?
Quick summary (aka How I explained it to my 10 year old): The methylation cycle produces methyl groups that are needed for many processes in the body. They are wicked important. Take my word for it 😉 All kinds of cool shiz is going on in there, like the break down of B vitamins and stuff. Got it?? If it’s broken… you’re broken. Your cells are not getting the nutrients that they need to work right and it’s all downhill from there.

Dr. Amy’s version leaves out words like “stuff” and “shiz”.

I came across this blog recently. She’s good… why am I even writing this part… just go read hers 🙂 Be sure to watch the videos she links to in her post.

So first I stumbled across Dr. Ben Lynch

I heard of MTHFR and “over-methylating” a couple years before I took the plunge. It just seemed like *ONE MORE THING* to give me a headache, to overwhelm me. But one day I clicked on a recording of an interview done by Dr. Ben Lynch that was an overview on MTHFR and the light bulb went off. I had already heard the rumblings that it’s likely in kids with autism (Specifically the compound hetero combo of 1298 and 677) –but in that interview he stated it was even more common in Southern Italians. Well… I have this lovely “Dysfunctional Family Tree” (that’s what I call it). It’s the Southern Italian side of my family… and it’s FULL of conditions associated with MTHFR mutations. Each generation a little worse (as toxin exposure increased).
I started to read Dr. Lynch’s website, putting the pieces together in my over-worked brain and knew, KNEW, that we had these mutations before I even saw the test results –and I was right.

Devour his website. His videos. All of it. Eat it… Drink it… sleep and breath every drop.  Here is his “Read This First” page.

You know, I found out that Gavin has spina bifida occulta. He has Chiari, scoliosis… These are neural tube issues. These are signs of MTHFR. The more you read –those light bulbs will start exploding over your head!

Ben has a little booklet too, a brief summary. He’s working on a bigger book. I can’t wait!!!
MTHFR Basics. It’s 99 cents, or free with Kindle Unlimited, or free in the Prime lending library.

NOTE: In that first interview I listened to, while MTHFR mutations were more common in Southern Italians, they had less symptoms… Diet? Diet! I say again, genes are not your destiny. Clean living, diet and detox can fix a lot of these MTHFRin’ problems!

Amy Yasko
God I love her… her brain. When she talks it’s this avalanche of amazing and I have to watch and re-watch and pause and take notes.  I am certain she dreams about cellular metabolism every time she catches some sleep. If she sleeps…
Her wait list was so long that she stopped taking on patients and just puts all the info on her websites for free in an effort to help as many kids as she can. Rock star.

NOTE: There are a couple mutations that Dr. Amy’s DNA test checks for that 23andme does NOT test for (SOUX and one of the BHMTs off the top of my head), but her test is $500. Yeah. So if you have the $500, go for it. Someday I *might* do that test for Gavin as I try to untangle the mess that is his genome.

She has a book, too. If you are new to this, it’s a good read. I didn’t learn much new, so if you are a pro… I guess you can skip it, but for $9, whatever.  Feel Good Nutrigenomics. The more detailed stuff is on her website. But, I highly recommend this book for noobs!

Here is one of her links, it links you to all her pages:

But her original book and workbook… it’s on the Dr Amy site.
Direct link to the PDF of the book here: Autism: Pathways to Recovery
Web version here.
Click that resource tab, click that “approach” tab. So much good information there. Videos, presentations, online discussion group…

Watch these videos.
Her video about the lithium connection is what got me to have my son’s levels tested and there was nothing there, they ran the test twice to make sure. Kid was seriously low on lithium and lithium is pretty damn important. Also, one of the new things I learned from her new book, was that you need to have lithium levels up before supplementing with B12. So I pulled back on his B12 until his I run labs again to check his lithium levels.

