It’s not about guns.

Take away semi-automatic rifles and high capacity magazines and there can still be mass murder.

I gave myself ten minutes to come up with several ways to commit mass murder without a gun. It was easier than I imagined it would be. Scenarios involving: fire, home made bombs, cars, trains, poison, night clubs, hospitals, apt buildings, street festivals –all with legal items, or easy to obtain illegal items.

It’s not about guns. By the way, most handguns bought today are also “semi auto” and have high capacity mags. Take away the guns and people bent on mass murder can still pull it off. Sure, guns are easier, but the other ways are also easy.

We refuse to look at why people kill.
Happy, Healthy brains do not kill.

People on pharmaceuticals kill.
People with improper nutrition kill –this is a huge topic that I’m glossing over, but I’m talking about “metal illness”, cellular metabolic issues where people are seriously lacking in CRITICAL vitamins in their bodies that are needed for their brains to function properly.
We eat toxic food and drink toxic water and take toxic medicine and we are sick.

We are the fattest country (which is a toxin indicator), we take the MOST medication, we are the most medically neglected –and those who do seek “medicine” seek out the Western Medicine approach of symptom suppression. When will our leadership stand up and start talking about THAT?


Read about Linus Pauling, Abram Hoffer, Orthomolecular medicine and mental health. Read about the people who actually cured their sick brains with Vit C and Niacin. Not with psychotropic medications that actually have violence as a potential side effect.

As for the Second Amendment and all that “musket” talk… yes. Everyone had muskets back then… EVERY. ONE.
Match fire power for fire power. If the gov’t and police and criminals go back to muskets, then I’m cool with everyone having muskets. But until then I’ll keep my semi-auto guns with high capacity magazines.

What happened was horrible. I’m not trying to be cold.
But we are having the wrong conversation, and while gun crimes have gone down in countries that banned guns, those countries also are not as fucked up as we Americans are –raised on poison and hate –it’s all through our history. Put you flag down for a minute and take another look at history. When haven’t we been shitty to people who are different? It’s our sick culture and we have sick brains.

Have the right conversation or nothing will change.

Edit to add: I keep getting people saying, “Australia, Australia, Australia!” in my general direction.  Mass murders have not stopped in Australia. Snowtown Murders 12 bodies found in acid barrels, Childers Queensland Arson attack 15 dead, Churchhill Fire 10 dead, Lin Family murders 5 dead from being beat with a blunt instrument, Quaker Hill Nursing home fire 11 dead, Cairns Child killings 8 children stabbed to death –and that list doesn’t include the gun killings because YES, there have still been gun killings: Logan Shooting 3 dead, Hunt Family Murders 5 dead, Hectorville Seige 3 dead, Monash University Shooting 2 dead 5 injured.

Australia has 23.9 million people, the USA has almost ten times as many people. The USA has the highest prescription drugs use of any country, certainly more black box warning drugs where side effects are depression, suicide and all around murderous rage. I personally was rx’d a seizure med (Keppra) that made me want to kill people. It’s not about fucking guns for the love of all that is fucking holy. Stop comparing us to Australia unless you want to break down the numbers and do it right.

What stale hell is this? Chapman Study SUPPORTS autism as a disorder of toxicity.

Right before I went to bed last night, this little gem popped up in my news feed.

Spike In Autism Caused By Shift In Diagnosis. –Chapman Study.

It took five minutes of me skimming their findings to comment:

“Did it ever occur to them that less kids are being Dx’d with SLD because as toxic exposures increase, the kids with SLD who were likely something mild like a dyslexia kid, or ADHD, are now the kids with a more severe Dx. The shift in Dx is because the child is more severely affected.”

Anyone who spends a couple days looking into how the forward thinking Doctors, Practioners, and Parents of today are treating autism successfully, they will see what we’ve all come to learn –which is that autism is a disorder of toxic overload. Research supports it. Labs support it. Clinical outcomes supports it. The fact that my 19 year old son’s ATEC score dropped from 100 to 51 after 4 months of a detox protocol really supports it.
(Link to the first TMR study on the Ioncleanse by AMD here. My son was in the second study. The second study showed even more improvements for kids of all ages with a more frequent protocol.)

