Autism is Brain Damage. Vaccines can cause Brain Damage. Vaccines can cause Autism.

Autism is Neurological Damage. Let that cross your blood brain barrier and sink in.

What do you think neurological damage should look like? I know I sound like a broken record, but the average person cannot begin to understand that vaccines might be causing autism, until they fully understand what autism is.

We have a bad track record in this country –and I suppose the world, when it comes to chalking up things we don’t understand to mythical powers or medical mysteries.  One example, for most of history, epilepsy was seen as something divine –until we figured out it’s neurological.

Today the entire field of psychiatry fits into this box. If we can’t see the obvious medical connection we tell the patient that the problem is all in their head.


Autism got tossed into the psychiatry box. The first theory to be accepted by medical professionals was that it stemmed from bad parenting –mainly a cold “refrigerator” mother. Luckily, Dr. Bernie Rimland came along –his son was autistic and he knew damn well his wife was a great mother. Bernie changed that mistaken theory –we suddenly realized that autism was neurological.

But from there, “professionals” chalked it up to kids being differently wired.  That never sat right with me. The brain is amazingly plastic. If they were differently wired they’d still be functional  –and I wasn’t seeing “functional” in my own son and the children of others.  I saw tics and odd body postures and disordered speech and language –I saw brain damage. Also, we noticed that changing the diet and giving certain supplements helped or even made some kids lose their diagnosis. This wasn’t ‘hard wiring’ –this was medical, metabolic.

It was 2000 when I finally started listening to my new friends about vaccines.  I didn’t understand how a vaccine could cause a brain disorder. My lack of comprehension was directly related to my lack of knowledge.  First off, I had no clue what was in vaccine. I had NOT ONE CLUE that there was mercury, polysorbate 80, formaldehyde, aluminum, human DNA, chicken DNA, etc. I had no idea that our immune system is in our gut. I had no idea that damaged guts can lose that tight juncture in their cells and ‘leak’ proteins out into the blood stream where they should never be. I had no idea that these proteins could slip past the blood brain barrier. I had no idea that the mercury could cross the BBB. I had no idea that there were kids with MTHFR and other genetic mutations that would make them more susceptible to damage –who couldn’t detox those heavy metals as well as other children.  The more I read, the more it became obvious that vaccines causing brain damage that presents as “autism” is biologically plausible.  I admit to being ignorant.

I know that some of you still are. That you sit back and listen to the news anchors on the TV tell you what was found in the latest study –and you with your lack of medical knowledge and lack of knowledge about the politics of this all, and the history of vaccines, you take it at face value. Why would they lie?  They lie because either they are ignorant, too –or because their fat paychecks depend on it.

But back to autism. How can you not see that autism is brain damage? Autism isn’t a thing in and of itself. Time to sound like a broken record again… Autism is a label that is slapped on a box, and in that box is a pile of symptoms, and if you have enough of those symptoms you win the diagnosis. There is no such thing as “Autism” –it is a classification system, a label.

So let’s look at autism…
By looking at other neurological disorders and diseases and injuries.

Looks like autism.
Looks like autism. But it’s a mercury poisoning victim from Minamata Japan.

I remember 2000, when I still needed a little more convincing. That is when a friend sent me a link to a video, a video showing children who were exposed to mercury in Minamata Japan. (If you are unfamiliar, Google is your friend) –and what caught my eye right away was how similar a lot of the body postures were in those mercury poisoned in Minamata and our “autistics”. Mercury damages the brain. Autism is brain damage. Now, a lot of people died in Minamata, some were severely affected… some slightly. And those slightly affected all looked like autistic kids to me.  In the following video at minute two… if you didn’t know this was a Minamata video, you’d think it was an autism video. I suggest you check out all the videos on youtube concerning Minamata “Disease”

This is a great one too:

So, Minamata popped back into my head last night while I was rewatching “Silent Epidemic, The Untold Story of Vaccines” you really need to watch the whole thing. But check out the montage at minute 16:55 –that is what neurological damage looks like. And that is called “autism”.