It’s all pretty damn confusing. It really is… At times I slam the books shut and walk away.
I wish I could hold your hand and walk you through it, but I’m still learning as I go. I could sit here and list the things I remember, but my memory is foggy and I don’t want to give you bad info. You really need to start doing the reading for yourself and let your own light bulbs go off. Read/Watch/Listen a little bit everyday… or a lot.

I dream of a day when someone creates an app where we upload our data and it spits out every last supplement with a diet tailored perfectly for each of us. Maybe 5 years from now… But for now… be a pioneer!

Search out groups on Facebook, there are several. I can’t really recommend because while I am member of a few, I don’t follow them too closely; I can’t tell you the best ones. Ask your friends.
Once you know your specific mutations you can even search for groups specific to that. My youngest has a homozygous mutation on 677, I found a group for that! (This means he only methylates at 30%) I guess you can start here though, this group has over 11K members.
Follow Dr Ben and Yasko on Facebook, too.

Some youtube videos:

I feel like this is more than enough today. In the future I will post smaller blogs about specific issue.

In closing…

You’re Welcome!


Autism and Noni Juice. An anti-inflammatory and so much more.

We’re back on the juice –the noni juice. Specifically Morinda’s Tahitian Noni juice.
Noni is a great antioxidant, and it’s packed with iridoids that help your body tackle free radicals, A.G.E.s and it’s a great anti-inflammatory. And Morinda’s juice is the best.

Let me tell you our personal testimonies.
I first started hitting the juice many years ago when my chiropractor recommended it to me. At that point in time I was a mess –I was  popping Motrin on a daily basis for one pain or another. I started drinking the juice, one ounce a day, and my autistic son was drinking it too; it’s what I mixed all his supplement in because, at the time, he couldn’t swallow pills. It was an acquired taste because noni fruit is bitter. Morinda does a great job of mixing it with other fruits to make it yummy (and raise the iridoid content at the same time). At this point, I love the taste of it. My more picky, youngest son will drink it straight too, and he hates everything 😉

I had originally typed out the long version of our stories, but it was too long, I can go into great detail for anyone who wants to hear it, but for today:

1.  I injured my ankle, badly. It was a horrible ligament tear. I was hobbling around with an air cast and crutches and swallowing handfuls of Motrin. Then I started the juice and within a couple days my ankle was better. I didn’t even attribute it to the juice at the time. Until I stopped drinking it for a 4 day road trip because I didn’t want to be bothered with a cooler. By day 4 I was regretting that choice when my ankle swelled back up. I was going insane with pain. I drank some juice when I got home and by the next day my ankle was fine again. Noni is anti-inflammatory. It’s an adaptogen, actually… the bioactives in noni help your body to function at its best, thus allowing your body to fix itself. Iridoids are the compounds in plants that help plants heal from injury and disease –and they work the same in humans.

2. Sorry for the TMI, but those of you living with menstrual pain will appreciate the information. The pain I had was life altering –I’d miss school, work, and fantasize about shooting myself in the stomach because I was sure that would somehow make it hurt less 😉 I would take amounts of Motrin that will blow your mind. I had 800 mg pills. I would pop 3 at a time, 4 times or more a day. Yes, that is 10,000 mg of Motrin. After starting to drink Tahitian Noni Juice, that pain was gone.

And I realized that day, that since I started taking Noni, I hadn’t taken a single Motrin. And that continues as long as I stay on the juice.

I tried other brands, one of the problems with other brands –most use a powdered concentrate base. Morinda’s is from fresh puree from Tahiti. It’s better for you. It tastes better, too! And the effects I got from other brands didn’t match it.

3. I naturally lowered my bad cholesterol and fixed my ratio. My doctor was trying to push statins because my cholesterol was 240 and my ratio was bad. I asked her to give me two months on the juice and then we’d test again. I didn’t even wait the two months. I went for blood work at the end of week 6 and my number was down to 200 and my ratio was perfect.

