Too far.

My Twin Sister from another Mum & Mister passed a TV viewing suggestion on to me, The Knick. Girl knows me well. Drugs, Sex and Scalpels –AND set in the early 1900’s… What’s not to love?

Five minutes in, I was already praising the surgical advances of the past 100 years. I know you hear me bash on Western Medicine with every other breath, but I’m the first to say how much I love our emergency and trauma medicine! When I landed my x-ray job I jumped at the night shifts the moment a spot opened up –I am NOT a morning person. As a night shift tech, routine exams were no longer my thing. You become a trauma x-ray tech, and for 90% of my career, that is what I did. Believe me, I fully appreciate someone with the ability to put a human being back together.

And of course, being me, I can’t just sit back and enjoy The Knick… my brain keeps turning.
When did we go too far?

I’ve met many a doctor with a god complex in my day, some well-earned. Some… Meh.
But it’s easy to see how they get there, when you watch what they do and consider the mental hazing they went through as medical students to get there. –Not defending it, just saying I can see it.

I give mad props to those first surgeons who sliced into the human body with little knowledge of what the hell they were doing –it meant that when my 8 month old needed a hernia/hydrocele repair in 2005, that I handed him off to a surgeon I’ve known for years, one with a well-earned god complex, without batting an eye. It never even occurred to me to be concerned that my baby was being knocked out and sliced into. I sipped on coffee and flipped through a magazine for about an hour until the procedure was over and took him home a couple hours later.

That was easy.
That was easy.

Advances in trauma and emergency medicine have, no doubt, added many years to our overall life expectancy. But we always want more, we want better –and it’s easy to get whipped up into a frenzy of ‘medical advancement’ –more “easy buttons” if you will.  At some point, that mindset switched over to better medicine through chemistry –and once the financial rewards were realized we got greedy.  The Knick reminds us of what it meant to have syphilis before Arsphenamine and Penicillin, I’m not knocking all pills –but it also reminds us of what greed and corruption can do to medicine.

If you’ve never explored the history of homeopathy in general, and specifically in this country, you really need to give it a read.  Even though homeopathic medicine had better cure rates for many conditions and epidemics that have come and gone –the homeopathic colleges and doctors were SHUT OUT of the mainstream by… Do I need to tell you, or can you guess? You can guess? Right? I don’t need to… oh ok…

It was the beginnings of Big Pharma that did it. Shocking, I know.

I was “raised” in western medicine, ignorant to the alternatives. In college, in my Micro-Bio class I made fun of a classmate who said he was going to be a chiropractor. “Hey! Knuckle Cracker, M.D.!” I’d call him.  He graciously laughed and ignored me. He knew something I didn’t. Something I would learn later –well, two things… he knew chiropractic care works and he knew there was no point arguing with an ignorant fool.  He died in an accident before I ever got the chance to go see him and tell him how wrong I was. I regret that.

Being who I was, I would laugh when I heard the words “alternative medicine” and I laughed even harder when someone mentioned “homeopathy”… until years later when I read a book or two and wiped out the ignorance, and then tried it myself. And today, you won’t catch me without Arnica, a lifesaver in this accident prone body, and Apis –my constitutional remedy.  Apis made years-old scar tissue disappear. It made my night blindness go away. It makes me more… level, less… psychotic. I’m a true Apis 😉

Arnica won me over after a very traumatic molar extraction –one that involved a 300 pound, 6’4” dentist with a forearm on my chest, battering my face, torquing the fuck out of my jaw… I thought the jaw bone would snap… I felt the muscles tear –this went on for 20 minutes. He sent me on my way with a bottle of Vicodin and an apology. I took one in the car on the way home and starting taking arnica when I got home.  I never had to touch the Vicodin again. I had zero swelling. I had zero pain.

Some people say it’s a placebo effect –and since I don’t argue with ignorant fools, I will just say this… studies show it’s not. And even IF it was… what’s the harm in a sugar pill that costs pennies curing an ailment by placebo effect?