Now let me say, I don’t agree that vaccines are the only thing that’s changed in the last 25 years –they are the major player and biggest culprit, yes. But we also don’t eat real food anymore and the food we eat is mostly poisoned and nutritionally void or genetically altered. We are dealing with thousands upon thousands of chemicals in our environment that were never tested for long term safety. Babies today are born with hundreds of chemicals in their cord blood… BUT… If we are willing to admit that there is an environmental trigger –that something we are eating, breathing or touching is causing this rise (and most scientists and doctors DO admit this) THEN WHY do we snap to attention when vaccines are mentioned, and toe the company line with a loud chorus of, “Oh, but we know it’s not the vaccines!”  Injecting chemicals into the body is much worse than eating, breathing or touching. We don’t “know it’s not the vaccines” because the proper studies HAVE NOT BEEN DONE.

Looks like Autism.
Looks like Autism.
Looks like autism.
Looks like autism.

Autism is brain damage.
Here, at 4:35 is a child with an auto-immune encephalitis… brain damage… it looks like autism:

Here is a child with cerebral palsy, it looks like autism.

These kids with TBI have “features of autism”

Brain Injury from a drug overdose, looks like autism

Look at the poor motor planning in an apraxia patient after a stroke. I was told in my speech path classes that apraxia/dyspraxia
is more common in kids now, but it’s controversial because in adults it follows a brain injury and in kids there is NO BRAIN INJURY. Says who? Vaccines cause brain injury. The adult:

Here is a child –both look like autism:

OMGosh, look at this, we even have a new disorder, Developmental Coordination Disorder.  –It is all brain damage.

Autism. Is. Brain. Injury.

Vaccines are known to cause brain injuries.
Why do you deny that some of us watched our children regress into brain injury right after receiving vaccines that have possible brain injury as a known AND COMPENSATABLE  side effect? Compensatable through the NVICP which has paid out over $3billion in damages to vaccine injured…

–all because you do not understand what autism is.
–what ALL this is.

Set aside the debate for a few minutes now and really think about what is happening to generations of children. Just think about it.

Watch that full length movie above, The Silent Epidemic.
Also, watch The Disappearing Male.

Here is some kids dissertation on Minamata, check it out, it’s well worth the 13 minutes.

Also… the old argument back in the day was methyl vs. ethyl mercury.  I am not even going to get into that. That is a whole other blog post… or book chapter… or book. You can google. Bottom line, they can cause the same damage.

I say again, autism is brain damage. Vaccines can cause brain damage. Vaccines can cause autism.

What don’t you understand?


30 thoughts on “Autism is Brain Damage. Vaccines can cause Brain Damage. Vaccines can cause Autism.”

  1. Jane,

    I stumbled over zour blog. As a scientist with a 25 zears experience in medical research I can onlz tell zou>

    1) Autism is NOT brain damage.
    2) Vaccines do NOT cause brain damage. It would be interesting to know who told you that nonsense.
    3) The immune system is NOT located in the gut. The center is the bone marrow. Some healing practitioner told you that, right ? Take a look tino a textbook on immunology instead.
    4) These proteins CAN NOT slip past the blood brain barrier, and NO the blood brain barrier of infants is NOT leaky. In fact it is fully functional.


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    1. Your keyboard has an accent. Who told me that vaccines can cause brain damage? Um… the vaccine manufactures did, and the US gov’t.
      I have read immunology text books, it’s embarrassing for you that you don’t know about the immune functions of the gut. And yes, the proteins can slip past the BBB and there are spots where the barrier can be breached and thru different situations where it can happen. In the future if you want to whip out your tiny dick to try to shut me down, I suggest you come back with accurate info and sources. P.S. I googled your email and found the kinds of channels you subscribe to on Youtube… like this video: –man, just how small is your penis?