4. My autistic son also saw benefits from the juice. When he’s drinking it, he seems calmer, happier. His skin is clearer. And there are times when he is more verbal in a useful way, like putting together novel phrases!! He has me make Noni popsicles with the juice, he loves it that much. When our latest shipment came I had to repeat over and over that we only drink 2 ounces a day, otherwise, he’d down a bottle in one gulp. You can safely drink as much as you want, but I am budgeting here! We saw benefits on ONE OUNCE a day –looking forward to seeing if there are more benefits with two ounces.

The Original Morinda Tahitian Noni Juice

Now, we are partial to good ol’ classic Tahitian Noni Juice –but they’ve since added Max and Extra. I have not tried Max yet, that is my next order –I’m sure we’ll love it because we love cherry and cranberry. I have tried Extra before, it too has Olive leaf extract and it’s not my favorite taste –nor was it Gavin’s, but I know Olive Leaf has amazing benefits, so we mixed it with grape juice. Extra and Max are worth taking, because they are packed with even more iridoids than original. Max has double, in fact (there is olive leaf in Max, too).

I recommend just starting with Max. It has the highest Iridoid content. I get the original to keep Gavin happy because he loves it. I will let you know how it goes when I switch him to Max. Max does cost a little more, but 1 ounce of Max has the same benefits as 2 ozs of Original.

I had to stop many of the supplements I give my autistic child. He is an over methylator and most make him worse.  More agitated, more aggressive, more OCD.. The noni never did.
We were not buying Noni for a while because money is always wicked tight and I am trying to save to get Gavin Neurofeedback and a million other reasons why, right?  Well after not having it for a really long time, Gavin ASKED for it. “Original Noni Juice, Please!” Hell yeah, kiddo!

The other thing that put me back on the juice was remembering an article I read years ago from a doctor who treated kids like mine and said that if antioxidants were not made a part of the daily routine, these kids just continue to decline as they get older. That kids who never were really intellectually impaired while younger, started presenting as if they were by their late 20s and early 30s. Noni packs an incredible antioxidant punch. –Just google inflammation and autism and you’ll be reading for days.

Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatories are incredibly important in kids with autism. Recently, a friend’s autistic child asked for a motrin because it helped his brain. We know these kids have inflammation and oxidative stress, and it’s my personal opinion and experience that noni is one of the BEST, most NATURAL ways to address this. In the past we did 1 ounce a day. Which equals about $1 a day per person. Now we are doing 2 ounces a day, at this point because I feel our issues warrant a little bump 🙂

I know this is getting long, and I have so much more to tell you, but if you are getting bored, jump down to the video at the end where some of the benefits of noni are discussed and check out my page and the TruAge page for a video about A.G.E.s and then you can enter to win a free trip. *I* am the one who gets your contact info if you do, you’ll only be contacted by me and I am not pushy. If you are interested in hearing a little more, keep reading, contact me and we can talk.

Morinda is so much more than juice. They’ve got amazing scientist studying the noni fruit and iridoids and AGEs, there are supplements, a Core TruAge regimen*, skin and hair care too –with new products always in development. I was surprised and impressed when I saw the new website and back office and all they have to offer. I’ve dropped out of some companies because they make changes that negatively impact their sales force and product offering, but what I am seeing at Morinda is all change for the good.

They’ve started a TruAge line that looks at reducing AGEs in your body –Advanced Gylcation End-Products. They even have a scanner that can measure these in your body in under 20 seconds in a noninvasive way. The scanner has been proven to be as effective as a skin biopsy in testing your “AGEs” number. The Noni Max drink was shown to lower the AGEs number by 24% in 4 weeks when people drank just two ounces of juice a day with NO OTHER lifestyle changes. Clinically tested and proven, for those of you who like that sort of thing.

We as autism moms, we need to live forever. We also, always need more money. I’d love for you all to start trying the juice and see what it does for you. Imagine no more headaches, no more cramps, no more swelling, no more Motrin. That is what it does for me. As for money –you all know my struggles, and I NEVER want to go off the Noni again… so I am building my empire!! Er.. team 😉 If you’re interested in making some money, or at least making enough to cover your own noni juice habit, let me know. MLM isn’t a dirty word. Try a product and if you love what it does for you –tell your friends. It’s that easy.