The harm is to the pharmaceutical company’s bottom line  –pHARMa, who no longer sees the benefit in finding ways to help patients with the least amount of side effects.  Actually, the more side effects, the better –because there are pills for those, too! Cha-ching!

Yeah, I am reusing this pic, it's perfect. And I'm lazy.
Yeah, I am reusing this pic, it’s perfect. And I’m lazy.

Doctors, who are soaked in pharma propaganda from day one in medical school, are not taught ways to keep their patients healthy, they are taught what pills mask what symptoms. They are not taught that symptoms are red flags telling us that something is wrong with the body. They are taught to find a patented chemical concoction to make the symptom go away. They don’t even do the patient the favor of choosing medicines only when the benefit will outweigh the risks. They just scribble on their little prescription pad…
–Or hell, maybe they are taught that symptoms are red flags but they don’t even try to convince a pill happy society that if they stop eating Hot Pockets and drinking Mountain Dew that they won’t need the pill.

Just... No. No.
Just… No. No.

But what made us pill happy in the first place?
The pharma propaganda and doctors with a god complex.
Well, that worked out nice, eh?

Why can’t the pride be in keeping a patient healthy?
I can think of one hurdle right off the top of my head –medical doctors are allowed to mass up to $200K in student loan debt, and most need it. And then they work for peanuts for many years. How do you pay that debt off when your patients don’t need you? They NEED the traffic. They need chronically ill patients!
Pharma bribes and swag help too, no? (My roommate at Penn State was a child of two physicians… we just couldn’t get enough Viagra pens, you know? Made taking notes in class HILARIOUS!)

I'm very easily entertained.
I’m very easily entertained.

How do we change the culture?
How do we convince physicians that the real winner is the one whose patients don’t NEED to take a pharma pill for the rest of their lives? Or that it’s OK to try Arnica for pain instead of gut and liver killing ibuprofen?
And that those who do need a pill ought to view it as a crutch on their journey to wellness, not as the permanent solution.
How do we get doctors trained for free, or get their debt forgiven, so the drive for profit diminishes?

Edit to add: Look what pops up in my news feed today. Doctors got $3.5 billion from Pharma in the last five months of last year alone. It’s not just cool Viagra pens, folks.

I don’t know… how DOES one beat the greed that thrives in the halls of Big pHARMa? –and all the places the pharma money flows to keep the operation running (CDC, FDA, Congress, your pediatrician!)?  There is a law suit going forward right now against Merck, brought on by two internal whistle blowers claiming that Merck lied about the effectiveness of their MMR vaccine in order to keep their patent (AKA: keep making a shit ton of money on it). Didn’t hear about that? WHAT?? Next you’ll tell me you haven’t heard about the CDC Whistle Blower too… Wha..? Oh, FFS!

Think of the quality of life we could have in this country if we balanced needed advances in medicine with TRUE preventive care and ‘alternative’ means of staying healthy, WITHOUT the toxic chemicals that make the CEOs of pharma companies obscenely rich –at the expense of human lives.

This whole game is about profit. Don’t think it’s not.
At one time it was about trying to fix and cure everything.
So we built better surgical equipment, and we practiced, and we got better.
We starting making designer pills in labs. And some of them worked really well, so we made more.
And those making money pushed out the people curing things for pennies -and their profits soared into the multi-billions, and there was no turning back. Common sense be dammed! And that’s when we went too far.  This “progress” kills more people than it saves especially when you consider most people being “kept alive” by pills wouldn’t need them if they changed their bad habits and/or tried alternative medicine.

If you need some examples of ‘too far’ consider:
1. The vaccine schedule in 1983 vs Now.
We got about 10 shots, not as infants. Spread out over time… and NO ONE was dying off in mass numbers from any epidemic. There was NO NEED to add in more vaccines, that carry risk of injury or death, into a mass vaccine campaign. But we did, because, more is better, right? So we added a shit ton more. Kids get 51 by KD now (36 of which are given by age 18 months).  And now 54% of children have a serious chronic illness or developmental disorder. Flip a coin, how do you like your odds?