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    2. Thomas as a researcher of 47 years vaccines do cause autism, the heavy metals used as preservatives including mercury form amyloid plaque in the blood brain barrier. Same vaccine caused damage in seniors who present with Alzheimer’s. Can not slip past the blood brain barriet including oxygen because virologist are pedophiles with don’t
      sue me rider to their research.
      For Jane and Thomas the damage of radiation exposure, autism and Alzheimer’s can be reserved by sulfating the trash of man and those in white coats out of the biology of man, women, children but researchers like your self their is ho hope you know it all.
      Be careful Thomas there are mothers out there who could hurt you for
      for your expert ignorance. Visit Paul Offit on Facebook he holds your
      opinion all the way to the bank.
      Man causes autism, if necessary we will obliterate such men, and hang
      all of the chemists as is the Judgement of Nuremberg.
      The Cellular Matrix Study has 29 formerly autistic children whose mothers have their lives back and could be found in the bushes waiting
      for Dr. Death Paul Offit to head home into harms way. Mother can buy
      ropes and Pennsylvania has hanging trees.
      The one percent ends on my watch, and not one tear shall be shed in their passing, good riddance.
      Jane who knows it all, post this, any child can come back with eye contact, the beginning of communication and sulfur in the diet of mother and child.
      Those who support vaccine are scardy cats and pedophiles. What we
      do to pedophiles in the West is castrate them and we kick the living shit of them. Many have died but few compared to the damage done.
      Those who screw with our children will soon under the Agents of the
      Crystalline Matrix when we string you up with no pomp or circumstances. Pedophile deserve to die, we can help them to cease breathing. is for the mothers of vaccine damaged children who want their lives back and their child back, something Thomas believes is impossible because he is a researcher.

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    3. Thomas you are uniformed. I don’t know what medical research you have been doing but your info is not correct.



    4. 1.Gut and the immune system:

      2. Vaccines and brain damage:

      “Adverse events reported during post-approval use of Tripedia vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS,
      anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence
      and apnea. Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting.”

      Click to access UCM101580.pdf

      From MMR vaccine insert: “Nervous System
      Encephalitis; encephalopathy; measles incl
      usion body encephalitis (MIBE) (see
      CONTRAINDICATIONS); subacute
      sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE); Gu
      illain-Barré Syndrome (GBS);
      acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM); transve
      rse myelitis; febrile convulsions; afebrile
      convulsions or seizures; ataxia; polyneuritis
      ; polyneuropathy; ocular palsies; paresthesia. ”

      3. The question is not if infant’s blood-brain barrier is fully functioning but how is it penetrated despite that. It is done with polysorbate 80, a common ingredient in the vaccines. There:

      4.Get a clue.


    5. Let us consider that inflammation fits both terms, autism is a broad stroke a spectrum of bad biology, man made bad biology. The heavy metals of the blood brain barrier, the amyloid plaque of Dr. Rudi Tanzi proved Alzheimer’s was of those heavy metals but did not know all had been vaccinated. Just as every child we have encountered has also been vaccinated. Our amino acids are sulfur based amino acids, where is the sulfur? Not in the food.
      If you know a mother of an autistic child or brain damaged for any reason we are foolish enough to state that if you add organic sulfur to your diet and your child’s diet twice a day you could get your child back and even better your life back. How about your love life back?


    6. pHARMa taught you one interpretation and it’s quite antiquated but entrenched. If you look beyond what you find in textbooks you will learn that the gut-brain connection is far more significant than you have been lead to believe. It’s all out there if you are willing to look into the rabbit hole that other very credible scientists and doctors have done.

      Here is an article about obesity that begins to explain a very different picture than you present. You’ll probably argue injection vs ingestion but injection of some toxins is far worse because at least in the gut, there is some chance there will be less uptake.

      The blood-brain barrier is not fully developed in newborns, and although there is some evidence that it is not fully developed in some children until puberty, when it reaches full maturity is unknown.(21) It is definitely not fully developed in any fetus. Furthermore, throughout life, certain regions of the brain, known as the circumventricular organs, lack a blood brain barrier,(22-24) and the blood brain barrier can be damaged from, among other things, high fever, stroke, trauma to the head, seizures, repeated ingestion of MSG, and the normal process of aging.(21,25-26) The developing fetus is at particular risk since the placental barrier is not impervious to MSG;(27-29) and we can assume the same is true for the aspartic acid contained in aspartame. Since most of the processed foods we eat contain MSG, as do many personal care items, supplements, and pharmaceuticals, it is almost impossible for an expectant mother to avoid it.

      I hope you will reconsider what you “know.”


    7. Wow, how old are you, because you seem really out of touch! Perhaps you should do some research on the gut biome and the powerful link to the immune system and even to behaviour. I appreciate that you’re a scientist, but that doesn’t make you all-knowing. You need to update big time.


  2. Hey you know what? I am autistic, and this is fucking insulting. I’m going to state an absolute fact – anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theoriests do not give one fuck about people with autism. Why?