*The TruAge core products contain various ingredients that might be against the special diets of “autism” families. So read the ingredients before buying something like the Sugar Stop or the Rapid Fuel or skin products –but the juice is fine. Just read the ingredients on all the products or ask me for more info.

Part 1 of 3 Dr. Neil Solomon on the reasons to drink Noni (click through and watch all three.)

Dr Neil again talking about a noni study and cancer

Let’s End Fat Acceptance and Embrace Health Acceptance.

Today’s post is brought to you by a few disturbing things I saw in my news feed lately and the stuff that runs through my head as I make my daily food choices…

Let me start with this line: I am not here to shame your body, I am here to shame your health.

With that out of the way… one more: I was a skinny little kid, a fat older kid, a fatter teen, an unappreciative perfectly curvy late-teen/early 20-something, and by late 20’s I hit obese, and am now on the journey to get back that perfect body I hated so much when I was 20. I’ve been there, I am there, don’t take my words lightly. Don’t think I’m saying any of this to be mean.

There is a trend that has been around awhile, fat acceptance. It’s always made me uncomfortable. I think it’s one thing to love your body no matter what when you are treating it right, but please do not get comfortable with what you are doing to your health when you are not treating your body right.

I hated working out when I was younger, but I loved being strong. That was my rationale. I would beat out most of the guys on the back and leg machines at the gym. I should have loved that… but I would look at my ass in the mirror and sigh, “Maybe if I stopped working out…”. Clothes shopping was a nightmare. I say of myself, “If an Opera Singer and Line Backer had a kid…” I am barrel chested with big boobs. Try finding a button down shirt that fit right back then (I think clothes makers are slightly more clued in 20 years later). And my uniforms… I always had to buy the bigger size for my ass, and have the waist taken in. I hated it. J-lo where were you back then to make me love my ass?

And the compliments I did get all seemed a little backhanded. And the guy I was dating at the time… Damn. “You know, I don’t normally date girls like you… I normally date girls who are like 5 feet tall and 100 pounds.” “Well,” I’d say to him, “I am not going to lose 50 pounds and I am not going to cut off my head.” Still he’d take me down a few notches with things like, “Well, I really like your eyes.” Period. That’s all. Or he’d be going through my closet… “You wore this? I can’t believe this used to fit you.” “Why yes, it did fit me, right after I spent two weeks in the hospital unable to eat or drink!”

Oh, the fucked up head of a 20 year old girl. Nowadays a guy like that wouldn’t last 5 seconds in my presence. BACK THEN… I could have used the self-acceptance movement.

I’ve been accused lately of not having a good self-image. That is not so much the case as it is not being content with what’s happened to my body. Believe me, I KNOW I am awesome… I’m just not settling or accepting what years of poor eating and not exercising have done to me. I shove compliments back at the person handing them to me… for a couple reasons, but one is certainly, “This isn’t the best I can do.”

There wasn’t a damn thing wrong with my body back then, but I let the world tell me there was, and I believed it. Body image issues hold people back. I get that. I think we ought to fix that… but in one way we’re doing it wrong.

The trend I am seeing on social media these days… it’s really really obese women. And my heart hurts. Yes, love your body… love yourself… but love yourself enough to lose weight by making healthy changes in your life… Not by giving up in the name of fat acceptance.