2.  10,000 American TODDLERS now taking ADHD stimulant drugs.
They’re TODDLERS. They are supposed to be hyper little assholes. Stop giving them Mountain Dew and Hot Pockets and they’ll be FINE. But no, I guess giving meth to babies is easier than cooking them a meal and forcing them to drink… my god… WATER.

I’m done. You get the point. I could go on… but…  I’m probably keeping you from your evening pills.





Diet. And Stuff. I can’t think of a title for this one…

You choose your battles, right?

I would NEVER have bet on my autistic child being my good eater –not over my “Neuro Typical” child. But that’s the case.  Gavin was the typical autistic child back in the day. He ate gummy bears, Oreos and McDonald’s french fries, and that was it.  He went a whole year where he wouldn’t eat much at all and only drank GMO SOY baby formula with GMO chocolate syrup in it. YES. I know. Yes. I wish I could go back in time and kick my own ass.

Back then, people –including DOCTORS, told us not to try special diets.  “That autism diet is too restrictive. And it’s expensive. And it’s not proven. Don’t bother.” YES. Medical Doctors said this. Yes. I wish I could go back in time and kick their asses. (Shit, they still say it, I don’t need a time machine.)

Really think about this.
“Doctor, my child only eats oreos and fries and candy. I am going to try to put him on a paleo diet free of processed foods and soy, gluten and casein.”
“OMG! Why would you do that? It’s expensive and restrictive. Child abuse, even! Why would you want to feed your kid fruits and veggies and organic meats over oreos, candy and McDonld’s fries! Nonsense!”


I read an article a while back that said it’s dangerous to remove processed grains because they are fortified with vitamins and kids won’t get all their nutrition. These same people say vitamins are no good. Ponder that. Don’t make me spell it out for you. OK, I will. The “nutrients” in fortified foods… ARE VITAMINS.
Consider this too, MTHFR mutations are errrrywhere now and these peeps can’t process the cheap forms of VITAMINS that are added to grains. The natural, broken down forms of these nutrients that we need are found in PLANTS. Skip the grains. Eat some plants.


Before I go any further let me say, special diets don’t have to be  expensive. It’s not expensive to cut out processed food, milk, soy and gluten. Just DON’T BUY THE EXPENSIVE GF REPLACEMENT FOODS.

When I realized the words coming out of the doctor’s mouths were insane, I ignored them and gave it a go. I took away milk and soy and my son’s eczema went away and within a week he was eating chicken salads and drinking water. That quick.

That was easy.
That was easy.

Back to my youngest.
He’s a wicked picky eater.
And I suppose I live under this foolish notion that I should be able to rationalize healthy eating to him.
“Just eat it!”
Why doesn’t that work?

He’s ten now. Why doesn’t he listen to me??!!
Gavin will try almost everything. I’ve made so many paleo and keto recipes and he digs in. Most of the time he likes it and eats it.
Lemmy? “EW. NO. Just give me apple slices.”


You choose your battles.
I found it easier to just buy the youngest GF replacement foods than to force him to try anything new. I have enough of a war on my hands with Gavin’s issues, right? Choose your battles.


But, that’s no excuse to bend for the problematic, demanding, picky child.
His health matters, too!
The Lemster has a homozygous mutation of his MTHFR 677 gene. He has hetrozygous COMT and CBS mutations. He has the MAO mutation.  (By the way… when you read how those genes interact on behaviors and frustration levels, I am convinced that I have found the “asshole” gene, and we all have it in this house… it’s like three angry girls all on their period at once. 😉 )
The young one NEEDS TO EAT PERFECTLY. He’s only methylating at 40%. He is NOT getting the nutrition he needs to thrive.

And guess what happens when you cave to the demanding child?
Suddenly the “special diet” becomes expensive.
Lemerdinski was at his dad’s all summer. Gavin and I got in a nice paleo/keto groove this summer. I lost 20 pounds. Food was cheap because, even though “healthy” food costs more, you eat WAY less. Fat satiates.  We ate one meal a day. Lemon (kid has a lot of nicknames) comes back and I cave and over spent and found us out of money by mid month.



