Fishies: On vaccines, fishies, autism and coincidence.

This meme recently caught a second wind over on my old facebook page, Autism Wars. People are sharing it. Good. I hope it makes some think.


Here is the story behind the moment the sentence “Vaccines are the leading cause of coincidence in the United States.” popped into my head. I was reading “Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder” by Karen Seroussi, and she mentions how “fish” was her son’s last word, because there was an aquarium in the waiting room at the doctors office when she took him for his MMR. I about fell off my chair. Me Too. Gavin Too. “ishies” was his last word… because there was an aquarium in the waiting room at the doctors office when I took him for his MMR. I wondered how many moms had that same story.

I laughed to myself when I pictured the medical community saying, “Tapping on fish tanks and saying “Fish”” is linked to autism! Get rid of your fish tanks!!

I thought about all the other “coincidences” that all our kids have in common. The ear infections, the gut trouble, the eczema, the timing of the regression… All, ‘coincidentally’ following vaccines. And there it was… vaccines! Vaccines are to blame for the epidemic rise in coincidence in this country!

Insert: *eye roll*

You know, true scientific method doesn’t ignore even the smallest of coincidence. It studies it. Our CDC did study it… and they found that MMR vaccine was linked to an increase in Autism in black boys and individuals with isolated autism (which, is pretty much all our kids). And then they reworked those numbers to make it go away. Don’t believe me? Go see Vaxxed.

Don’t stay misinformed. You don’t have to. Fish tanks in doctors offices don’t cause autism. Vaccines can, however, and vaccines do. You have to look at what is biologically plausible. You have to understand that autism isn’t a “thing” in and of itself. It’s a label slapped on a box that holds a list of symptoms. What causes all those symptoms? Start here, 124 studies that support the vaccine/autism connection.

Florida, Saving Money, one hungry adult at a time.

There is this Conservative/Republican idea that we don’t need to be taxed to pay for social welfare programs. That such programs should run on private donations, because people are generally good and if they aren’t being taxed and “forced” to pay for these programs, then they will gladly open their wallets and just give.

So put your money where your mouth is. In Florida changes to the food stamp program went into effect where “able-bodied” adults who were WORKING, yet still met the income requirements, are being kicked off the program because they can only be on food stamps 3 months every 1.5 years.

Now at some point we decided how much of an income isn’t enough to afford proper nutrition, these people ARE WORKING JOBS, but still are not making enough money to feed themselves (don’t get me started on minimum wage/living wage in this country), HOWEVER we’ve now decided that they only deserve proper nutrition 3 months out of every 21 months?

And how much of that cut back do you expect to see back in your pockets, Floridians? Do you really think the state of Florida is going to give you your NINE CENTS back every month from this one particular cut? Heck no. I’m sure that slice will go toward some ridiculous pork. OR maybe they will throw it into the fund paying $506 a day to put autistic kids into nursing homes instead of paying the parents a tiny fraction of that to keep their kids at home. Way to think in a financially sound way, Florida!

People are so damn worried about the 2.6% of statistically-insignificant welfare fraud, that you will convince yourself that this move is a good thing –while completely ignore corporate welfare and the obscene amount of money we hemorrhage into “defense”. Smoke screens. You’ve been duped. Be ashamed, be very ashamed.

So put your money where your mouth is, because food banks and soup kitchens are about to see an influx of 12,000 people.