SLD very likely included the “Canary Kids” Simply put, there are kids more genetically susceptible to toxins.  Genes do not change drastically in 20 years, environmental exposure can –and has. With less exposures these were very likely the dyslexia kids. Dysgraphia, Reading Problems, Comprehension Issues, etc. (Offically “Includes disorders resulting in difficulties with listening, thinking, speaking, reading, writing, spelling, or doing mathematical calculations.”)

This study looks at the numbers in 2000 and how they’ve shifted since then. My son was born in 1996. The kids in school in 2000 in the SLD category were the kids BEFORE the addition of the birth dose of Hep B. They were the beginning of the wave of new “Autism”. There was already a category for Autism in 2000. I promise you, no one would have confused Autism for SLD, even in 2000. There is no way you’d look at my toe running, hand flapping, non-verbal kid and say, “Hm. Call it SLD, we don’t know what it is!”

This article references NeuroTribes and the idea that the change in the diagnosing criteria in 1987 is the reason for the shift. 1987 vs. 2000. Are you telling me that no one in the school system or medical community picked up the DSM-IV until 2000? The shift we are seeing in the numbers in the diagnostic categories for this study shows what happens when you take genetically susceptible kids and pile more and more toxins into their bodies and brains. Kids are WORSE. Yes, the same number of kids are affected, but the severity is the issue.

So, I’m going to ask you to consider that our DNA has not changed significantly but that toxic exposure HAS increased.
Consider that some kids are genetically susceptible.
Consider that the numbers shifted each year because as toxic exposure went up, kids tipped from having a less severe issue like “reading comprehension problems” to full blown “autism”.
Consider the implications. Whether you believe it is vaccines, plastics chemicals, GMOs or whatever… Consider it.

So, thank you Chapman! Your study supports what myself and many in the field have been screaming from the mountain tops –you just were not equipped with all the info when you interpreted your findings. Please go back and look at it again with this information.

Genetically susceptible kids exist. FIND THEM. Pretty please.

Also Read:
Is The Autism Epidemic Real by RFK Jr.


California’s Autism Increase Not Due To Better Counting. UC Davis, M.I.N.D. Institute (way more science-y than Chapman😉 )

Fishies: On vaccines, fishies, autism and coincidence.

This meme recently caught a second wind over on my old facebook page, Autism Wars. People are sharing it. Good. I hope it makes some think.


Here is the story behind the moment the sentence “Vaccines are the leading cause of coincidence in the United States.” popped into my head. I was reading “Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder” by Karen Seroussi, and she mentions how “fish” was her son’s last word, because there was an aquarium in the waiting room at the doctors office when she took him for his MMR. I about fell off my chair. Me Too. Gavin Too. “ishies” was his last word… because there was an aquarium in the waiting room at the doctors office when I took him for his MMR. I wondered how many moms had that same story.

I laughed to myself when I pictured the medical community saying, “Tapping on fish tanks and saying “Fish”” is linked to autism! Get rid of your fish tanks!!

I thought about all the other “coincidences” that all our kids have in common. The ear infections, the gut trouble, the eczema, the timing of the regression… All, ‘coincidentally’ following vaccines. And there it was… vaccines! Vaccines are to blame for the epidemic rise in coincidence in this country!

Insert: *eye roll*

You know, true scientific method doesn’t ignore even the smallest of coincidence. It studies it. Our CDC did study it… and they found that MMR vaccine was linked to an increase in Autism in black boys and individuals with isolated autism (which, is pretty much all our kids). And then they reworked those numbers to make it go away. Don’t believe me? Go see Vaxxed.

Don’t stay misinformed. You don’t have to. Fish tanks in doctors offices don’t cause autism. Vaccines can, however, and vaccines do. You have to look at what is biologically plausible. You have to understand that autism isn’t a “thing” in and of itself. It’s a label slapped on a box that holds a list of symptoms. What causes all those symptoms? Start here, 124 studies that support the vaccine/autism connection.

Florida, Saving Money, one hungry adult at a time.

There is this Conservative/Republican idea that we don’t need to be taxed to pay for social welfare programs. That such programs should run on private donations, because people are generally good and if they aren’t being taxed and “forced” to pay for these programs, then they will gladly open their wallets and just give.