Yes, woman are supposed to carry fat. It’s for the purposes of making and feeding babies. Accept that fat. Don’t accept the extra 50, 100, 150+ or more that sits on top of it.
I am not going to get into diet advice today, that is not what this post is about, but let me throw in a few nuggets:

JERF. Just eat real food. It’s the best place to start.
JERF means NOTHING processed. I promise you, you will start to lose weight right away. For some people that is enough –but some of us need to go paleo, or grain free paleo, or keto. Some of us have a metabolism so messed up… hormones so out of balance, that a diet needs to be tweaked. Start the journey and you’ll figure it out as you go along. I learned paleo isn’t for me. Each time I’d do it, I’d get down to a certain point but fall off… I couldn’t keep my blood sugar from crashing and making me crave bad foods. I learned that if I became a ketogenic fat-burner, vs. a sugar-burner, that I wouldn’t have that problem anymore. And it’s working. I’m finally down below that number on the scale that I haven’t seen in over a decade.

Food for thought: Life isn’t over just because you can’t have bread anymore. The more adverse your reaction is to eliminating a certain food, the more you really ought to consider your straight up addiction to it.

Stop thinking that you can eat that corn dog because of some personal choice or free will or because “I love my body”.
You cannot reconcile preaching the gospel of loving your body, while shoving chemicals into it that are in no way, shape, or form a real “food”.

LOVING your body doesn’t mean loving the results of your bad choices.
It means respecting it enough to not poison it.
It means making it strong and giving it the proper nutrition it deserves.

And, P.S. Skinny doesn’t mean healthy, either.
Sorry, I forgot to end this with a video… for you all, appreciate these bodies 😉



Day 5 back on keto. Five pounds gone. It still seems so counter-intuitive to shove more and more fat in your mouth to lose fat…  EVEN THOUGH I know the science, and the how, and the why. My days are full of shoving a crap ton of coconut oil and Kerrygold* butter into my coffee and on everything I eat.


Butter, coconut oil, avocados and bacon.
Egg yolks!


Back in the 80’s those foods were vilified.

If you were born in the 70s you remember watching this on laser disc!
If you were born in the 70s you remember watching this on laser disc! While your mom busted ass werkin’ it!

We were told eating all that fat is bad for your heart!! And it will raise your cholesterol!! And give you a heart attack or stroke AND KILL YOU. We were told to eat more grains! Like… 11 servings a day. Eat your pasta and white bread, and Snackwell cookies… they are low fat. *eye roll* –None of that was based on science, by the way.

So what happened with this dietary shift? We all got fat as fuck and/or chronically ill.
(Collective “all” I know skinny people still exist. I know it depends on what you eat and what metabolic issues you have, stress, hormone levels, gut bugs, toxin load, etc. –but I am not getting into that today… keeping it breezy.)


Grains are sugar. Excess sugar is stored as fat. Grains and sugar make you fat. Fat doesn’t make you fat.
Dietary fat doesn’t harm your health either –unless consumed by people with inflammation from eating all those grains.
I am not going to reinvent the wheel today –there are many great books out there to read about keto and carbs and all this mess… I will link to them in a minute.

I just wanted to tell you a little bit about Ketogenic diets in MY house. I did this in the summer, but like any good sugar addict I fell off the wagon. And since then… I look at my face in the mirror and freak out. I have aged five years since the summer. I gained 10 pounds back since the summer.  I feel like shit again. No more.

Your body doesn’t need dietary carbs and glucose. It simply doesn’t. Everything you’ve been taught is wrong.
Fat is your friend. (Best fats? Quick overview here.)
There is no such thing as a carb deficiency.
Grains cause the inflammation that leads to heart disease.
Your brain PREFERS ketones for energy –so does you heart.
Dietary ketosis is perfectly safe and it is NOT the same thing as ketoacidosis.
Keto is NOT a high protein diet. Excess protein converts to sugar in your body. It’s a high fat diet. High fat, moderate protein, low carb.
WE NEED CHOLESTEROL in our body.. for Vit D synthesis AND for our brains…

We’ve been lied to.

Gavin had some seizures Christmas morning. Not grand mals, but pretty wicked myoclonic ones. This tells me that while he and I have the same diagnosis, we have two completely different presentations of epilepsy.  Mine has stayed “mild” in the sense that the worst thing to happen to me is I drop and break shit sometimes (er.. often). His makes him fall down, and the grand mals are more likely to come back since he’s had them before.