I went into cheap paleo mode. –And let me say. If you don’t have health issues and genetic mutations, most of you can THRIVE healthy on cheap paleo mode. But a lot of us can’t.
And this is where I clash with even some of my bestest friends who insist grains are OK, and Legumes are OK.

I just can’t eat that shit.
I started eating cheap. Rice and beans.
How else do you stretch the coins in your couch cushions?
It didn’t take long for me to tank, big time.
I gained 5 pounds back, that I know of. I refuse to get on the scale.
It will be too depressing.

My inflammation came raging back.
I had an RA flare in my hands so bad the other day that I couldn’t even run a pick thru my hair.
I feel jumpy. Crawling out of my skin.

Kinda like this.
Kinda like this.

I can’t focus.
Gavin has an important doctor’s appt and I am trying to put together an info packet for his new doc before we go, and I couldn’t make sense of anything I was hearing or reading. How can I convince his new doctor what he needs when I can’t put the information together in a coherent fashion?

I wish I could eat Vegan.
I really do. I’m a bunny hugger.
I wish I could eat regular Paleo and enjoy wild rice and quinoa… oh how I miss quinoa…. but I can’t.

But let’s not forget that everyone is different.
Right down to our cells.

Find the diet that works for you and find a way to make it work.
We don’t have to be sick.
And don’t try to convince your friends that they can/should eat a certain way… I mean… unless they are eating the standard american diet. THEN you can judge them and tell them to stop that shit.
Vegan works for some.
Vegetarian works for some.
Macrobiotic. Paleo. Keto. Primal.  Whatever.

Just Eat Real Food.
Local/Organic is best.
Humane Meat is best. (Organic. Pastured. Grass Fed. No Preservatives).
Do YOUR best on a diet that works FOR YOU.

And stop eating Toxic Waste.

–Unless you are an asshole that works for the CDC and pushes vaccines, then please, eat shit and die.


Mostly Illogical, Often Ironic.

I was almost run over and off the road today by a dualie with a “choose life” license plate.

Made me think of posts like this from the Anti-anti-vaccine crowd.
evil troll

These are the people who claim to be pro-health, pro-vaccine for the good of the herd. They care. They really do. *eye roll*
Yet, they often tell us that they hope our kids DIE.

They’ve really said that. Wished death. Upon children.
And they hate all the unvaccinated children. They don’t care that there is a history of vaccine injury in my family. I should vaccinate my youngest anyway, according to them.  Let the chips fall where they may –for the good of the herd.

They operate under the idea that vaccines are effective.  Ha…. *ahhhh*
They touch themselves while moaning out words like “Herd Immunity” –forgetting that the concept of herd immunity includes protecting those whose cannot get vaccinated because the risk of injury from vaccination would be too great.
Plus, “Herd Immunity” is a myth anyway, so there’s that.

To them I present my 10 year old’s vaccine record along with a loud and proud “Go Fuck Your Mother”

Yep, he got the pox. And didn’t DIE! As a matter of fact, he cleared them in TWO DAYS. My fully vaccinated/vaccine injured son had them on his body for weeks AND for YEARS after when he’d get upset and cry, they scars would light up bring red.
In 2009, when my youngest was 5, we were living in Baton Rouge. Right when the man bear pig flu came through.  My fully vaccinated son, and my fully vaccinated self, were sick in bed for 8 days. My unvaccinated YOUNG son, was sick for two days.  Thank the dogs he was there to take care of us.
When he gets an illness with fever, he kicks it in 12 hours.
Ain’t it funny how well an unadulterated immune system works?

