The Future’s So Bright… I need a flashlight.

And a map… and a compass…

I’ve been staring at this empty screen since last night. Having a million things to say and nothing to say, all at once.  It started with this article, “Coping with adult children’s autism, parents may face ‘least bad’ decisions.”

I have preached for years that you are a fool if you think autism has always been here and this is better diagnosing.  If that is true why is there no where for our newly minted “Adults with Autism” to go?  Why don’t they go where all the kids before them have gone when they aged out, hmmmm?

As I read this I am reminded too, how the media doesn’t usually portray what autism is really like for so many. The low functioning. The severe cases. Those who may act out violently when they meltdown –putting holes in walls and their teeth into their own flesh.  The world thinks that this wave of oncoming adults with autism is full of Cambridge students and future Silicon Valley geniuses… It’s not. It’s full of kids like my son –who I refuse to put in a sheltered workshop where he can work for slaves wages.

Most will depend on society instead of contributing to it. Not only that, but most have moms like me who left the working world because we had too.  The mom in this story left her job as a physician.  I have walked away from over 100K in student loan debt that will never be paid back, for an education that I never use.

And most of us moms are stressed out and looking at early graves.  Where do our kids go then?

I’m not saying anything new, I know this.  I tried. But I got nothing.
Enjoy your morning steaming cup of irony:


Book Club!

Official Stories by Liam Scheff is on sale for 99 cents today. EDIT TO ADD: adding two more books to this list, scroll down!


It’s required reading! You know when I throw out insults to people and say, “Read a fucking book once in a while?” –This is one of the ones I mean
Go buy it and then let’s have a discussion.

–Also 99 cents today only: Eat The Yolks and Vaccine Epidemic

First Album You Ever Bought?

Mine was Seven Wishes by Night Ranger.
I bought a cassette tape –‘member those, kids?

Night Ranger - 7 Wishes - a

So, though it may seem like I’ve been fucking around all day, I actually am getting a lot of work done. I’m breaking my day apart in tiny bites.  It’s a break right now.

I got the iPod in my ears and I’m walking around lip-syncing “Sentimental Street” so that Gavin doesn’t come out of his room to yell at me to stop singing.

What was the first album you ever bought?
–By the way, kinda goes without saying… it’s a kick-ass album. Go buy it.

Ramen. That Shit Ain’t Food

Ah, Facebook, you never fail to entertain.

I saw this in my feed today:

First, I have to say, WTF is this doing on a “Health” themed page?


WHO would recommend moderation when it comes to ramen? That SHIT AIN’T FOOD! Not even CLOSE.

But then…. I do that think that I swear and pledge to try to never do… and that thing is… reading the comments.


Yeah… that is me chiming in at the end. Get a fucking clue, people.
It is LITERALLY toxin soup.

There is REAL shit out there in the world that you should pick up arms for. Ramen? SMH

Try Not Being a DICK.

Check out this fucking shit.
A couple is facing eviction because their child with autism is noisy.
Hey, bears shit in the woods and the pope does drag.

This could so fucking easily be me. I’ve had douche nozzle-y, twatilicious neighbors before, too. A nosy cunt who was “so concerned about the safety of my children” that she’d wait until the next day to call my LANDLORD and tattle on whatever dangerous thing she saw my kids doing the day PRIOR.  (You know, like playing in the yard near the landlord’s yet to be filled fountain.)

How hard is it to knock on the door and say, “Hey! It’s really fucking noisy here. What’s up with that?” And then how hard is it to be a human and hear their story? To hear how hard their fucking lives are because the only way their child can communicate is through tantrums. THEN if you still have a problem with the noise, you’re just a shit human being and no one should give a flying fuck what you think. Spend one day in my shoes. SPEND ONE DAY IN THEIR SHOES. Fucking chunk. [Chunk, as defined by Webster: Waste of fucking flesh and oxygen.]

Get to know your neighbors. Try Nice for a fucking change. On that same street with the nosy cunt, there was nosy cunt #2 who reported me to a social service as being fraudulent because I drove a caddy and she saw me get an expensive Keurig Vue delivered to my house.  The Caddy is 19 years old and was the best/cheapest thing on the lot and the coffee pot was FREE. I won it.
TRY NICE. Try getting to know people. DON’T BE A DICK.

The same nosy cunt who just couldn’t stop reporting my every move to the landlord, suddenly loved me after I took charge of an SUV vs. pedestrian accident scene in front of our houses one day until the medics got there.  Oh then she just had to introduce me to everyone as the wonderful neighbor. Get bent.
STOP judging people. STOP assuming. Get to know your neighbors. DON’T make their lives more difficult. DON’T be a dick.

I can’t imagine the stress this family is under right now.  This could easily be me and I don’t know what I would do in that situation.