    Because of the fact that propagating shit like this makes parents view their kids as broken. Even if they don’t believe your rubbish, they still get the feeling that people are scrambling to explain some tragedy. You are directly hurting people like me. You are saying it’s better to be dead than autistic, because a lot of people are dying because of anti-vaxxers. Autism is a difficult thing to live with, but it is beneficial too.

    “The brain is amazingly plastic. If they were differently wired they’d still be functional –and I wasn’t seeing “functional” in my own son and the children of others.”

    You don’t actually understand neurology. You’ve just heard a bunch of buzzwords. The brain is plastic, in many ways which is how victims of brain damage often make an apparently full recovery in the first place. It can also be somewhat rigid in others, which is why some never do.

    If Autism was brain damage you would see the “plasticity” kick in. The reality is that Autism may be something very complicated – one of the favourite theories right now is the “intense world” theory, which while simplistic in my view is closer than this absolute nonsense. Mercury does not cause autism. And no, that patient in the chair doesn’t “look” autistic, except like a very specific stereotype of autism. In actuality, valproic acid during developmental stages is more likely to produce autism-like symptoms. Not mercury.

    Autism is not “your” issue to play around with and I feel for your child so strongly.

    Being autistic, it IS mine. And don’t you dare tell me that because I’m not like your child, that I can’t speak. I still experience far more of the issues your child does than you do. Some days, I’m entirely non verbal. Sometimes autistic people have different ways of communicating. Either we’re too low functioning for you to bother trying to communicate with us or we’re too high functioning for our opinions to count. It’s ridiculous. It’s not as simple as high and low functioning. There is a spectrum to be found even in individuals.

    I don’t know how you see your child but I suspect you don’t actually look at your child at all, and instead project stereotypes, looking desperately for something that fits. Autism is more likely to look like – stimming(hand flapping, nose cusping etc.) unusual posture or walks, often eccentric in nature, intense and focused interest, panic attacks and meltdowns, etc. whereas you seem to think it means being stereotypically retarded.

    I am autistic. I do not look like this. And please stop using the struggles of people with brain damage like some sort of case study slideshow. It’s disrespectful. They are human beings, and so are we.

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    1. Autism is a spectrum. If my son could tell off a blogger like you are doing here, I wouldn’t say the things I say.
      But he can’t. He is severely affected. He HAS brain damage. He suffers from seizures. These are facts.
      You do not have what my son has. I will gladly give up the label “autism” for him to be diagnosed with what he really has… which is vaccine induced brain damage.


    2. There are varying degrees of brain damage called autism nowadays. You are obviously high functioning. But there are many who are not. It is not disrespectful to name their suffering brain damage, because this is what it is. It is insulting to damage your kid because you did not research the topic enough to figure out the truth. It is insulting to read advertisements of companies as if they are the truth and are meaning only well for you, when history has proven they don’t. They have been sued and fined for hiding information of side effects and effectiveness and many people have died because of that. You have been reading too much fake research into autism trying to learn what you have. To hide the fact that the vaccines cause autism they have come up with many outlandish theories and have lied to people. Mercury causes brain damage and brain damage is autism.


      1. It’s interesting isn’t it? No one goes into immediate defend and justify mode when a child is profoundly paralysed by a bus, or severely burnt by hot water, or bitten by a snake. We don’t accuse parents of negligence and parrot the “Conspiracy Theory” slur, or suggest that identifying obvious causality – regression immediately after vaccination- means that ex-vaxxers “don’t love their child”. The cause of their condition is identified and named, rather than denied and shamed, and effective interventions and services are offered to the families, to either improve the child’s health, or enhance their quality of life.

        I understand why this kind of comment is so frustrating for parents whose once verbal but now non-verbal vaccine-injured children will NEVER have the ability to come onto a discussion forum like this and have their say. Parents who know full well that their child’s brain injury leading to an autism spectrum diagnosis was triggered by vaccination. It seems to me there is no greater love than to both carry the burden of caring for a damaged child, being willing to admit the mistake of vaccinating them based on false information, instead fo hiding behind guilty denial, and having the courage to speak the BS-busting truth in places like this.