I say again… the brain prefers ketones for energy over glucose. Back when Gavin first had a seizure I looked up ketogenic diets again (had read a little in the past) –and I found the same information as I had in the past. “Keto diets are extreme and hard to maintain… they have to be JUST RIGHT.” That really scares you away. It sounds HARD. Plus Gavin’s seizures weren’t *that bad*. Not worth the effort, I supposed.

Here’s the thing… they are not really extreme and they are not hard and there are some basic guidelines and you can slip out of ketosis, but it’s worth the effort. It. Is. Not. Hard.

So we’re back on keto.
The books I am going to share here will tell you everything you need to know, and it varies for everyone a bit, but basically the ratio can be an 80/15/5 fat/protein/carb.

Some of my best, skinny mini friends will tell me they can eat grains without problem. Please hold off on telling me that until you get some blood work done. Go get a CBC and chem panel AND get your ESR and CRP checked –Sed rate and C reactive protein. If those are all normal, and you feel healthy and have no complaints and NO medical issues… then YOU are right. YOU can eat grains. But if your ESR and CRP indicate inflammation –then I don’t care how good you look and feel, you are an early death by heart attack waiting to happen, especially if your triglycerides are high and your cholesterol ratio is off.

He's waiting....
He’s waiting….

Go read… now:

Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore.  A great book to get you pumped to take the plunge, tell you how to get started, and try to calm your fears about eating fat.

Keto Adapted by Maria Emmerich.   She also has a webpage that I love so much, right here.

I still recommend The Wahl’s Protocol as well. Not just for people with MS, but with any chronic health issue. Her Paleo Plus level diet, is ketogenic. She does a nice job at telling you how all disease has the same dysfunction at its core –cellular metabolic problems, it just presents differently in different people. She also sets out a diet plan for those who want to do this and remain vegan. (She is doing a clinical trial, testing her diet, for you “evidenced based” science worshipers.)

Maria and James are working on a cookbook that you can Pre-order here: How am I supposed to wait for July for this!!!

What to expect:
Detox. Both times that I have done this, day 3/4 saw an RA flare. My hands hurt like hell. But it only lasted a day.
Acne gets worse before better… boost your liver.
Boosting your liver will help flush toxins –it makes sense right? Stored fat stores toxins. As you start to lose fat… that crap hits your body. Support the detox process. I am not a doctor.. so go google that shiz yourself. I am sure people with Candida will see a die off. IT MIGHT GET UGLY. Hang in there. READ THE BOOKS COVER TO COVER BEFORE YOU START. I made that mistake the first time, wasn’t prepared with a well formulated diet. It lead to the fall.


Weight loss 🙂
Clearing of the Brain Fog.
LESS hunger.
YES. Healthy foods cost more than toxic garbage. However, you are less hungry when you consume fat. YOU EAT LESS. This diet costs less. I promise.  I eat once a day on keto. I’m just not hungry.
(Oh yeah, another myth is that you need to eat several small meals a day… um… only if you are on the blood sugar roller coaster. When you switch from being a sugar-burner to a fat-burner, your blood glucose level stabilizes.)

Chronic illnesses vanishing. Type 2 diabetes goes away. Inflammation goes away… so many health problems just go away. Every time I clean up my diet, the rheumatoid arthritis GOES AWAY.
Eczema. Psoriasis. PCOS. … the list goes on.

If Paleo works for you –do paleo.
But paleo didn’t work for me. I was still always hungry. I overate protein. And even “paleo legal” carbs made me sick. Stop struggling if you are struggling, and give this a go.
And for the next time I fall off the wagon…

But, really… no more. I turn 40 in 10 months. I can’t be this sick and miserable at 40 or I’ll throw myself in front of a train.

[*Full disclosure.. I just read this about Kerrygold and want to cry. I guess I will switch to Organic Valley, and try to find a local butter.]