Anecdotal? You betcha.
The thing is… there are a LOT of moms like me, with unvaccinated kids like him, with the same story. And those of you who pound on your chest while screaming and spitting out the words “SCIENTIFIC METHOD” seem to have forgotten that observations, certainly an overwhelming number of similar observations , deserve study. So why can’t we get our unvaccinated vs. vaccinated study looking at autism, allergies and other illnesses? Hmmm?
(I think you’re foolish to think it hasn’t been done. It would quiet the masses, no? I think it was done. I think it showed that unvaccinated kids are healthier with less autism. And I think they buried it. Maybe our CDC Whistle Blower would know something about that, hm?)Where is the part about omitting statistically significant data?? LOLZ

^^Hey, Where’s the part about omitting statistically significant data?? LOLZ

But I digress, as usual…

Back to the trolls who want to save children, but wish death to children…


These same trolls came out of the woodwork to get Chili’s to cancel an event that was going to raise funds to help prevent wandering deaths in autistic children. Right before summer. A summer that claimed at least 20 autistic kids to drowning. I stopped counting after a while. It’s too fucking depressing.

Today, they got State Farm to dump Rob Schneider because he believes that parents have the right to refuse pharmaceuticals that they believe pose more risk than benefit to their child.

Rob, welcome to our world. You’ve bled with us now. We loved you before, but now you are kin.

So who are these trolls?

Here’s an observation for you.
When I am in public, roaming all over this lovely country, I am always questioned about my child.
Stranger: “Does he have… autism?”
Me: “Yes.”
Stranger: “My (fill in the blank younger relative) does too. I think it was the vaccines, do you?”

Yes. It really happens that way.
Or it goes down like this:
Stranger: “My (fill in the blank younger relative) does too.”
Me: “Yeah, so RARE, right? It’s the vaccines.”
Stranger: “I think so, too.”

Me: “Yeah, so RARE, right? It’s the vaccines.”
Stranger: “Really?”
Me: “Yes. Autism is not ONE THING. It’s a collection of symptoms that, in and of themselves, can be vaccine injuries. If you have enough of the symptoms you win the diagnosis. We are injecting kids with neurotoxins and DNA and substances that excite their immature immune systems. It’s not a stretch, it’s biologically plausible and there are lots of studies that support the link. Look into it for yourself.”
Stranger: “I will”

NEVER ONCE have I met one of these trolls in person.
NEVER ONCE has someone said to me, “You are so full of shit, you science denier!! I hope your kid gets measles and DIES.”

Probably because these people aren’t “real”
They are working a job.
And if you too have aspirations to kill off the human species, you can join them.

TMR’s Booty Kicker needs our help.

Melanie, aka: TMR’s BK, Booty Kicker, is battling spine and liver cancer after having already beaten breast and bone cancer.

And on top of that she cares for her son with severe autism.
I can’t even imagine being in her shoes, as every autism mom knows, there are no sick days.

Help Melanie and her family out right now by donating here through Give Forward.
Whether you can give, or if you can’t give, please share the link to this fundraiser.
You may think you can’t help, but you never know who will be reached if you share. One little click!
Be an active participant even if your bank account is empty 🙂

Send your good thoughts, positive vibes, prayers and whatever you got.

So, it’s like that, Billy?


While I am happy about this new video released today, there is something about it that pisses me off a bit, friend.

On one hand we hear you say how you are being asked to lie. Great. Super. Thanks. But… what I hear is, ‘I’m not going to come completely clean, out loud, unless I am sitting in front of congress, under oath.’

“If it comes through legitimate channels and I’m forced to answer questions, I’m not going to lie. I’ve stopped lying” –William Thompson.

No, you really haven’t stopped lying. Your silence is a lie. GET. IN. FRONT. OF. A. CAMERA. Call CNN. Set it up. Make it happen. How many more kids were injured today? Yesterday? How many more tomorrow? Your failure to act is getting really fucking old, Billy.

If I had more than $40 in my bank account I’d be on my way to your house to set up a tent in your front yard. So I guess you are lucky that my son’s brain damage from his vaccines has resulted in our poverty.  But know this, I don’t think it would take much effort on my part to arrange a protest at your house and at the CDC. There are plenty of parents as pissed off as me in Atlanta.
You lonely, Billy? You want some company? I don’t know where you live but I bet I can get Anonymous to publish your dox.

Congressional hearings would be great, but we’ve been having congressional hearings on vaccines and autism since 2000 and not a damn thing has come of them.  The public isn’t going to listen until you get on camera and speak the WHOLE truth. Quit fucking around with the health of our Nation’s children.