    3. I respect your opinion, and yes there are other people with autism who feel as you do, but definitely not all. My daughter cries to me all the time about her “brain being twisted” and the screaming and crying are DAILY. She prays to god everyday for him to heal her. Her struggles are real, and she would rather NOT have them. For her, autism is not part of who she is, it is something she fights everyday to BE who she is.


    4. I’m sorry you’re autistic. I’m sorry you’re insulted. But autism IS brain damage. You can do a lot to heal from it too – including detoxing, chelation therapy, and gut biome therapy.


    5. I’m autistic AND anti-vaccine. So STFU, you brainwashed house autistic who can’t formulate a single sentence that doesn’t parrot pharmaceutical propaganda.


  3. I can dispute what you are saying in one sentence:
    My son is autistic and I didn’t have him vaccinated. So, are you going to tell me that exposure to toxins in the environment caused his brain damage? What about the majority of people exposed to the same environment, the same toxins, who do not have autism?
    When I first received the diagnosis, I believed what you believe and I set out to recover him. I did everything you can do with diet, supplements, therapies…. he didn’t recover. Why? Because he’s autistic, not brain damaged! I wasted time, money, his teeth (thanks to digestive enzymes), and precious emotions during his formative years. I wish that I had found the writings of autistics who are part of the neurodiversity movement right away instead of the people, like you, who believe, incorrectly that autism is a tragic consequence of external factors that can be corrected. I was wrong, you are wrong, and autistic people suffer for it. The sooner you find acceptance for your child, learn about the beauty of autism and focus on what works to support your child’s unique needs, the better off your family will be. And everyone else, above all the autistics who will come across this. Sorry, guys, the world has such a long way to go and I’m firmly, staunchly on your side.


    1. I do know of children who regressed into Autism without being vaccinated.
      One case I am familiar with is a child who couldn’t process glutamate in food –and not just MSG, but foods high in natural glutamate.
      There is also the issue of BT toxins and other chemicals in food.
      I would suggest looking into Glutamate, and MTHFR mutations.


    2. What rule says that there can’t be multiple causes to a condition? In some cases, environmental mercury is enough to cause autism. In others, it takes the environmental mercury plus the vaccine to trigger it. In still others, it may not be the mercury at all.


  4. Hey, Thanks for exposing the Autism facts…I’ve pondered about Autism for years, & knew it was just some convenient label, like Depression, & the Flu, used by Big Pharma & their Doctor-lackeys who don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. Forgive me, but I would go a step further, & say Autism is the ongoing eugenics experiment, using injected toxins to dumb-down the population & enslave the masses. This might seem far-fetched, but the “spectrum” is how they measure the success rate of their test cases. They (The elite bastards) have nearly perfected this agenda, creating Drone-like humans, capable of performing highly specific labor & administrative tasks. Perfect Organic-Robots, using our children’s bodies like automaton-shells.


    1. Hey, asshole. I’m on the spectrum and am more enlightened than all you normies. My 140 IQ actually permits me to do the opposite of what you are suggesting. I’m an innovator and inventor, not some worker drone or sheep. Those of us on the spectrum are actually less likely to conform. Don’t talk about things that you don’t know shit about. Stop pretending you are some kind of expert and step the fuck away from your keyboard. I write, act, sing, and I make art, what can your brain do? Obviously not much other than regurgitate pseudoscience bullshit that you read on this fact less blogs written by self proclaimed “experts”. Maybe you should go back to school because your in serious need of a proper education.


      1. fact-less* blog* self-proclaimed* you’re*
        By the way, my son’s IQ is 60. He runs in front of buses to get away from bugs. He has seizures that cause him to fall down, crack open his head and need stitches. He has no concept of safety. He has very little speech and language. He’s not an inventor. He can’t even go to a school building because his sensory issues make him violent and aggressive. If he had the “autism” that you have I wouldn’t be here. You all on the upper end of the ‘spectrum’ like to pretend that those on the low-end do not exist. You are the asshole.
        P.S. My IQ is higher than yours.

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      2. Your IQ is not 140, and I highly doubt you’re an innovator or an inventor. If so, what are your patents? I’m guessing you’re just some unemployed twit typing from his mom’s basement. Man, I despise other “high-functioning” autistic people. Most of them are antagonistic, programmed, unpaid pharmaceutical shills with bloated egos and without a single interesting thing to say.


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