So put your money where your mouth is. In Florida changes to the food stamp program went into effect where “able-bodied” adults who were WORKING, yet still met the income requirements, are being kicked off the program because they can only be on food stamps 3 months every 1.5 years.

Now at some point we decided how much of an income isn’t enough to afford proper nutrition, these people ARE WORKING JOBS, but still are not making enough money to feed themselves (don’t get me started on minimum wage/living wage in this country), HOWEVER we’ve now decided that they only deserve proper nutrition 3 months out of every 21 months?

And how much of that cut back do you expect to see back in your pockets, Floridians? Do you really think the state of Florida is going to give you your NINE CENTS back every month from this one particular cut? Heck no. I’m sure that slice will go toward some ridiculous pork. OR maybe they will throw it into the fund paying $506 a day to put autistic kids into nursing homes instead of paying the parents a tiny fraction of that to keep their kids at home. Way to think in a financially sound way, Florida!

People are so damn worried about the 2.6% of statistically-insignificant welfare fraud, that you will convince yourself that this move is a good thing –while completely ignore corporate welfare and the obscene amount of money we hemorrhage into “defense”. Smoke screens. You’ve been duped. Be ashamed, be very ashamed.

So put your money where your mouth is, because food banks and soup kitchens are about to see an influx of 12,000 people.

They lie.

[Quick Hello first: I haven’t wrote a blog in forever. I’m exhausted on a daily basis. I do my ranting on Tsu and Facebook mostly, and then regret not turning it into a blog. So many things I should be writing about right now like the movie Vaxxed, and Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree, and Tribeca, and vaccines and Bob Wright. I will. I just wanted to rewrite a post that was on the old blog in some form but I don’t think I moved it over here, or perhaps it is here and I’m repeating myself, but it could use a little repeating.]

I have a million guesses as to why the average person finds it so hard to believe that the CDC would lie to them and cover up vaccine findings. I’m sure it’s a combination of many things. I saw something once that makes it easier for me to believe (I mean, besides watching my own child’s health tank with each round of vaccines, and reading all the research and medical books, etc.). Something that sat tucked away in my mind, to be pulled out later in a moment of, “Well, yeah, I’ve seen them make records disappear.”

I was stationed at Walter Reed when they had a group of men in for some medical testing regarding Gulf War Illness. This was 1995.
I was living in the student barracks, which were also medical hold and guest barracks in some sections. I would not only run into the men at work, but I’d see them around the barracks. I was on guard duty one night, sitting at the desk and chatting with one of the guys. They were getting ready to leave in the next day or two and he was telling me that when he went to get a copy of his medical records they weren’t there. He was told that there was no record of him having been seen, and he wasn’t the only one.

Naive me, “Oh c’mon! I took your x-ray. They have to be here.”
Now, I don’t remember if I had a computer there to pull it up, or if I followed up at work the next day –memories fade. I just remember being at our computer system and not being able to pull up his name. He was gone. Erased. I went to the file room. The films would be there, they had to be. Originals are never signed out. Gone. I had the names of a couple other guys, and same story. Gone from the computer. Gone from the file room. Gone. They couldn’t get copies of their own medical records from their time at Walter Reed, because apparently they were never there, evidence be damned.

I had heard stories later about how Gulf War records were “misfiled”, medical and otherwise. Some were sent to the main record facility, and they filed them not by name, or medical record number, but by date of visit and clinic, at least that was the story at the time.  Some were never found at all.  Remember too, at this point they were still denying that gulf war illness was a thing.

Misfiling paper records could be chalked up to incompetence. Computer records deleted might also be, but not when they match up to missing paper records. That speaks to something intentional.

Do a quick google search for Gulf war missing records. You’ll find some interesting reads. It’s a sad rabbit hole to go down when you start to read all these personal stories. Not only were medical records gone, but records of troop movements, gone. Anything to show where the troops were in relation to “toxic plumes”, gone. After action reports, gone. Vaccines administered, not entered into the records. So I guess I am not surprised that records of the “study” on troops would vanish immediately and the men given nothing but shrugged shoulders from head scratching employees saying, “Hm. Weird. I dunno.”

The government is fully capable of manipulating data, records and history to fit their needs. I wish I had thought harder about what I witnessed before I trusted the same people to vaccinate my child.

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